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Love Script 她和他的恋爱剧本 Episode 16 Recap

Zhu Xuanwen recovered. He was already awake when everyone thought of him as a silly lord who didn’t care about the world. In order not to arouse Mei Changting’s vigilance, he continued to pretend to be sick. Otherwise, how could he collect all the evidence of his crimes today? Come out. Mei Changting has experienced many strong winds and waves. For this reason, he can still show his concern for Zhu Xuanwen. Since he is concerned about why Zhu Xuanwen’s car’s central control system is used, he said that there is no reason that Mei Changting would not admit it.

A video of him questioning Li Lin was broadcast, and Yang Zhao was involved. Mei Changting immediately abandoned the car and Bao Shuaicheng did not know what Yang Zhao had done, so Luo’s joking remote live broadcast came in handy. Yang Zhao threatened Li Lin, and the fake accounts that Zhu Li had forged. He also took the bait. In the recorder, his voice persuading Director Li to be clear and identifiable, these reveal the crimes of Mei Changting like iron evidence.

He was defeated and defeated. It was not until the police came that Zhu Xuanwen saw that Luo Kaihuai had been there for a long time. It turned out that Zhu Xuanwen had been dressed for such a long time, so the so-called princes and concubines and those feelings were all acting with him. And everyone around him knew he was acting, only he was kept in the dark like a fool. It was raining heavily outside, and Luo Kaihuai walked aimlessly like a lost soul. All the good memories of the past flashed like a revolving lantern. For a moment, an electric car crashed straight down the slope, with the ripples in his dreams. The red clothes lie exactly in the snow.

When she woke up again, she was in the hospital. In order to relieve her mood, Father Luo took her out for a relaxing trip. The boat sailed to a quiet mountain forest. A small courtyard was where they stayed temporarily. Sitting outside the courtyard, Luo Kaihuai watched the two children playing, and suddenly there were children playing and playing in his mind. She became nervous for a moment, turned her head and ran into Zhu Li’s arms. Zhu Li also concealed Zhu Xuanwen’s affairs from her before. He has been troubled at this point. When he talked, Luo’s father’s meal was ready and he saw Zhu Li enthusiastically invite him into the house to taste. After all, Zhu Li saved Luo Kaihuai in the heavy rain. .

Two days later, Luo’s mother’s death day, and Luo’s father planned to go to the grave alone. It happened that Zhu Li was here, so Luo Kaihuai asked him to take care of him. Zhu Xuanwen ran to Luo’s shop frequently when he couldn’t find Luo Kaihuai all over the world, and just happened to bump into his father who came back to sweep the grave on this day.

Luo’s father was furious. Luo Kaihuai had the face to come back because he had a car accident in the rain. The Luo family didn’t welcome him at all, so Zhu Xuanwen asked Dave to find Linda, but unfortunately, he was also ashamed. Finally, I found Taozi’s gym, and it was still scorned. Luo Kaihuai, a therapist falling in love with a patient, was already a taboo in the industry. As a result, he even made fun of Luo Kaihuai’s feelings.

In the small courtyard at night, Luo Kaihuai watched TV and ate snacks, alleviating the recent unhappiness. Suddenly the power went out and the surroundings were completely dark. He wanted to go downstairs to light the candles, accidentally smashed the bowl when looking for a lighter, and she had to close her eyes tightly and lay down weakly. Zhu Xuanwen used to protect her, but now, she called Zhu Xuanwen by her name and she couldn’t recall anyone. She was forced to breathe helplessly in endless despair. At this time, Zhu Li came back.

Zhu Li dealt with the cut wound for her, and played a piano to soothe her heart, Luo Kaihuai slowly fell asleep in such a slow tune. Zhu Xuanwen still couldn’t find Luo Kaihuai, and finally came to find Luo and laughed. Even if he was beaten, it didn’t matter. He just wanted to know where Luo Kaihuai was.

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