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Dear Missy 了不起的女孩 Episode 29 Recap

After Shen Siyi accompanied Lu Ke to reunite with his family, the two of them returned to Shanghai with their suitcases. Lu Ke and Siyi received phone calls when they arrived home. The new agency publisher, Chris, was originally sent from the headquarters. Lu Ke was worried about what Siyi would do. Siyi felt that whether she could go back or not was unimportant, but how they could save the reputation of the living family.

The next day Lu Ke came to the company and heard loud music coming from the office upstairs, she went upstairs and opened the door to see that a handsome guy in sportswear was riding a bicycle to work out. It turned out he was Chris. After the two chatted a few words, Lu Ke told him that they were leaving for a meeting downstairs at 10 o’clock. Later, when Lu Ke and his colleagues went to the conference room for a meeting, they saw Chris was practicing aerobics with the TV, and asked everyone to practice with him, so that their bodies and brains would warm up together.

Lu Ke hid before taking the information, and the others jumped up with Chris. Lu Ke waited for them to stop and rest before coming in. During the meeting Chris heard from everyone that no one would like to cooperate with negative householders now, so he suggested to transform into an e-commerce company. Lu Ke disagrees. She thinks the magazine sells Content, Chris didn’t want to conflict with Lu Ke when he first came, so he laughed and said that he just proposed a plan.

Chris puts his mind on the transformation of e-commerce, and the highlight of the Shanghai Design Week’s participation every year falls on Lu Ke. Lu Ke complained to Siyi that now they want people and no one wants resources and no resources, Siyi asked her to make all the booths for design week free, that is, to give designers free exhibitions. Lu Ke was surprised to ask the money for the exhibition. Where to come, Siyi said that she can find a way for money and people can find new designers.

After that, Lu Ke showed Chris the plan. He thought it was good, but he let Lu Ke think of a solution by himself, and complained that Siyi had left him with a mess, which made him feel a lot of pressure. In the evening, Lu Ke was drinking with Siyi and Zhang Mang in a bar. She couldn’t help but feel depressed when she talked about it. Siyi told her to ignore what Chris said that the important thing was what she wanted to do. She asked Lu Ke to concentrate on design week. Leave the money to her and Zhang Mang.

Because the designers of the lifestyle family were arguing with them recently, Lu Ke wanted Guan Yue to come back to the rivers and lakes for emergency assistance. Guan Yue said that she was busy with graduation design. Lu Ke hung up the phone and felt very disappointed, but soon Guan Yue called again. Asked if she could reimburse the air ticket by phone, Lu Ke said happily that it was okay.

At the media conference of Shanghai Design Week, when a reporter asked Lu Ke if Shen Siyi had not come today, she was dismissed. Lu Ke said that Siyi had resigned on her own initiative. She felt that she should give everyone an explanation. The reporter asked, since it was an explanation, she should stand up and apologize instead of hiding in an invisible place. Lu Ke was panicked after hearing this. When the host went down the process, she finally couldn’t help but loudly say that Siyi did not escape. She has been making up for her mistakes. What they need now is that everyone can give them a chance. .

Chris was very dissatisfied with Lu Ke’s performance at the press conference. Lu Ke thought she had to speak for Siyi. Chris said that everyone said she was wrong and she was wrong. He made Lu be more important to the overall situation and not to transform E-commerce matters are getting dirty again. After returning home, Lu Ke was still worrying about what happened at the press conference. She didn’t want Siyi to be attacked by others.

After hearing this, Siyi laughed and said that she didn’t care what others said about her. The important thing was the life family. She could stand up and apologize at any time. It’s just that it’s not the best time yet. She thinks Chris doesn’t care what the living family becomes, so only Lu Ke can save the living family.

Ye Zhou kept hiding from Guan Yue about going back to his father’s company to work. As soon as he finished the video with Guan Yue, he changed into a suit and went to the conference room for a meeting. On this day, Lu Ke met with a young female designer, Mi, but he didn’t expect Mi Ke to hear about Lu Ke, the editor-in-chief of Life Home, and he would not talk about it. Siyi and Zhang Mang are not going to get sponsorships going well either. Seeing those big names who don’t recognize life homes, she decided to change her mind to find niche brands to cooperate.

Ye Zhou and Dad’s old friend, Uncle Shi’s son, Xiaotian, are very close to each other. Recently, the company wants to buy goods from Shihu. Dad sees his son and Xiaotian often meet and let them talk. Then Ye Zhou and Xiaotian went to the factory. They negotiated the price and agreed to deliver the goods at the end of the month. Although Xiaotian felt that the time was too tight, Ye Zhou agreed with his friend. Ye Zhou was very happy to come back and draw up the contract.

Guan Yue came back from Japan and Lu Ke was very happy. She told Guan Yue that Siyi had been sponsored and it was up to them now. Then Guan Yue helped Lu Ke persuade Mi Ke. After that, Guan Yue went to the police station to find Ye Zhou. Only then did he know that he hadn’t worked there long ago. Ye Zhou explained to her that life is not only one way to go. He is doing his job very happily now, and he also checked Guan Yue’s work. The studio was rented again.

The assistant told Ye Zongtian that the price quoted was one hundred and eighty. Ye Zong said that Ye Zhou and Shihu were also talking about one hundred and eighteen, so she asked her to send Tian back. Soon the assistant came in and told him that Tianfa was willing to drop to one. Baiqi, President Ye couldn’t help but be moved.

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