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My Best Friend’s Story 流金岁月 Episode 17 Recap

Ye Jinyan is not married, nor is she close to female. Even the secretary and nanny around him are men. This makes Zhu Suosuo very strange, but it also shows that her beauty is not tempting to Ye Jinyan and wants to be genuine. Ability certification is required to retain a job. Fan Jingang explained yesterday’s unfinished building project, and said that Zhu Suosuo should focus on the case, even if Ye Jinyan didn’t read it, he had to write it carefully, maybe he would be discovered one day.

After the bar performance was over, it was dark at this time. Jiang Nansun released all negative emotions on this day, and at the same time gained the name “Sini” and monkey mask that Wang Yongzheng gave her. Wang Yongzheng said that as long as people who can’t live with him need a mask, Jiang Nansun can’t sleep at night, staring at the mask for a long time, and finally put it on his face.

The next morning, Wang Yongzheng went to pick Jiang Nansun to play on the grounds of walking the dog, and then took her to the studio outside the suburbs, and introduced the community library project he was working on, which added many Chinese elements, which can combine reading and Naturally linked together.

Wang Yongzheng asked Jiang Nansun to help select some furnishings, but Jiang Nansun was busy for three hours when he suddenly found that he was lying on the lawn sleeping in a completely exploitative gesture by the capitalist, and he couldn’t help feeling angry. Wang Yongzheng believes that if a person is in a low period, only work is the best antidote, and it is easy to ignore time and accelerate wound healing.

Considering that Jiang Nansun has more than ten days to stay in Italy, Wang Yongzheng invited her to do an internship in her own studio. Although she had a bad experience in the last cooperation, she was still satisfied with her design. Jiang Nansun couldn’t understand his pride regardless of region, so he went home directly with his dog.

In a corner of Shanghai, China, there are still people whom Jiang Nansun cares about. With the help of Ye Jinyan, Zhu Suosuo has reduced the burden of life and worked harder. The old grandmother was favored by others and suggested that Zhu Suosuo go to buy ingredients and make an eight-treasure meal with her to give to Ye Jinyan and Fan Jingang.

After the eight-treasure meal was prepared, Zhu Suosuo took it directly to the company. It happened that Fan Jingang was in the stage of health preservation and could only endure gluttonous rejection. Under Fan Jingang’s arrangement, Zhu Suosuo personally went to pick up Ye Jinyan’s suit and sent it to his home, but accidentally stuck oil stains on the suit on the way.

Originally, Zhu Suosuo wanted to leave, but she felt sorry in her heart. He simply honestly confessed the cause and effect. Unexpectedly, Ye Jinyan didn’t care about it and invited Zhu Suosuo to have lunch.

After leaving the Ye family, Zhu Suosuo gave Yang Ke the last eight treasures to taste, and confided to him what happened today. When Yang Ke learned about Fan Jingang’s health care, he couldn’t help but talk about seeing him stealing fast food in a corner some time ago.

During the chat, Zhu Suosuo realized that Yang Ke seemed a little unspeakable. At the same time, Yang Ke also found that Ye Jinyan seemed to want to take himself up, but before he could tell Zhu Suosuo the situation, Zhu Suosuo had been called away by Fan Jingang. Fan Jingang accidentally revealed that Yang Ke’s good days were coming to an end, and Zhu Suosuo suddenly realized the seriousness of the problem.

Jiang Nansun flipped through Wang Yongzheng’s left album, and was gradually moved by his ideas, so he immediately went to Wang Yongzheng, but he didn’t expect that Wang Yongzheng, who has always dealt with any difficulties easily, would also work hard behind others and do his homework.

As the previous suit was destroyed, Zhu Suosuo was going to re-make a new suit and give it to Ye Jinyan, and replaced the old-fashioned fabric. But what surprised her most was not only Ye Jinyan’s frugal and low-key clothing, but also the roadster downstairs from the company, balloons of various colors, and Xie Hongzu sitting in the balloons.

Because Xie Hongzu likes Zhu Suosuo, he and Zhao Malin signed an agreement to dissolve the marriage contract. After careful preparation, he confessed to Zhu Suosuo that he wanted to marry her. Zhu Suosuo couldn’t laugh or cry about this kind of marriage proposal. It was a bit absurd that the two people had to discuss marriage before they had developed a relationship, but seeing Xie Hongzu’s affectionate money made her a little moved.

Xie Hongzu knew that Zhu Suosuo had to accompany his grandmother to dinner and could not go out, so he asked Xiaohe to pack food to eat at home. Seeing that Xie Hongzu had won the appreciation of his old grandmother, Zhu Suosuo couldn’t help reminding Xie Hongzu to pay attention to the differences in each other’s family circumstances. He is a rich second generation with no worries about food and clothing, and she just wants to make money to satisfy the need for food and clothing.

At the same time, Fan Jingang received a call from Xie Jiayin. She took the initiative to meet with Ye Jinyan because of her son’s problem. During the dinner, Xie Jiayin wanted Ye Jinyan to transfer Zhu Suosuo to work outside of the country, on the condition that the air conditioner purchased by Jingyan Group would be lower than the market price, and even another 97 discount.

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