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A Love So Romantic 少爷与我的罗曼史 Episode 21 Recap

Gu Yanxi unlocked the Luban lock at the last moment of a stick of incense. Gu Yanxi asked the king to postpone the delivery date, but the king would shame as soon as he saw that he unlocked it, and Gu Yanxi locked it again. The princess had no choice but to greet him with a smile. Su Xiaowan handily took out the backorder letter he had prepared for the prince to sign, and promised to teach the prince how to unlock it. Then the prince could teach the princess. The princess must be happy. The prince felt that the words were reasonable and signed immediately.

When Gu Yanxi and Su Xiaowan went back, their grandma had already woke up. This is also good news. Gu Yanxi no longer shy away from being close to Su Xiaowan, hoping to let her grandma know the true relationship between them as soon as possible, Ru Ying Persuading Gu Yanxi not to act too hastily and affect her grandma’s body. Gu Yanxi considered this but she could only temporarily shelve it.

The little prince has been obsessed with Cheng Qianyu ever since he saw Cheng Qianyu. He sent someone to find out that Cheng Qianyu was living in Gu’s house and sent someone to send an invitation card, and invited Cheng Qianyu to participate in the poem meeting. On the previous schedule, Qianyu would definitely ignore it, but Now considering that the Gu family was in a dilemma, and it happened to be a problem between the princes of the county, so he agreed to go to the appointment, hoping that the little prince would go back to persuade the prince to give help and help Gu Yanxi tide over the crisis.

In the evening, Gu Yanxi took Su Xiaowan out. Su Xiaowan suddenly heard someone talking about the Moon Temple, so she took Gu Yanxi to make a wish. I hope Yuelao can see her wish as soon as possible and help her achieve it, hoping to live a lifetime. I was with Gu Yanxi, but Gu Yanxi did not write his wishes on the red silk, which made Su Xiaowan unhappy. Gu Yanxi simply hugged Su Xiaowan and asked her to tie the red silk to the old moon tree, and claimed that Su Xiaowan’s wish was his wish. Su Xiaowan was afraid of being seen embarrassed, so she could only agree. Gu Yanxi’s seemingly rogue practice.

Gu Yanxi put on the hairpin that he had prepared for Su Xiaowan. Although he did not make a wish, he hoped to wait for Su Xiaowan’s life in his own way. Only then did Su Xiaowan show a smile. Gu Yanxi looked at her smiling face. The flowery Su Xiaowan couldn’t help but kiss her.

Xin Ziqian came to see Xiaoya, only then knew that Xiaoya was always upset and made mistakes recently, Xin Ziqian took Xiaoya out to eat roast duck, Xiaoya mistakenly thought that Su Xiaowan was Xin Ziqian’s girlfriend, and Xin Ziqian told Xiaoya truthfully. Ah, he actually likes Su Xiaowan unilaterally, and he doesn’t want Su Xiaowan to know his thoughts.

As long as Su Xiaowan is well, he can rest assured. Xiaoya happily eats roast duck, she looks so much like Su Xiaowan can’t help but let Xin Ziqian look at it. Xin Ziqian tells Xiaoya that it is because she is like Su Xiaowan that he always unconsciously wants to help Xiaoya, Xiao Ah was very sad about this and turned around and left.

Cheng Qianyu came to the painting boat of the poetry club to look for the little prince. When the little prince saw Cheng Qianyu’s arrival, he was very happy and took Cheng Qianyu directly to the private room, forcing Cheng Qianyu to drink, and Cheng Qianyu for Gu Yan Xi didn’t dare to offend the little prince, but he didn’t know that the little prince had already been given Mongolian sweat medicine in the wine.

During the day, Ru Ying met the little prince on the way back to the hospital. The little prince deliberately found something to provoke him, and told Ru Ying that Cheng Qianyu would be his soon, so that Ru Ying stopped wishful thinking, Ru Ying always felt vaguely disturbed. Ru Ying hurriedly went to find Cheng Qianyu, only then learned that Cheng Qianyu had gone to find the little lord. At this time, Gu Yanxi sent Su Xiaowan back to the room and was bumped into by Ru Ying, pulling Gu Yanxi straight to the painting boat. .

At this time, in the private room, the little prince had carried the unconscious Cheng Qianyu onto the bed.

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