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Love Script 她和他的恋爱剧本 Episode 15 Recap

After the enthusiasm, the lingering kiss, witnessed by the wedding invitation, once again communicated with each other. On the other side of the Yi Ke company, Mei Changting took out the evidence that Director Li had embezzled him as a threat to help him become CEO on the board of directors. Then the benefits would naturally be Director Li.

Luo’s father accidentally injured his hand while playing with the flowers and plants, hung up his protective gear, and Luo Kaihuai sent him home. Mei Changting couldn’t bear it. Before the two-month period expired, he ran to the palace to urge his orders. Seeing that Zhu Xuanwen was still a prince, he asked for some high-sounding rhetoric that he wanted to finalize the temporary CEO tomorrow. Zhu Xuanwen also agreed, thinking that it was almost time to face off with Mei Changting, and settle the old and new accounts together.

Dave hurriedly asked Zhu Xuanwen for leave and ran to pick up Linda who was discharged from the hospital. He happened to see him packing up his things and leaving by himself. Fortunately, he came in time. I carefully reminded him to pay attention to his diet after he was discharged from the hospital, and found that the romance novel that sent her to relieve the boredom was also taken away by her. When he saw it, he said he didn’t like it. Linda heard him say that he wanted to rent a house, and there was a house on the opposite side of her house to rent, so a friend helped Dave to become Linda’s neighbors. From now on, they can not only be friends but also take care of them. .

Zhu Li had two tickets for the piano concert. He wanted to invite Luo Kaihuai to listen to it. Unexpectedly, he learned that Luo’s father had injured his arm. Luo Kaihuai hung up the sign that it was closed today and devoted himself to taking care of his father. When he was idle, his father and daughter talked about Zhu Xuanwen. In his words, he could feel that Luo’s father did not like Zhu Xuanwen. At this time, Zhu Li came, considering his father’s arm. It is not suitable to cook because of the injury. He asked the hotel to prepare all the meals for the past few days, and let Luo Kaihuai take a few days off to ask her to take care of Luo’s father at ease.

After all this was done, there was a call to tell Zhu Li that the CEO election meeting would be held tomorrow. Zhu Xuanwen would be there by then. Luo Kaihuai, who was listening to the matter, knew it, and was worried until late at night. He specifically texted whether she wanted her to accompany him, but Zhu Xuanwen saw the news and drove directly downstairs to her house. It happened that the car broke down and couldn’t send Zhu Xuanwen home, so he had to stay at his house for one night.

In the gym, Taozi was nagged by her second aunt to arrange a blind date for her. At this time, Luo laughed and stood up in time, and introduced herself modestly and sincerely as a warm-hearted boy. After hearing this, he was very satisfied and threatened to make another plan for Taozi when they broke up. Taozi’s life could finally be at ease for a while, and Luo smiled and was secretly happy as she watched the golden bracelet she was wearing.

Luo Kaihuai just approached Zhu Xuanwen’s room, and before he could even say a few words, he heard Fangwai Luo’s father’s voice approaching. In a hurry, she had to hide the person in the quilt. When Luo’s father came in and talked about Zhu Xuanwen casually, she still Special comparison between him and Zhu Li, the comparison of the two obviously Zhu Li is more in line with Luo’s father. After all the good things were said, Luo’s father was sent out. When he turned around, he saw a jealous face. Luo Kaihuai apologized again.

Zhu Li couldn’t get through on the phone. Tonight, the prince wants to stay in his own little house. He is a gold medalist and refuses to hit the floor shop. He has to blame Luo to sleep on the ground. If he is not the prince, Luo Kaihuai may be happier. Sleeping into a dream, it came to the wedding night between Lianyi and Zhu Xuanwen. Outside, the house shook the sky. Ripple walked out of the house, and finally died in Zhu Xuanwen’s arms. He returned the peach flower hairpin to Zhu Xuanwen, and they agreed to meet again in the next life.

When he woke up, Zhu Xuanwen had already left, but Luo Kaihuai fell asleep in bed, leaving a note saying that he had important things to tell her when he returned. After taking down Mei Changting in one fell swoop today, he will confess everything to Luo Kaihuai, and at the same time Luo Kaihuai will also act together. Yang Zhao received a phone call from Li Lin threatening to disrupt the situation if he could not get the money. Mei Changting sent Yang Zhao to see him based on the overall situation. Today’s CEO election must not be disturbed by anything.

On Li Lin’s side, Luo joked and controlled him, waiting for Yang Zhao to throw himself into the snare. Luo Kaihuai called him to go home but he heard the sneaky person on his side. Luo Kaihuai knew that he was catching the murderer of Zhu Xuanwen’s car accident.

At the CEO meeting of the Eike Group, Zhu Xuanwen devoted himself to the flowers and plants and did not care about the surrounding situation. Mei Changting had prepared for so long to become the CEO. The board members were gradually bought out and all voting rights supported him, just because he thought he was the number one leader. When his throne belonged to Mei Changting, Zhu Xuanwen suddenly stopped his speech.

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