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Love Script 她和他的恋爱剧本 Episode 14 Recap

Luo Kaixiao rode a very windy motorcycle to the auto repair shop. The employees here mentioned a person named Li Lin when they saw luxury cars in and out. He was very interested in all kinds of luxury cars and also liked to think about modification, especially in electronic central control. Luo Kai laughed and came back to discuss with Dave, and arranged everything to wait for Li Lin to jump into the trap.

Linda can go out of the air in the hospital. Dave came to deliver the cake to her again, but I don’t know why her mouth was too much to talk. She was very mean. Linda became angry and angry. She knew that he was a joke and didn’t always put on airs. She still very kindly ate the cake. After all, it was Dave who tried his best to find the poisoner. Come on, after all, thank him.

Zhu Xuanwen immersed in good memories while putting the captured doll. When Dave looked at him from behind, he didn’t notice it. At present, he had locked Li Lin. There were risks in modifying the vehicle. Li Lin also had several accidents in his hand, all of which were suppressed by Yang. The matter was far less simple as it seemed. It all depended on Luo Luo. Laughter.

Luo Kaixiao rode a motorcycle with the keys of the luxury car and asked Li Lin to move to the underground garage to help him look at the car. When he saw Zhu Xuanwen’s car accident in the tent, Li Lin looked bad for a moment. On that day, he took advantage of the inadvertent action of Zhu Xuanwen’s car that the accident occurred. At present, he could not avoid the evidence of guilt, not to mention Dave and Zhu Xuanwenren appeared together, so he had to confess guilt.

At present, Li Lin and Yang Wei are incapable, but if Yang Wei bites to death and leaves off the relationship with Mei Changting, it will be difficult to do. Mei Changting wants Yike, then Zhu Xuanwen will use Yike to play a game to ask you into the urn.

Seeing that Zhu Xuanwen was still a stupid prince when it was two months, Mei Changting decided to remove the only obstacle, that is, Zhu Li. An hour after the notice, the board of directors held an emergency meeting to take out the long-speakered letter of intent to cooperate with Luminos Jewelry, and was caught off guard.

The board of directors voted that the majority obeyed the minority, so Zhu Li had no right to interfere in the plan to cooperate with Luminos. On the other hand, as soon as Zhu Xuanwen received Mei Changting’s action, he knew that he had been hooked and was in a good mood. He went out of office with Luo Kaihuai in modern clothes. However, he accidentally heard Luo Kaihuai and Peach discuss and leave him after waiting for him to get better. Zhu Xuanwen’s expression dimmed for a moment.

In dealing with Mei Changting’s knuckles, he still arranged the relevant matters of Luo Kaihuai and told Dave to do what he said. He wanted to stay Luo Kaihuai. Mei Changting made a design report and planned to win a contract with Luminus with this design. Zhu Li saw that Zhu Xuanwen was pretending in the morning.

Next, his uncle and nephew contacted him by email to overthrow Mei Changting. On this day, Zhu Li’s men pretended to accidentally collide with the Italian designer and accidentally disclosed their design to the designer. So the next day, when Mei Changting signed the contract, the design draft disappointed the other party.

On the contrary, Zhu Li’s design scrapping saved the contract. Lianyi looked at the phoenix crown Xiadi with a table in front of her. She was finally going to marry Zhu Xuanwen. The wedding robe of the spiny dragon embroidery was perfectly fitted on the bride and groom through the hands of the maidservants.

The red lips and the golden crown, and from then on, they got married. Luo Kaihuai saw that everyone in the house was strange. Even Zhu Xuanwen appeared in her room in a mysterious way. A painting of the two of them was hung down. Zhu Xuanwen hunched that she was leaving on the title of a nightmare and took her hand to hope that she would not leave.

He also prepared Feng Guanxia for her, and the wedding post was also solemn. This time, it was not a casual princess, but sincerely invited her to marry him. Signing this wedding invitation is his wife Zhu Xuanwen. She can’t leave, let alone abandon Zhu Xuanwen.

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