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Ultimate Note 终极笔记 Episode 34 Recap

Several iron chains are hung on the slowly rotating device, and the iron chains are tied upside down with sacrificial items such as pigs and cows. The big iron plate on the ground is also very strange. It is full of grooves and there are dried blood stains inside. How could it be a blood-draining trough? And there is a sound, obviously the bottom is empty. In other words, if you want to open this iron plate, you need a blood sacrifice. The Huo guy Ji Huo San proposed to draw lots to decide who will let the bloodletting, but the fat man strongly refused. Isn’t it just to make something thick and not to use blood.

The huge iron plate on the ground was sprayed with strong alkali, and the fat man greeted the team members to smash the mountain wall, and then led out a mirotuo. Everyone made a concerted effort to subdue Mirotuo on the iron plate, and the strong alkali was aimed at a fierce spray, which was really useful. After the mechanism was activated, the iron plate opened. After the group of people went down, they found that the four walls underneath were all stones, which was a sigh of relief. Finally, no strange things would crawl out.

At Siguniang Mountain, the guy who received the signal rushed over and gave Wu Xie and the others the photos from Ba Nai. Wu Xie carefully looked at the photos and found that the two iron plates were exactly the same. In the photo, it was obviously a sacrificial ceremony, and a group of people were hunting a 犼. They returned to the iron plate with the photo in hand, and also found a thick blood stain on it, only to realize that this was not an ordinary iron plate, it was a sacrifice plate.

Wu Xie had a clever move and asked the fellow at the foot of the mountain to buy two goats, put them in, sealed them, and finally opened the mechanism. After the mechanism was opened, reliefs slowly appeared on the walls on all sides. The reliefs were exactly the same as the photos from Banao: people without a right hand, hunters, and ambushes. It seems that Mount Siguniang and Banao are really connected. , Could it be-Thousand Miles Lock…

The fat guys here rested slightly under the sacrificial plate. When they added their energy, they discovered to their horror that the team of ten people had suddenly become eleven people, but when the lot was just drawn, there were already eleven people… After repeated confirmation, he tore off the disguise mask of “Huo Xiuxiu”.

It turned out that before the expedition team set off, Huo Xiuxiu was tied up forcibly by the old lady Huo, saying that she would not let her follow into the mountain. When the day of departure came, she asked Huo Xiaoyao to pretend to be Xiuxiu. But this fake show has always been there. She is not an extra person. Finally, a man in black in the corner caught the fat man’s attention. It was the “shattered shoulder”, but the other party moved too fast and ran away.

In fact, the Qianli lock is not difficult to understand. To put it bluntly, it is to use Wu Xie and their information to open the lock on the Pano side. There are three holes on the iron plate in the photo, and there are three walls on this side. If you guess right, , Should be three locks

Don’t chase the poor, the most urgent thing now is the door in front of them that they just discovered. They immediately took pictures and passed them to Mount Siguniang.

After receiving the photo, Wu Xie asked the guy to bring in water and wash the sacrificial tray little by little. After the sheep’s blood was gone and the sacrificial tray was returned to zero, he and Xiao Hua went down to the inside of the institution with full arms. They looked around carefully with flashlights in their hands. It turned out that there were three iron chains, and they went deep into three passages, facing three walls respectively. This shows that their guess is correct. Pulling the iron chain can change the position of the relief. The most recent one, It should be the first organ.

However, the clay pot in front of them bothered the two of them. It was so crisp, it must be broken when stepped on. The little flower was so easy to use, but it could only be said that he was lying on the densely packed clay pot. Move your body forward a little bit. At this time, Wu Xie was horrified to find that a pheasant’s neck had crawled out of the jar. To make matters worse, an unidentified, or even unclear person, took the opportunity to attack him…

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