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Across the Yalu River 跨过鸭绿江 Episode 14 Recap

Lao Ma heard that Wang Zhenzhu was going with him, and the two people who couldn’t understand each other were very annoying, but the military order was difficult to violate and had to agree. Truman in Washington did not agree to retreat but must also increase troops for MacArthur.

He plans to launch a general offensive on November 15 to target the Yalu River and fully liberate the Korean Peninsula. Truman requested that China’s intention to participate in the war must be ascertained, and to seek cooperation with China through political channels, in an attempt to allow New China to withdraw its troops.

The United Nations invited China to participate in the discussions of the UN military meetings, but Mao Zedong and Zhou Enlai had a clear view of the US tricks. New China’s legal seat in the United Nations is still in the hands of the Kuomintang, and the United States actually tried to use the word of a call to notify China to participate in the meeting.

Mao Zedong pointed out that we should use this opportunity to let countries around the world know more about China. Zhou Enlai will put forward China’s peaceful proposition and must seriously point out the irrationality of US aggression. Mao Zedong understood that only by victory in the military can he be invincible in politics.

The United States pointed out at the United Nations General Assembly that the United States did not invade Chinese territory, but it is an iron fact that the fleet sailed into Taiwan. The United States quibbleed that the existence of warships was for local peace.

The Chinese representative Wu Xiuquan argued that the US intervention in the internal affairs of other countries was said to be for peace. He took out photos of the US Air Force bombing and investigating Northeast China, and proposed to the United Nations to condemn the US government’s aggressive behavior and withdraw.

All the armed forces of Taiwan and North Korea, the North Korean issue should be resolved by the North Korean people themselves. China’s speech received rounds of applause. Mao Zedong and others heard this sonorous and powerful speech on the radio, and they all appreciated Wu Xiuquan’s unhinged spirit and outstanding eloquence.

MacArthur slapped the table and clamored for frontline soldiers to hurry forward and not be afraid of the CCP army. Walker’s command to MacArthur was very collapsed. He couldn’t let his army become a lamb to be slaughtered. He replied that MacArthur’s own deployment was to build a stronger frontline position. He would launch a general offensive only when it was confirmed that the CCP army had collapsed across the board. Oliver agrees with Walker’s thinking.

Almond thinks that the two of them are too cautious, and the mechanized troops actually move forward like snails. Oliver pointed out that they were on the Gaema Plateau, where there are a lot of woods to cover them and they can’t find the enemy at all. He will stick to his prudent battle plan. Almond had assured MacArthur that he would attack northeast China by December, and he ordered Oliver’s First Division to enter Changjin Lake immediately.

Peng Dehuai thought about why the enemy had bitten the hook but did not move further. Deng Ping suggested that the broken copper and iron they deliberately dropped at the time might not be enough to give the US military more benefits. The Chinese returned some American prisoners of war, which made the US ecstatic and wanted the US Eighth Army to advance immediately, but Walker and other commanders still refused.

Hong Xuezhi finally brought back the grain and the fried flour for Mr. Peng. President Peng considered that the soldiers would consume a lot of physical strength, and some salt and salt would be mass-produced and shipped to the front. MacArthur took a bite of the Chinese fried noodles that he had intercepted. He simply couldn’t understand how this army that couldn’t fill his stomach could win.

However, the CCP army has been virtually without a trace since the first battle, and the arrogant MacArthur only thought it was running too fast. However, the US has intercepted the intelligence near Dayu Cave. Although it has not yet been deciphered, it can be determined that there is the headquarters of the CCP army there. MacArthur decided to use the method of throwing petrol bombs to hit the Chinese headquarters.

Deng Hua negotiated with President Peng and others. In order to prevent the US Army’s reinforcements on the eastern front, President Peng dispatched the 38th and 42nd Army to attack in an effort to wipe out the enemy forces in the Tokugawa area, and sent Han Xianchu to the 38th Army. The mistake of the first battle cannot be made again.

Deng Hua discovered that the US military’s enemy planes had been flying more frequently in recent days. Mao Anying was responsible for the task of sorting out and keeping the combat documents, and his capable guarantor was in the documents. Liang Xingchu proposed his plan. In order to save strategic time, the 42nd Army was in charge of Ning Yuan, and he personally issued a military order to Peng Zongli.

The 38th Army captured Tokugawa in one day and wiped out the 7th Division of South Korea. Liang Xingchu was not a one-time bravery. He planned to use the three-pronged approach to attack on three sides, but Han Xianchu suggested that there was Wuling Bridge as a retreat. Liang Daya chuckled. He would be sent by the advance team to blow up the bridge behind enemy lines at 8 am the next day.

Looking at the advance team with only more than 100 people, Liang Xingchu asked to select the best soldiers to carry out the task of blowing up the bridge. Lu Chengfeng was finally discharged from the hospital, and Company Commander Qian came to pick up Zheng Rui’s sharpshooter Lu Chengfeng. Naturally, he didn’t want to fall. He watched the 50th Army’s Commander Lu Chengfeng and Qian had trouble. Zheng Rui told Doctor Jin to cover, saying that Lu Chengfeng was discharged from the hospital a few days late, and the two embarked on the mission together again.

Standing in front of the advance team, Liang Xingchu saluted and saw off the team that needed a lone army to go deep behind the enemy. Late at night, President Peng still couldn’t worry about going down to the map to analyze the battle situation, but saw that Mao Anying, who had carefully sorted out the documents, did not fall asleep. President Peng brought water to him. This 28-year-old youth will always be a child in his eyes. It was already 2 o’clock in the morning, and Mao Anying still insisted on sorting out the combat materials as soon as possible so that the leaders could access them in time.

President Peng reminded his colleague to study more, and he will have the opportunity to command the battle in the future. Except for Mr. Peng and Deng Hua, no one knew his identity, but Mao Anying was very comfortable with life on the battlefield, and even thought about going to battle to kill the enemy. President Peng ordered him to take care of his body and rest as soon as possible, but Mao Anying had moved all the bedding to this headquarters.

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