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Youth Melody (2021) 少年如歌

Youth Melody (2021)
Other Title: 少年如歌, Shao Nian Ru Ge , Youth Like a Song

Genres: Friendship, Music, School, Youth
Li Shuangwu

Release Date: 
Jan 7, 2021
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  • Lin Mo
  • Fu Yunzhe
  • Chi Yi
  • Sun Yihang
  • Yu Muyang
  • Yan Qi

The story takes place in Yi An University, where a group of youths who love music chases after their dreams. Lin Mo is the current president of the music club, who through the help of his teacher He Luo Yi and his fellow club members manages to overcome all obstacles to revive the music club at their school.

After the departure of the former president He Luoluo, Lin Mo became the president. Due to poor management, people continued to retire from the club. In the end, only Lin Mo, Sun Yihang, and Chi Yi were left in the club; and the trainee teacher He Luoyi Entrusted by her younger brother He Luoluo as the instructor of the music club, she originally rejected the instructor position but found that the music club was full of dreams and positive sunshine, so she took the initiative to help the music club return to its peak. During the period, there were continuous obstacles and difficulties. In the face of the crisis of dissolution, we will try our best to protect the music club, and finally unite the music club to win the joint performance of the club. The new music club set sail!

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