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Dear Missy 了不起的女孩 Episode 30 Recap

Guan Yue walked around at the modern booth at Shanghai Design Week, and found that all the big coffee exhibits were works from a few years ago. She felt very strange and didn’t know what they thought. Lu Ke guessed that Song Yan wanted to borrow these big names. The reputation of coffee attracts some sponsorship.

Ye Zhou made the contract with Shihu handed over to a colleague, but was told that the company had signed a contract with Tian. He was surprised. In the evening, he asked Dad why he signed a contract with Tian. Dad thought that Tianfa’s price was cheap, but Ye Zhou had promised Xiaotian to buy the goods from Shihu, and his father thought that not signing the contract would not count. Ye Zhou said that they have already started production. If Xiaoguang is not here, they will pay them all. He told Dad to cancel the contract with Tianfa today. Dad angered that he would sacrifice everyone for his own loyalty.

When Lu Ke found that Song Yan was silly, he decided to expose her. Siyi saw that Lu Ke was about to fight Song Yan head-on. Lu Ke posted an article on the Internet saying that the editor-in-chief of a certain magazine sold a booth at a high price to favor the bigwigs in the industry. Soon after the article was published, Song Yan called and Lu Ke hung up without answering.

In the morning of the next day, the modern President Lin made several phone calls with Mr. Liang from the living family. Mr. Liang felt that there was no need to make the relationship so rigid. Lu Ke thinks that her article neither mentions Song Yan nor writes about modern times. They have to check her name and there is no way they can do it. Moreover, she has posted it in her own name and has nothing to do with life. She will not delete this article.

Lu Ke’s article sparked heated discussion on the Internet, and Song Yan soon had a new action. Modern contract designer Liu Zheng posted on Weibo that all the works of Mi Ke Design Week were plagiarized from him. Lu Ke knew that Song Yan was revenge on her, and she decided to fight Song Yan to the end this time.

Siyi and Ye Zhou competed in the Kendo Gym. She saw that Ye Zhou was very unhappy, so she advised him not to do it if he was unhappy, but Ye Zhou said that if he did not do it, she would not be able to give Guan Yue happiness. Siyi knew he wanted to mature as soon as possible. Proved that she is capable of taking care of Guan Yue, but is he really capable of becoming someone she hates? She told him that Guan Yue is only happy if he is happy.

Chris came to the exhibition. He said that Hyundai had expressed its position. As long as she deleted the article, they would not pursue it. He also asked Lu Ke to terminate the contract with Mi Ke as soon as possible. This was heard by Mi Ke who came over. , She said angrily that this is the usual style of life. Lu Ke showed them something. It turned out that she had already applied for a work patent for Mi Ke and other designers before the start of the design week. Lu Ke not only proved that Mi Ke did not plagiarize, but found evidence that Liu Zheng had plagiarized foreign designers. Song Yan panicked and was passive.

Guan Yue saw that Ye Zhou was unhappy, so he persuaded him to quit his job. Ye Zhou felt that his father would not agree. His sister had already fallen out with his father, and he didn’t want to fall out with his father again. Guan Yue felt that Ye Zhou came back to Qingfeng Electric because of her. She didn’t want him to sacrifice himself for her, so she went straight to the general office of Ye Zhou and told him what Ye Zhou dared not say to his father. She said that Ye Zhou really didn’t like this set in the business field. What he really wanted to be a policeman, she hoped Ye Zhou could let Ye Zhou go. Later, Guan Yue sent Ye Zhou a book on recruiting police, and Ye Zhou couldn’t help but feel very happy to see her supporting him so much.

Seeing that he was caught in a plagiarism storm, Liu Zheng again posted a video saying that Song Yan had forced him to do this touching porcelain incident and splashed the dirty water back on Song Yan. Lu Ke went to the design week venue to find Song Yan. Song Yan asked her if she came to see her joke. Lu Ke handed her a cup of coffee. After all, they had a colleague once. Song Yan couldn’t help but think of Lu Kegang entering the living house. She had helped Lu Ke at that time, but she didn’t know when they became enemies. She saw from Lu Ke and Siyi that she was energetic when she first joined the club, and she encouraged Lu Ke to come on.

Chris’s e-commerce promotion was ineffective and was approved by Mr. Liang. She asked him to quickly clean up his mess. Lu Ke took the opportunity to persuade President Liang to let Siyi come back. She said that if Siyi did not come back, she would leave her home. After Siyi was resurrected and returned to life, Lu Ke told Siyi that she wanted the life to be independent, so that they could have more autonomy to make more free content.

In the evening, his father asked Ye Zhou, who was reading in the company, to accompany him to a dinner. Ye Zhou didn’t want to say that he was going to resign. He wanted to continue to be a policeman. The father firmly disagrees. The two quarreled again. Tian stood in front of the office angrily.

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