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Ultimate Note 终极笔记 Episode 33 Recap

The fat brother and the group continued to move forward in the dark cave with flashlights, but they didn’t know that the “shoulders” were watching them in the darkness. At the moment when the expedition team was resting, Mirotuo suddenly appeared, but fortunately there was a strong base, this didn’t explain it here.

At Siguniang Mountain, Wu Xie and the others finally broke through the mountain wall. Inside, there were densely packed clay pots of the same ancient country as Queen Mother of the West, blocking the way. In the pits on the side walls were scattered bamboo tubes. This is where the ancient books translated by Jin Wantang came from, but Wu Xie glanced at it, and there were not a few broken clay pots on the ground, and he couldn’t help but feel anxious because he didn’t know how the Nine Sects passed by.

This person with black glasses, although his hippie smile is not a regular face, he is unfathomable in terms of skill and insight. At the critical moment, he is still a reliable person. He volunteered to find the way and easily reached the depths of the tunnel. After a few words, there was no answer. Jie Yuchen was worried about his safety, so he simply jumped over with a light effort. He accidentally found a huge iron plate, and the thing was still rotating slowly, but what was even more strange was that Xiaohua After the past, there was no meeting and no news. Wu Xie shouted anxiously to his companions outside, but still did not respond. He immediately turned on the walkie-talkie to inform the people outside that the black glasses Jie Yuchen had disappeared, and the other team members rushed over when they heard it.

Wu Xie didn’t want to wait dry in place. He carefully climbed on the cave wall, preparing to move a little bit, but suddenly found that a black shadow appeared on the cliff in front of him, and that black shadow appeared from time to time. Afterwards, Wu Xie seemed to move freely. Wu Xie didn’t dare to be sure what it was. He just continued to move forward. It took a lot of effort to get to the other side of the corridor, and then he found the iron plate Xiaohua said. He looked around. , There is no other way out here, where did they go with the black glasses? Wu Xie knocked on the iron plate, and there was a response under the iron plate. Could it be that Xiao Hua and the others were trapped under this thing?

He took out the tool from his backpack, pried open the iron object with all his strength, and shouted loudly, but for some reason, Wu Xie’s voice became duller and harder to speak. There was nothing below, and suddenly, in the darkness. A person walked out, it was the black shadow just now. This person was almost covered with hair. He walked towards Wu Xie slowly, but didn’t speak. He just clapped a sheathed knife in his hand, Wu Xie suddenly recognized The knife came from Xiaohua. Could it be that the person in front of you is Xiaohua!

The two helped each other and finally returned to the entrance of the cave. Xiaohua recalled what she had just experienced. It turned out that when he entered, the iron plate was opened. He thought that the black glasses were underneath, so he went down to find someone, but she didn’t have time yet. Tell Wu Xie that he lost his voice and had to go up and close the iron plate. The black glasses also left a message to prevent them from looking for him. As for the hair-like things on him, they were mycelium. In addition, the air under the iron pan was not right, so the guy had to get an exhaust fan.

Fatty and the others came to a cliff. They said it was a cliff, but there was still a bridge cable, but the bridge cable was in disrepair for a long time. Everyone discussed it and decided to tie a safety rope and go over in batches. Everyone walked on the dangerous bridge. Walking on thin ice, when they reached the middle section of the bridge, a stone gate was vaguely discernible in front of them.

They speeded up their pace a bit and soon came to the front of the stone gate, but the fat man accidentally touched the organ. After a team member opened the stone gate, Miluo Tuo who came out inside took his life. The fat man saw that they were about to die here, and they jumped down in a panic. Fortunately, the safety rope and the little brother saved him.

Huo Xiuxiu, who stayed on the opposite side, are still using strong bases against Mirotto, but the strong bases are limited, but Mirotto is increasing. Fortunately, the younger brother and the others sent a signal to call their companions to pass, and the group of people leans on the safety rope. Climbed to the opposite side. When he was safe, the fat man was surprised to find that the foreigner’s map was flat, but the mountain was three-dimensional. In other words, they had found the wrong place just now. The foreigner said it was reliable. If he really listened to him, Eight lives are not enough to toss.

At Siguniang Mountain, Xiao Hua and Wu Xie were all injured, but the mycelium only grew on Xiao Hua’s wound. It seemed to be afraid of Wu Xie’s blood. Now Xie Yuchen finally knew why Huo Dang’s family let herself take Wu Xie, On Ba Nai Yangjiao Mountain, Fatty and the others came to a place with the help of a map, which is very cold and weird…

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