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My Best Friend’s Story 流金岁月 Episode 18 Recap

Just as Zhu Suosuo’s life was frequently “harassed” by others, Jiang Nansun was also cordially invited by Wang Yongzheng and finally agreed to join the studio for an internship. Although vacation has become work, Jiang Nansun enjoys the sense of fulfillment from night to dawn, so she can’t wait to tell Zhu Suosuo what happened recently, as if she was reborn.

Not long after this, the creditors came to the door one after another. Originally, the old grandmother thought that Father Jiang’s suicide was due to his inability to adapt to the gap from extravagance to Jane, but until today did he see the hands hiding in the dark and demanding his life. Zhu Suosuo took the debt on herself, but found that the new debt amounted to more than three million yuan. She planned to ask a lawyer for help and hoped that her grandmother would conceal this from Jiang Nansun.

Seeing that Zhu Suosuo wanted to hire a lawyer, Fan Jingang mistakenly thought that she wanted to deal with the troubles of the Xie family, so he casually mentioned Xie Jiayin’s case that Ye Jinyan sent her to another place.

Zhu Suosuo wants to ask Yang Ke for help. However, Yang Ke is now unable to protect herself, so she cut the mess quickly and rushed directly into the chairman’s office to show her loyalty. She vowed to do her best for Jingyan Group and promised that Xie Hongzu’s family would not influence her here. life. As a result, life is always unexpected. What caught Zhu Suosuo the most was that Xie Jiayin suddenly found the company. Zhu Suosuo anxiously waited for the “trial” until Xie Jiayin left with an unclear expression.

Fan Jingang called Zhu Suosuo into the office, claiming that the company had decided to re-tender air-conditioning suppliers. This meant that she didn’t have to worry about resignation, and it also meant that Ye Jinyan’s “care for the baby”. After Zhu Suosuo heard the news, tears filled his eyes with excitement. Instead, Ye Jinyan was very calm, saying lightly that any employee would be protected when he changed.

However, good things do not go out, and bad things are spreading thousands of miles. Most of my colleagues in the workplace rarely discuss who is better, but they like to hear and hear some gossip, especially the jealous criticism between the same sex, so Zhu Suosuo has been demonized as Su in their mouths. The image of Daji.

Fortunately, Apel in the sales department has a good relationship with Zhu Suosuo, and she took the initiative to defend Zhu Suosuo and fight against her. Zhu Suosuo was curious that Yang Ke hadn’t come to the company recently, and Apple was about to tell the reason, but was suddenly called away.

Fan Jingang specially bought cakes for Zhu Suosuo under the instruction of Ye Jinyan. Zhu Suosuo was greatly moved, so he left a piece on his desk and said his thanks on the convenience note. Seeing this, Ye Jinyan fell silent, then lit a candle and hummed a birthday song, as if he wanted to miss someone in this way.

Jiang Nansun didn’t understand why his aunt would rather maintain a relationship than marry Edward, but Dai Qian believed that marriage is like a stable job, which can bring security to people and make people gradually decadent in ease. Love without marriage is like self-employed people. If you want to maintain the relationship between the two parties, you can only strive for the top and put more energy and concentration.

Just because Dai Qian sees things thoroughly, Jiang Nansun has another understanding of feelings, and his mood is suddenly clear. She is very satisfied with the current rhythm. If she sets her own state as a scoring system, she would be more willing to leave three points for pleasure and four points for motivation. As for the remaining three points for unhappy, it is from Wang Yongzheng’s pomp.

This morning, Wang Yongzheng held wild flowers to pick Jiang Nansun to work as usual. Paul saw that Wang Yongzheng liked Jiang Nansun, so he encouraged him to boldly pursue a confession. He didn’t expect Wang Yongzheng just to have this plan, so he stood downstairs and sang to Jiang Nansun to show his love to Jiang Nansun, and then disturbed the other’s dreams.

Jiang Nansun couldn’t bear the disturbance, so he only got up in compromise, packed up and went to the studio. When Wang Yongzheng saw that Jiang Nansun hadn’t eaten breakfast, he bought nuts for her to bolster her belly, and finally got off the bus halfway through to buy pizza for breakfast. Jiang Nansun had already eaten a whole bag of nuts, but now she could not swallow the delicious pizza, so she was so angry that she drove Wang Yongzheng out of the car.

Xie Hongzu called to apologize to Zhu Suosuo. Just when Zhu Suosuo wanted to distinguish between each other, Zhao Malin suddenly rushed out and slapped her firmly. Zhu Suosuo was unwilling to be beaten and prepared to rush forward to fight back. Fortunately, Xiaohe and Fan Jingang appeared in time to stop the farce.

After a busy day at the end of the day, Wang Yongzheng sent Jiang Nansun home and looked at her sleeping face in the passenger seat. Then she became a little worried and didn’t know how to say something to stay. Jiang Nansun had already made up her mind to return to China, so she persuaded Wang Yongzheng to dispel her thoughts. She also understood that Jiang’s mother deliberately forced a smile in front of everyone in order to cover up the reluctance of parting.

Seeing Jiang Nansun’s return date is approaching, the old grandmother specially asked people to clean up the bedroom in advance. Zhu Suosuo asked Xiaohe to help find a lawyer to investigate the authenticity of the loan. Xiaohe worried that the lawsuit would make the debt collector irritated and frequent door-to-door harassment. Therefore, he planned to arrange someone to protect them and suggested that Zhu Suosuo inform Jiang Nansun as soon as possible.

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