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The Controllers 阳光之下 Episode 16 Recap

Ke Ying struggled desperately. Fortunately, someone on the construction site saw the deadlocked two and shouted below that if he didn’t stop calling the police, Ke Ying knew that since there were witnesses, Feng Xiaosheng would definitely be scrupulous. He simply used an excitement to force him to let go of him. But what she didn’t know was that the migrant worker who just shouted in dialect was Xiaowu wearing a mask, and Xiaowu also hurriedly changed his clothes, and revealed Feng Xiaosheng’s traces when meeting a media person.

When a large group of reporters came around, Feng Xiaosheng was instantly stunned. Ke Ying on the side naturally refused to let go of this opportunity. She tried to ease the relationship between the two, and fluently answered questions from British reporters in English. Feng Xiaosheng relieved the siege. At the end, he smiled and told reporters that he was the fiancée of the chairman Feng. Everyone was very surprised when he said this. As soon as the overwhelming news was broadcast, Nanzhou City, and even the whole country, learned the news.

Feng Ruichi went to Thailand to meet the person who joined the joint, but he didn’t know that his traces had been fully understood by the follower. He smoothly saw the local local snake wiping over, and conveyed the words and gifts of Master Feng, Feng Yong: Wish The friendship between the two parties has lasted forever. Shan Yue opened the safe, and there was a blue box full of diamonds. He smiled suddenly and promised to take Feng Yong’s sincerity to heart.

Master Feng was surprised when he watched the news in the newspaper. Feng Xiaosheng only said indifferently that he was a little bit reluctant, but Feng Yong insisted on finding someone to be Ke Ying. This woman knew Feng Xiaosheng’s identity and couldn’t be soft. But he did not expect that Feng Xiaosheng turned down himself. He knew that his son had been living outside for decades, and it was normal for him to have grievances in his heart. But letting him pretend to be Feng Xiaosheng was not just for years of hard work. To the brothers, on the other hand, to make up for this son. He stood up and warned Feng Xiaosheng in a deep voice, since he managed to escape his life, don’t ruin everything for a woman.

Ke Ying was holding a photo with Yuze in his hand, and his heart was like a knife, and Yuze’s phone calls kept coming in. It was obvious that the other party had already learned what he did in front of the media, but She could not explain, she must not put Yuze in danger.

Here Chen Hemiao and Yu Chengbo also knew about this. Miao Miao had been investigating the death of his father secretly, and proposed to use Ke Ying’s relationship to find out Feng Xiaosheng, but Yu Chengbo strongly refused.

Feng’s group, Xiaowu was called to the office by Feng Xiaosheng. As soon as he entered the door, the other party stared at him for a while, then sat and pointed to a box on the table, motioning him to try the clothes inside. Xiao Wu felt strange, but he still opened the box and was shocked. Isn’t this the uniform he wore when pretending to be a migrant worker? Isn’t it thrown into the trash can, where did Feng Xiaosheng get it? He didn’t dare to hesitate for too long, and changed it with a smile. Fortunately, the dress didn’t fit well, which temporarily dispelled the other’s doubts. When he came out of the office, Xiao Wu’s back was all in cold sweat. This Feng Xiaosheng was really difficult to deal with.

Feng Xiaosheng’s secretary put a stack of newspapers on his desk and relayed the media’s request for an interview. The other party readily agreed and said he wanted to call Ke Ying a piece. At this time, Ke Ying was sitting on a bench in his parents’ quarter. When he saw his parents returning from grocery shopping, he suddenly remembered the little things he had been with Yuze. The two of them had agreed to live together and live together. Parents are always loving, but now everything has been destroyed by Feng Xiaosheng himself.

Mother Ke was very angry at what her daughter did. She took the newspaper and accused him of why Ke Ying was wearing a ring from Yuze in her hand, but suddenly became someone else’s fiancée. Their family is a Kochi family. What about this daughter? Is education like this? Ke Ying sat on the sofa and took out the words she had prepared long ago: She doesn’t love Yuze anymore, and Feng Xiaosheng is not impulsive, her decision is after careful thought and so on.

But as soon as these words came out, even the silent father Ke was furious. She could disrespect her father, her mother, or Yuze, but why did she abuse herself like this? This is not so-called not love anymore, this is betrayal! After speaking, he was angry and left.

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