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The Message 风声 Episode 24 Recap

Long Chuan believed that the information was passed on to his organization by Jin Shenghuo. Jin Shenghuo explained that only Director Dai hated the Communist Party more than Chairman Chiang. Since he was Director Dai’s person, he could not be an old ghost. He may be a double agent. The original motive of his leaving the army to join Wang Jingwei was very suspicious. It is said that the assassination of the captain of the central unity operation team. Dai Li wanted to lose his sergeant to protect his commander.

He used the life of gold and fire to quell the fight between himself and Xu Enzeng Fire, but if Jin Shenghuo kills the leader of the Zhongtong operation, he can save Dai Li’s thorns, and then go back to Nanjing, so that he will become the eyeliner of the army between Jiming Temple and No. 76. Instead, Dai Li was used by him because Jin Shenghuo was an underground spy of the CCP. Jin Shenghuo couldn’t argue. Long Chuan went on to testify that Jin Shenghuo entered Qiuzhuang on the first day and resisted his interrogation.

First, he formed an alliance with Gu Xiaomeng and Bai Xiaonian to frame Wu Zhiguo. Bai Xiaonian refused at first, so he moved out the secret of Bai Xiaonian’s life experience. To threaten him, Jin Shenghuo smiled bitterly that he was best at alliance and calculation in his life, but he did not expect to be alliance and calculation by others. Longchuan said that Jin Shenghuo was not wronged, but Wu Zhiguo was wronged. Jin Shenghuo argued that Wu Zhiguo was not wronged.

The first person to report on him was Li Ningyu. He just added a handful of firewood. If the person who reported is suspicious, Li Ningyu is even more suspicious. Long Chuan pointed out that Jin Shenghuo did not report Li Ningyu’s self-protection, but threatened her face to face because he knew that Li Ningyu was not an old ghost, he was, and the CCP underground party needed a cryptographic genius like Li Ningyu.

Moreover, Jin Shenghuo’s daughter is not a lady but a prostitute. Her behavior cannot conceal her identity. Jin Shenghuo will not explain. Long Chuan said he will ask Chief Wang to appraise himself, and he will soon find conclusive evidence. Jin Shenghuo asked Longchuan to let his daughter go. If he needs a confession that he is an old ghost, he can write it. Jin Shenghuo had already foreseen that since he exposed Bai Xiaonian’s life experience, he was destined to not leave Qiuzhuang alive. He finally made a request: to see someone.

The person Jin Shenghuo wanted to see was Li Ningyu. Longchuan arranged for the two to meet alone by the lake. Jin Shenghuo told Li Ningyu: If he was still doubting his judgment a few minutes ago, he can now conclude that Li Ningyu is an old ghost. , Because in addition to pity and sorry in her eyes, Li Ningyu did not expect Jin Shenghuo not to do the last post. Jin Shenghuo laughed and said that there was no evidence for his judgment, but since the day he pointed out Bai Xiaonian’s life experience, he He became a ghost in Longchuan’s heart.

Li Ningyu inferred that Jin Shenghuo had already written the confession that Longchuan wanted in the four hours he came back from the outside, so he would naturally not threaten himself again. Jin Shenghuo said that it was Li Ningyu who issued the order. As soon as she walked out of Qiuzhuang, her fake brother would send false information to the underground party of the CCP, and the Japanese spy, the oriole, would firmly hold the old ghost’s suspicion on her head.

Above, their siblings are the best spies they have ever seen in their careers. Li Ningyu told him that it was never technology, but faith that decided the spy to prevail. Jin Shenghuo claimed that the word faith completely destroyed his family and daughter. The Communist Party’s belief is to give everyone an equal, happy and dignified life.

This is a fantasy. Li Ningyu told him that the path he pursued was more meaningful than going with the flow. Jin Shenghuo hopes that Li Ningyu will be loyal to her faith until death, and that her dream can be realized soon. Because my daughter is neither a spy nor a traitor, but an innocent woman who has been insulted by the world. I hope that the Communist Party can return all the society owes her daughter to her.

This is why I want to see Li Ningyu when I die. He was good at calculating and trading all his life, but he didn’t mention Li Ningyu. He just wanted to give a favor to the Communist Party, hoping that they would protect his daughter in the future. Li Ningyu promised Jin to make fire. If he could go out alive, he would definitely protect Miss Jin. , And will help him get rid of Longchuan Hihara. Jin Shenghuo was relieved and said goodbye to Li Ningyu tragically.

Wang Tianxiang asked Longchuan, since Jin Shenghuo has been shot, can the case be closed? Long Chuan claimed that there was an oversight right in front of him but could not find it. At this time, someone came to report Jin’s daughter who made the fire. Long Chuan raised his machine gun at Jin Ruoxian and called her too stupid. Her father gave up her chance to survive for her life and reputation, but she fell into the trap of herself. As long as she confessed her father’s accomplices, she would let her survive.

Jin Ruoxian confessed that her mother was the biggest traitor of the Communist Party. Her mother’s first husband was Lenin’s secretary. After the establishment of the Communist International, she was responsible for contacting Chinese communism and assisting them in establishing a political party. Therefore, she was the first spy for her father. The target of the action, her mother took herself to Shanghai after learning of her father’s identity.

She was injured and later contracted severe pneumonia in Siberia. She died in a small alley in Shanghai, and she fell to the Shanghai Qinghong Gang. In his hands, he entered the brothel at the age of thirteen. Long Chuan understood that Jin Shenghuo was keen on power to compensate Jin Ruoxian. Jin Ruoxian cried and said that he couldn’t make up for what he wanted.

Wang Tianxiang found the house deed and bank draft from Jin Shenghuo’s house. He felt that what Jin Ruoxian had said was false. These things were the way he left for his daughter. Long Chuan believed that these things just proved that Jin Shenghuo was not the Communist Party because the Communist Party left it to The relatives are all liaisons for bus tickets, boat tickets, and underground transportation stations. If something really happens, they will have comrades to take their relatives to a safe place. And these things left by Jin Shenghuo cannot survive in the Communist class, so he is definitely not an old ghost.

Wang Tianxiang was scared, and whispered that they had killed a major general by mistake. Long Chuan angrily grabbed Wang Tianxiang by the collar and scolded him. Ashamed, they succeeded in fooling themselves by killing others. Someone reported: The Female Communist Party is awake. Longchuan ordered everyone to gather in the lobby of the East Building.

Long Chuan gathered He Jianzhu, Steward Zhao, Bai Xiaonian, Jin Ruoxian, Wu Zhiguo, Gu Xiaomeng, and Li Ningyu in the lobby of the East Building and announced that the old ghost was among them. He had lost patience to deal with them. He Jianzhu said Death cannot allow herself to betray her beliefs. Longchuan shot her father face to face. He Jianzhu watched her father fall in a pool of blood, crying and crying. Longchuan threatened her if she did not say, she would continue to kill. He had already killed one by mistake. , I don’t care about killing a few more mistakes, Long Chuan pointed his gun at Jin Ruoxian, who was terrified, and then deliberately approached Li Ningyu and Gu Xiaomeng.

The two were silent. Long Chuan picked up a gun and killed Jin Ruoxian. Li Ningyu remembered Jin Shenghuo’s deathbed heart, she stood up and admitted that she was an old ghost, and then Gu Xiaomeng, Bai Xiaonian and Wu Zhiguo also stood up and said He is an old ghost, He Jianzhu rushed to grab Longchuan’s gun when he saw it. Longchuan shot her in desperation, and immediately called a doctor to rescue him.

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