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The Message 风声 Episode 23 Recap

CCP Hangzhou intelligence agent Eagle Eagle and his superiors met in a coffee shop. The superiors instructed him: The reason for the arrest of the old man has not been ascertained. His proposal to rebuild the traffic station will be adopted by the organization, but he cannot directly contact the old gun on behalf of the old man.

Once connected with the eagle, the eagle will go to sleep from now on, waiting for the establishment of a new intelligence channel. After the two left, Pan Hanqing suddenly realized that they were not an ordinary meeting, but a secret connection. If this were the case, they shouldn’t have used such a clear time and place to contact a phone that might be monitored.

So Pan Hanqing followed the man with glasses (that is, the eagle). After trailing for a while, the eagle just noticed it. Suddenly Bai Xiaonian, who was ambushing upstairs, raised a gun and hit Pan Hanqing in the arm. This shot alarmed the eagle. He was shot by Bai Xiaonianying when he fled in a panic, and then Bai Xiaonian shot Pan Hanqing again. At a critical moment, Gu Minzhang’s car suddenly appeared and rescued Pan Hanqing.

Bai Xiaonian was eventually captured by Wang Tianxiang’s people and returned to Qiuzhuang, but he insisted that he was not an old ghost and had nothing to do with the Communist Party. The fake uncle Zhao Guanjia pretended to be himself. Wang Tianxiang pointed out that Bai Xiaonian followed the oriole Wanting to kill him is just hoeing for the Communist Party. Bai Xiaonian said that the person he was going to kill was Pan Hanqing, and he had to confess to Longchuan.

After Pan Hanqing went to Gu’s house and looked around the furnishings in the home, she guessed that the person who saved her was Gu Minzhang, the ship king. He also saw that Gu Minzhang was not a simple rich man. Gu Minzhang bluntly said that Pan Hanqing was Li Mingcheng back then. Pan Hanqing acquiesced and guessed that Gu Minzhang would save herself today. It is by no means a coincidence that Gu Minzhang admitted that his daughter Gu Xiaomeng and Pan Hanqing’s sister Li Ningyu are now locked in Qiuzhuang.

After Longchuan came, Bai Xiaonian confessed that he was Qiuzhuang’s young master. Pan Hanqing killed his parents ten years ago. It was his twelfth birthday. He went to the Lanxin Theater to watch a performance with his parents. He hid in the pavilion. Panli saw the killer who killed his parents. Although he only saw that person’s head at the time, Bai Xiaonian never forgot what he saw.

Gu Minzhang told Pan Hanqing that his daughter did not want to be a maritime spy and wanted to be a soldier on the battlefield, so he checked the personnel relations around his daughter in advance, including Pan Hanqing. Gu Minzhang reminded Pan Hanqing not to interfere with Qiuzhuang anymore. Now The development of Qiuzhuang’s situation is beyond his ability and is left to his own disposal.

Bai Xiaonian confessed to Longchuan that his father Qiu Zhengen was a member of the Black Dragon Society of Japan, and the wealth belonged to the Black Dragon Society. He promised Commander Zhang to help him track down the treasure, not for wealth, but for revenge. He knew that the killer at the Lanxin Theater must be a professional spy who was a full-time assassin, so he entered the headquarters, where it is the easiest to find a spy.

In the past two years, he has seen most of the people in Hangzhou city but found nothing, until At the dinner in Qiuzhuang that night, he discovered that Pan Hanqing was the person he was looking for. Long Chuan said that Bai Xiaonian could find Li Ningyu if he wanted revenge. Bai Xiaonian furiously called himself Qiu Zhengen’s son. Even if he took revenge, he would not use such despicable means. Moreover, his father was not a thief, he was saving Japan!

Wang Tianxiang pointed out that it was unreasonable for Bai Xiaonian to wander in Shanghai after the disaster, because his brother was still there. Bai Xiaonian told them that neither his brother nor his eldest sister was born to his mother, and that the eldest sister…, Longchuan stopped him from speaking and called this. The matter has involved the Black Dragon Association, and he must report to Commander Matsui immediately, during which no one is allowed to interrogate Bai Xiaonian.

Gu Minzhang told Pan Hanqing that he was attacked at the door of his home, indicating that he had been followed by the enemy. He could go to his villa in the suburbs to avoid him. Pan Hanqing asked about Longchuan’s true details. Gu Mingzhang said it was inconvenient to explain the details of this person. When parting, Pan Hanqing said that she would continue to act until she rescued her sister.

Long Chuan went back to the room and thought: The old lady died early, so they put the bill on his mother. After the accident in Shanghai, he has always suspected that the person who visited last time seems to be the outsider who colluded with the older sister. . That night, Qiu Zhengen told his daughter that he could go with Longchuan, but he had to stay in Qiuzhuang for the last night.

Jin Shenghuo advised Gu Xiaomeng not to be willful and should go home and see his father. Gu Xiaomeng said that he was afraid that he would not be able to come back if he went out like Bai Xiaonian. Wang Tianxiang explained that Bai Xiaonian was under separate investigation because he attacked after he came out of Qiuzhuang Li Ningyu’s elder brother Pan Hanqing, Li Ningyu claimed that his elder brother Xu En had killed too many people.

After his identity was exposed, it was reasonable to be pursued and killed. Jin Shenghuo interrupted and said that if Pan Hanqing still followed Xu Enzeng, he would definitely settle accounts with him, but since he had put down the butcher knife, he would not want to kill again. Jin Shenghuo told Wang Tianxiang: Don’t serve moldy tofu tomorrow, the day after tomorrow.

Gu Minzhang was very happy to see the moldy tofu brought by Ms. Zhao, he knew that Xiaomeng’s mission was completed. In Qiuzhuang, Jin Shenghuo applied to go out that day. He got out of the car in front of a tailor’s shop in advance and claimed to make clothes for his daughter.

The CCP’s Hangzhou intelligence agent Eagle’s occupation was a school teacher. He returned to the room that day and his colleague handed him a book. Eagle was very nervous after deciphering the code in the book and immediately burned it.

Jin Shenghuo waited at the tailor’s shop for a while before Jin Ruoxian came. Jin Shenghuo reminded her that Wang Tianxiang’s eyeliner was watching on the other side, and he took Jin Ruoxian to pick the fabric inside. Jin Ruoxian persuaded Jin Shenghuo to run quickly. Jin Shenghuo said that no matter who was found to be the old ghost, Zhang’s seat would be lost and his plan to replace him was half. The two were talking, Wang Tianxiang brought people in and asked Jin Shenghuo to go back immediately, and Jin Shenghuo confessed to the tailor to pay the money and then told Jin Ruoxian to be careful. After he left, Jin Ruoxian shed tears holding the key of the safe.

Jin Shenghuo was taken to the West Building of Qiuzhuang. Long Chuan praised him for being the top spy of Director Dai for his very efficient. Less than three hours after he left Qiuzhuang, the underground CCP organization received intelligence. Jin Shenghuo looked at Longchuan. I don’t know what to pass the information of the cardinal.

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