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A Love So Romantic 少爷与我的罗曼史 Episode 20 Recap

After sending away those businesses, the two women who came in to buy lucky bags talked about the family affairs of the prince. One of the women’s husband was called by the prince to solve Lubansuo. He has been there for two days and has not returned. Just because this Luban lock was given to the princess by the princess’s love rival, the princess used the Luban lock to relieve her frown all day long. For this reason, the princess volunteered to lie that he could unlock it to prove that he was interested in the princess. Congenial, but he can’t solve it at all. He can only find someone to unlock it secretly, but the Luban lock is not something ordinary people can unlock, so it still hasn’t been unlocked until now. Su Xiaowan heard these words. .

Su Xiaowan and Xin Ziqian went home together. Talking about it on the road found it interesting and laughing, but when she was seen by the little girl who had always wanted to visit Xin Ziqian, she felt sad. Gu Yanxi saw Xin Ziqian coming back and thanked him for his dedication, and took Su Xiaowan back to the room alone to discuss some things. Looking at the back of the two, Xin Ziqian was still a little sad.

Su Xiaowan told Gu Yanxi what she heard today, and at the same time believed that Gu Yanxi was able to unlock Luban, and fully expressed her trust in Gu Yanxi, because Gu Yanxi was the one who liked it. The man must be inferior. Su Xiaowan laughed and said that she needed Gu Yanxi to give her a reward for her. Gu Yanxi kissed Su Xiaowan on the cheek and persuaded Su Xiaowan to go to bed, which made Su Xiaowan a little disappointed.

The mother thought that Su Xiaowan and Gu Yanxi were not the same people, and the identities were very different. Cheng Qianyu’s hard work could finally win Gu Yanxi’s heart, and asked Cheng Qianyu to send him supper, Cheng Qian When Yu saw that Gu Yanxi was making a hairpin with red beans inlaid on it, he wanted to come over, but was snatched by Gu Yanxi. He also claimed to let Yuanhe take Cheng Qianyu to buy a better one. Gu Yanxi also hoped that Gu Xiaowan would not come to give things again in the future, because this was all done by the servants, and Cheng Qianyu returned to his residence with disappointment and sadness.

Ru Ying sat outside her door to guard Cheng Qianyu, only to discover that Cheng Qianyu was sleepwalking by the river and wanted to jump into the river. When Ru Ying came back forcibly, Cheng Qianyu was sad and wept. He always hated it because everyone is Liar, but she was reluctant to leave because Gu Yanxi was here. Ru Ying felt very sorry for Cheng Qianyu and brought out a little rabbit doll to Cheng Qianyu. Cheng Qianyu missed her mother. When she was a child, her mother always sang to her. Ruying sang to Cheng Qianyu. Cheng Qianyu leaned on Ruying’s shoulder. When she fell asleep, Ru Ying sent her back.

The next day, Cheng Qianyu woke up, thinking that he was dreaming, but he saw the little rabbit. What he thought was his nocturnal travel syndrome was discovered, but Ruying did not reveal it, and lied to be looking for him all morning. Cheng Qianyu expressed his apologies to Cheng Qianyu. At that time, he didn’t tell Cheng Qianyu about Su Xiaowan because he didn’t want to make Cheng Qianyu sad. Cheng Qianyu didn’t blame Ru Ying anymore, but told Ru Ying not to tell her about Su Xiaowan, otherwise she would be even more embarrassed.

Gu Yanxi knew that the princess certainly did not want more people to know about this, so she took Su Xiaowan to quietly outside the princess mansion, and thought to get into the mansion to find the princess, saying that he was 50% sure that he could solve it. Lu Bansuo, but also expressed the hope that he could relax his time on Phoenix Crown matters. Su Xiaowan trusted Gu Yanxi very much and persuaded the prince to let Gu Yanxi try, and the prince only gave Gu Yanxi a piece of incense.

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