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The Penalty Zone 黑白禁区 Episode 37 Recap

Gan Tianlei and Sha Qing punched together, saying that they had a flock of wool. Sha Qing always wanted to take advantage of him and begged him to pull himself into the group, but Gan Tianlei reluctantly agreed. Li Ke and Shang’er were working overtime. Shang’er received a call from his girlfriend. Li Ke glanced at Xiaoyi on the phone screen lonely. Gan Tianlei called Tai Yongfeng for support, and asked him for a WeChat group with wool, Tai Yongfeng looked puzzled again. Lu Mingsong continued his plan secretly. He pretentiously wanted to realize a plan that no one else could achieve. Gan Xiao Nuan was the most important part of his plan.

Tai Yongfeng asked Xiong Guoliang to solve the wool flock. Xiong Guoliang was in a hurry. How to build a flock on his own without the clone technique. He didn’t even know what fleece was. Lu Mingsong decided to continue the next round of experiments tomorrow, and Yang Xiaolei followed An Quan to find a breakthrough from him. Che Lizi came to CR Group to interview the night security guards, pretending to be a wife and a handicapped child who ran away with others, and the other party immediately helped him with the job.

Xiong Guoliang and Ma Lie requested dozens of WeChat accounts from colleagues in the network monitoring team, and then helped Gan Tianlei create an atmosphere in the group. Seeing that the discount in the group was so big, Sha Qing pulled Gan Tianlei to sweep the goods on the spot. However, the funds were all from the team, and Tai Yongfeng was almost impatient when he saw the bill. In the evening, Gan Tianlei and Sha Qing ate hot pot together. Gan Tianlei accidentally revealed that he was short of money, and then vomited bitterly that his daughter ignored him and his daughter-in-law did not look at him because he did not work.

Gan Tianlei and Sha Qing told his story, saying that he used to be a nail to the police and was pitted. Sha Qing suddenly became interested and asked him to do it by himself. He was in charge of the security department, and Gan Tianlei said it smoothly. His daughter is also an intern at CR Group, and Sha Qing is even more happy to ask him to work here. Gan Tianlei told Tai Yongfeng that the fish had taken the bait, and Tai Yongfeng asked him to contact Xiong Guoliang and Ma Lie in the future, and they would cooperate with him. Xiong Guoliang and others did not dare to check CR Group easily. Ma Lie asked Gan Xiaonuan to find out about the situation. Yang Xiaolei expressed objection. She was just an intern and went everywhere to inquire about it.

Che Lizi works as a security guard in the CR Group dormitory building, often knocking on the door to remind Gan Xiao Nuan who is about to be late. When my colleague found him wandering around in the small warm room, by the way, there was a little princess living in it. When he came, the boss emphasized the need to strengthen protection, saying that the boss was interested in him, and Cherie almost patted the table. Che Lizi heard that the cleaning department was hiring, so she begged his colleagues to let him go to the cleaning department. Yang Xiaolei’s high school classmate is Sister Wang, so she came to find out about the situation. Che Lizi just came to apply for cleaning, and she was shocked when she saw Yang Xiaolei.

Che Lizi stuffed some money for the head of the cleaning department, won the relationship, and agreed to let him come to work. Gan Xiao Nuan went home for dinner and said that he had joined a core project team. The boss treated her very well. Yang Xiaolei wanted her to move home, but Gan Xiao Nuan had to live in the dormitory. Yang Xiaolei asked Gan Xiaonuan why her boss had given her a single room, and ordered her to move back quickly, or she would talk to Lu Mingsong, and Gan Tianlei quickly reconciled the relationship. Gan Xiao Nuan was helpless, saying that Lu Mingsong and Su Ling were classmates in the United States before, and Gan Tian was shocked.

Fuchun Club member Ouyang Hui was a little dissatisfied when he saw that Sha Qing had recruited Gan Tianlei, because he had close contact with the police, but Sha Qing felt that he had no contact with the police and he needed manpower now. Ouyang Hui asked Gan Tianlei to talk to him, and Ouyang Hui asked him to give him the police information, if there was a piece of 300,000. Gan Tianlei said that he had a family member and would not do anything illegal.

He came because Sha Qing trusted him and saw Ouyang Hui questioning him and patted the table and left. Gan Tianlei asked him to check Ouyang Hui, and Sha Qing hurriedly came to keep Gan Tianlei, and said that he would save a game to have a good talk with Ouyang Hui. Before dinner in the evening, Gan Tianlei was also searched.

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