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Unique Lady 2 絕世千金完結篇 Episode 20 Recap

The magpie and Lin Luojing looked at the clouds in the sky. Lin Luojing asked the magpies what the clouds in the sky looked like. The magpies guessed the two animals, while Lin Luojing stared at the clouds in the sky and said seriously like Zhong Wumei, like his back. Lin Luojing mentioned Xiaoyu unconsciously, suddenly sad.

The prince’s letter, Magpie went out to take it, and handed the prince’s letter to Lin Luojing. She opened Zhang Ji’s letter. There were two chicks in the letter. She looked at the letter and smirked. After receiving the letter from the day before yesterday, Lin Luojing thought of a way.

Lin Luojing convened a group of people and said that he would set up a Shun Shui team to make Shengjing’s information flow faster and stronger. Send them a letter and they delivered it quickly. Zhong Wumei received Lin Luojing’s letter that morning, wondering why the letter was rapid. Zhang Ji told him that Lin Luojing had set up a fast-moving team at the Xianxia Shop. The letter was delivered by a special person. The mail that usually takes two or three days to be delivered can now be delivered on the same day. The efficiency of the entire Shengjing City has been improved.

At the market, Lin Luojing heard the news of Liu Xiuwen’s injury and went to the palace to see him. The guard at the door refused to let them in. She remembered the person who rescued King Jingyuan that day, and suspected it was Liu Xiuwen. Lin Luojing and Magpie changed into Qiyu’s costumes and entered Qiyu’s palace unobstructed.

Unexpectedly, he ran into Liu Xiuwen as soon as he entered the palace. Liu Xiuwen also recognized Lin Luojing, and Liu Xiuwen should treat her well. Zhang Ji presented today’s memorial and reported that Lin Luojing and Magpie dressed up as Qiyu people in the city and entered the Qiyu Palace. Liu Xiuwen asked Lin Luojing what was wrong, Lin Luojing said that he heard that he was injured, so he came to see. Liu Xiuwen didn’t admit it, saying that he just occasionally felt the cold. While chatting, Lin Luojing hit Liu Xiuwen’s wound one after another, testing whether he was injured, and seeing that he had no response, Lin Luojing believed him.

Jiang Xuanyu selected Tang Meng’s birthday gifts at the market, but when he didn’t know what time to choose, Lin Luojing came. Jiang Xuanyu asked Lin Luojing to help choose the gifts. Tang Meng saw the scene of the two choosing gifts. The maid said that Lin Luojing had just been abandoned by the prince, and in a blink of an eye, Jiang Xuanyu’s idea was hit. Tang Meng became even more jealous. Jiang Xuanyu invited Lin Luojing to a banquet hosted by Liu Xiuwen to fill the scene of the Shengjing Chamber of Commerce.

Tang Meng went to give Jiang Xuanyu lotus porridge, Jiang Xuanyu hurriedly hid the opponent’s bracelet, Tang Meng saw Jiang Xuanyu actually guarding her, she felt even more uneasy. The maid reminded her that although she and Jiang Xuanyu were given a marriage, they have not worshipped heaven and earth because of filial piety. The maid even talked about Xiaoyu’s attitude towards them before, which reminded Tang Meng of Xiaoyu’s satirizing her in the street.

Tang dreamed that Lin Luojing had promised her not to tell anyone about Afurong. He thought she would just tell her personal servant girl. Combining these things, Xiaoyu dared to ridicule her in the street like this, it was not that Xiaoyu could not speak well. Tang Meng felt that Lin Luojing was selfish. Thinking about this, Tang Meng decided to retaliate against Lin Luojing, leaving her without a foothold in Shengjing.

Lin Luojing asked Zhong Wumei to go to the banquet at Qiyu Palace together, but Zhong Wumei did not agree and asked her to go home early. Tang Meng waited for Lin Luojing outside the gate of Qiyu’s palace. Before she came, she deliberately led Jiang Xuanyu away and came to the banquet by herself, so as to take the opportunity to retaliate against Lin Luojing. No matter what Lin Luojing thinks, she feels that the person who rescued Jin Chen that day was Liu Xiuwen, and she suspected that Jin Chen was in the palace. But since he banned so many people this time, isn’t he afraid of being discovered?

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