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My Best Friend’s Story 流金岁月 Episode 19 Recap

Zhu Suosuo brought the newly-made suit back to the company. He originally wanted to personally give it to Ye Jinyan, but Fan Jingang reminded her in advance that she didn’t need to do it again, and could even imitate Ye Jinyan’s response vividly. Sure enough, as Fan Jingyan expected, Ye Jinyan bluntly refused to accept the suit. Compared with Zhu Suosuo’s deliberately pleasing behavior, he seemed to want the other party to focus on work.

After a few days of getting along, subtle changes gradually occurred between Wang Yongzheng and Jiang Nansun, but Jiang Nansun concealed his inner thoughts more conservatively, until Wang Yongzheng came downstairs at night and confessed his love to her. Faced with the kiss from Wang Yongzheng, Jiang Nansun did not choose to refuse, which means that she has a good impression of him, which is nothing more than the love of men and women.

The two officially fell in love and fell into love like all couples. It’s a pity that time is short, and before both parties can experience the beauty in detail, a call from Shanghai immediately made Jiang Nansun restless, so he booked the earliest flight back home in advance and upgraded from a long-distance relationship to a transnational relationship, mixed with countless uncertainties.

The caller was Zhu Suosuo. At this time, she was taking care of her grandmother in the hospital. There were two police officers and a bandage-wrapped creditor beside her. The police learned the key clue through Zhu Suosuo’s angry expression, that is, the creditor came to ask for money to no avail, and then illegally broke into Zhu Suosuo’s house and turned the cabinets and cabinets, and the grandmother was frightened.

Wang Yongzheng drove Jiang Nansun to the airport, during which he handed her a book, and repeatedly urged not to read it. When Jiang Nansun was sitting on the plane, she saw a passage written by Wang Yongzheng on the title page in the book. The words truthfully expounded her own life philosophy, and she should not look at the profile in everything.

Zhu Suosuo personally went to the airport to pick up Jiang Nansun. On the way, I heard her talk about the encounter with Wang Yong in London. Therefore, she persuaded her not to look forward to the future because of a transnational relationship. As long as she is in love, she has a chance to break up. Love whatever you want.

The old grandmother sneaked out of the hospital to go home, but her blood pressure rose again but refused to be admitted to the hospital. Seeing this situation, Jiang Nansun planned to invite all creditors to come together to solve the problem. Originally, Zhu Suosuo wanted to accompany her to cope with it, but Jiang Nansun did not want to continue to be a little princess hiding under her wings, so she came to the Liyuan restaurant alone, and honestly explained her thoughts.

In response to the current situation, Jiang Nansunte explained two things to them. One is that due to economic problems, there is no way to return the principal immediately. The only way is to delay the repayment time and cancel the interest beyond the normal range. The last thing is to make everyone promise that they will not disturb the old grandmother’s life in the future, otherwise they will have to go through legal channels, and no matter who it is, it will be responsible.

After the matter was settled, the creditor followed Jiang Nansun to the home and took the initiative to apologize to the old grandmother and promised that there would be no harassment in the future. When the old grandmother heard the creditor’s words, she finally lost her heart and agreed to go back to the hospital for treatment.

In the hospital, two young girls sat side by side on a bench, waiting for the results for a long time. Fortunately, they were able to accompany each other. While Jiang Nansun and Wang Yongzheng were talking on the phone, Zhu Suosuo took a photo and sent it to Moments. Unexpectedly, Xie Hongzu saw Zhu Suosuo’s Moments and immediately brought Xiaohe to the hospital and completed the hospitalization procedures for his grandmother. Stay to accompany the bed.

Jiang Nansun went to accompany his grandmother wittily and wanted Zhu Suosuo and Xie Hongzu to be alone. Zhu Suosuo didn’t want to owe favor to others, but he didn’t expect Xie Hongzu to confess himself again. Knowing Zhu Suosuo’s family situation and realistic thoughts, he still didn’t have the slightest retreat. Xie Zuhong noticed that Zhu Suosuo was busy so far that he hadn’t eaten, so he took the initiative to buy a crab noodle bag. Zhu Suosuo couldn’t help laughing while looking at his back.

At the same time, Jiang Nansun stayed alone in the ward in a daze, connected with all the recent events, as if she had become two Jiang Nansuns, whether she was far away in Canada or near Shanghai, she was unfamiliar and at a loss.

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