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Love Script 她和他的恋爱剧本 Episode 18 Recap

When Luo laughed and came to the gym again, he met the legendary handsome elite again. He quietly heard from the corner and learned that Taozi was really planning something like ID card and household registration. The elite man also explained that he would meet at the door of the Civil Affairs Bureau. it is true!

Dave was thinking about calling Linda and confessing a mistake, but the call was not answered, and WeChat was still blocked. Fortunately, he was still pondering the words on the keyboard for a long time. He said something dismissive, but immediately when the phone rang Picking it up, it turned out that his boss told him to go drinking. The two depressed men sipped the wine without stopping, everything is silent, all feelings are in the wine. After a while, Luo joked and joined in. Three men with a deep hatred gathered around the table and drank booze. They were inexplicably confidant. Everyone was trapped by love, and no one was better than anyone.

The amazing thing is that the three people envy each other, some of their identity, some of their character, and some of their age, each with their own ambitions. Dave was the first to make a decision during the period of waking up and drunk. He was so drunk and daring. He went all the way to Linda’s house. He wanted to make it clear all at once and tell her all he liked. At this time Linda was also drunk at home, angry at this incomprehensible man. When someone knocked on the door, a half-awake Dave appeared here, and Linda kissed him before he became bold. He, alcohol and reason confuse, directing his body to linger, she heard Dave say I love you in passion.

Luo Kaihuai came to the bar to take Luo Kai laughed away, and then turned around to arrange Zhu Xuanwen properly. He couldn’t stand up even when he drank. When he noticed that Luo Kai was in his arms, he vaguely said that he liked it, until the aunt of the bar He wakes up and has to return to his place after a night of confusion.

Luo Kai laughed and nearly collapsed today, staring at the clock and waiting for the bad news at nine o’clock, so the elite man arrived as scheduled, and he could no longer sit still. He pulled Taozi and said only a few words. He couldn’t stop Taozi from getting married, but at least before that, she could show her heart. She had a crush on her for many years and has always liked her. Now I wish her happiness. After embracing Taozi, he will not leave the fitness center, even the elite men also left.

When he got home, only his sister Luo Kaihuai cared about what was going on with his brother, but everyone was trapped by love. Zhu Xuanwen came to the door at this time and asked her to go to a place with him for the last time, the film and television city, the former palace. He switched roles with Luo Kaihuai. He would wash his feet and fetch water and even dance for her once, but what is the use of these? Can you go back to the past? To blame, Luo Kaihuai couldn’t see clearly that he was pretending to be sick, and gave all his sincerity to a scene scene, and she could not complain.

Seeing that she was about to leave, Zhu Xuanwen reached out and couldn’t stop him, and instantly disappeared beside her. The only place that could disappear was the water in the lake. Luo Kai was anxious. As long as he came out, she was willing to forgive him. Hearing that Zhu Xuanwen got out of the water, she could forgive him in the end.

In Luo Kaihuai’s view, forgiveness does not mean that you can start again, and there is no return to the past, even if Zhu Xuanwen looks like a chicken in front of him. He was holding the ear buckle, which was accidentally dropped by Luo Kaihuai while taking care of him in the bar. Now he can cherish an ear buckle so much, as well as sadness.

After putting into work the next day, the assistant beside him turned into Fude, and he almost didn’t recognize him in modern clothes. Zhu Xuanwen asked him to convene female employees of the company to do a questionnaire. From these experiences, he wanted to find a way to reunite with Luo Kaihuai. Everyone’s analysis of various cold war scenes is very accurate, and what they said is justified. Such a comparison with Luo Kaihuai is considered a hell-level Cold War, which is difficult to deal with. Even if his self-harming apology has little effect, this is not for Zhu Xuanwen. Last good news.

Dave’s breakfast was prepared and the house was cleaned. He waited quietly for Linda to wake up. When he was awake, he could no longer say things like you, but Linda obviously wanted to hear these words. The stupid mouth appeared again, and he let Linda down again. After Linda went to work in the clinic, she talked to Luo Kaihuai about Sister Juan’s child. She was a poor person. In order to treat her child with autism, she went astray and did harm. They wanted to help her.

Luo Kaihuai came to the bookstore and wanted to pick some children’s favorite books, but Zhu Xuanwen appeared next to him, pretending to meet for the first time and enthusiastically selling books for her. Seeing that she ignored her and gave her to the counter to check out, she didn’t want to talk If he has something to do, he has to transfer the book money to him, then he has to pull Zhu Xuanwen from the blacklist first.

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