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Love Script 她和他的恋爱剧本 Episode 17 Recap

When Dave found Linda, the expression on his face was not very good. The more he explained, the more messy he explained, the more anxious he explained, and for a while he denied the unsatisfied love relationship between their friends. Linda was even more unhappy. She said she didn’t need such a friend. After pretending to be calm and leaving, outside the building without Dave, Linda cried. Dave was drunk alone, accompanied by so many things in the past. It turns out that he and Linda have experienced so many things together, but how did they become such a relationship between high and low?

Zhu Li stocked rabbits in the small courtyard so that Luo Kaihuai could feed the small animals to relax in his free time. He tried every means to hope that she was in a good mood, and when passing by the blessing card, he wrote and hung the four-character “Happy Smile”, and this faint friendship guarded Luo Kaihuai without being easily noticed. At dinner, Luo Kaihuai talked and laughed with him. He talked about the people he likes and the layout of his room. The elite style like Zhu Li always lacks a bit of life, so he can decorate the room appropriately and adjust it. Thinking of the so-called art that I personally destroyed in the past.

Luo Kai laughed and was always afraid that Tao Zi would be angry when he helped Zhu Xuanwen, so he made up his mind to admit his mistake, but when he went to the gym to see that Tao Zi had a very good match, he heard from others that he seemed to be discussing going to the Civil Affairs Bureau. thing. Civil Affairs Bureau? Such a big joke might not be funny at all.

Zhu Xuanwen came to the small courtyard according to Luo’s laugh, and finally found Luo Kaihuai after asking around. She and Zhu Li were living here very comfortably, and Luo Kaihuai didn’t want to see him. Missing is better than all reason, Zhu Xuanwen could not help but said that it was rude to go up and kiss her. A slap slapped him back where he was. The play was like life, and it was time for him to play. Zhu Li explained to him the recent situation of Luo Kaihuai. She wanted to work hard to be strong, but the more so, the more distressing.

Zhu Xuanwen came to the studio alone, where she and Luo Kaihuai started. There used to be Luo Kaihuai’s figure in the corridor, Luo Kaihuai and his poetry in the study, Luo Kaihuai dancing for him in the bedroom, they used to play together here for many days, and also signed a wedding invitation. Unfortunately, the wedding invitation is still here, and Luo Kaihuai is unwilling to come back. He asked him not to leave himself, Luo Kaihuai agreed, but the result still backfired.

Luo Kaihuai, accompanied by Zhu Li’s piano sound, gradually recovered and returned to work in the clinic. Zhu Xuanwen also returned to his CEO status, dealing with large and small decision-making cases every day, and he also had time to ponder the design of the peach blossom hairpin, but his physical condition was not very good, Dave looked a little worried.

When he couldn’t sleep at night, Zhu Li would send Luo Kaihuai piano music recordings to accompany her to sleep, and he also found that he once loved piano art as if Luo Kaihuai let go. He used to seal up all his hobbies for a single-minded career. Being locked in Yike’s cage, now that he seems to have looked away, he digs out the collections that he didn’t want to touch in the past.

Dave came to give Linda soup and cakes. The man with low EQ and stupid mouth would never change. After two sentences, Linda was irritated again. He couldn’t say that he liked Linda, but asked about Linda. But he opened his mouth. When I left the corner and saw Luo Kaihuai, he immediately thought of his poor boss. Good time, there are still some Luo Kaihuai’s things in the palace, and Luo Kaihuai just troubled him to bring it over.

It was not Dave who sent back things for Luo Kaihuai this day, but Zhu Xuanwen. He came to see Dr. Luo as a patient. He hoped that Dr. Luo could give some advice on how to make up for hurting a person’s heart. It’s a pity that not all injuries can be remedied. If you really want to make up, then not to disturb is the best way to make up. Zhu Xuanwen left after hearing the words, and was stopped by Luo Kaihuai. Among the things he sent there was a little red peach flower hairpin, which was not Luo Kaihuai’s thing, but Zhu Xuanwen sent it out, neither things nor feelings could be returned. .

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