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llustrated Book of Beauty in Martial Art 武林秘案之美人圖鑑 Episode 12 Recap

The masked woman suddenly appeared in front of Chu Yunxiao. She said that she had waited for him for ten years, but couldn’t wait for him to marry herself, and she plunged into Chu Yunxiao’s arms after she finished speaking. Chu Yunxiao was stunned during the whole process. Leng Xingchen happened to appear, and his expression suddenly changed when he saw him holding the woman. The woman left immediately when she saw her coming.

Leng Xingchen told him that Duoer was dead and that the murderer was the woman just now. Chu Yunxiao thought it was impossible, because he was chasing the female assassin, and she didn’t have time to kill Duoer.

The next day, Chu Yunxiao asked Hu Wanhua and Ji Xuanyuan to help lie to attract Leng Xingchen. Leng Xingchen thought that Chu Yunxiao had really hit the cold ice palm of Young Master Ghost, and ran over in a hurry, only to realize that Chu Yunxiao deliberately lied to herself. Chu Yunxiao snapped his fingers, and Hu Wanhua not far away threw out a small basket with petals, Chu Yunxiao hit the small basket, and the sky full of petals instantly fell around them. Leng Xingchen was very happy, forgetting the unhappiness of last night.

The female assassin failed to kill Chu Yunxiao, but the Ghost Master’s people arrested her and asked her guilt. Gao Yue overheard the conversation between junior sister and junior brother, and learned that the headmaster had the idea of ​​marrying her to Nangong family, Nangong Ye.

Because no one from the Scimitar League survived this time when he went back to Soul Valley, Shangguan Ru Fengxiang the owner of the Scimitar League apologized, but the other party did not blame it. Hearing that his son had an accident, Mr. Jin rushed over not far away. Shangguan Ru Fengxiang Leng Xingchen and Chu Yunxiao said farewell, and returned the beautiful picture to Leng Xingchen. Gao Yue and Hu Wanhua were drinking, she stared at Hu Wanhua thoughtfully, and then she straightforwardly asked him to marry herself.

Hu Wanhua deliberately changed the subject. On the way back, Gao Yue once again asked him to marry herself. Hu Wanhua still didn’t have an accurate answer. Gao Yue said that he was going to marry Nangong Ye very soon. Hu Wanhua didn’t say a word to retain him. He even said that Nangong Ye is a talented person and excellent in martial arts, and he is very suitable for her. Gao Yue, who heard this, gave Hu Wanhua a sad look, and then dashed away.

The female assassin entered Jin Hao’s room, stabbed him, and then entered Chu Yunxiao’s room. Chu Yunxiao woke up, but she disappeared again. Chu Yunxiao dressed and went out, and the female assassin floated down from the eaves. Feeling the residual warmth left on Chu Yunxiao’s bed, her eyes were full of sadness and reluctance. Although Jin Hao was seriously injured, Leng Xingchen saved his life. Master Jin was extremely grateful.

Ji Xuanyuan came over and said that Shangguan was assassinated like wind. When Hu Wanhua came back from a drink last night, he saw a man in black rushing out of the inn. Chu Yunxiao looked at Chen Feng and Shangguan Rufeng with thoughtful eyes. Gao Yue left without saying goodbye, Hu Wanhua drank dullly, and found a reason to prevaricate Chu Yunxiao and Ji Xuanyuan. Chu Yunxiao didn’t have any suspicions either, and only said that there would be time to visit her again afterwards.

Chu Yunxiao felt that Jin Hao was injured for the first time because of Cold Ice Poison Palm. These recent coincidences made him suspect that the man behind the scenes was the same person. The four discussed together, and Chu Yunxiao believed that the beauty picture was the key to these things. Right now Shangguan Rufeng and Jin Hao were injured, and they needed to stay here to investigate. Hu Wanhua was slapped by Chu Yunxiao because he was using his hands on the beautiful pictures. The blood he shed dripped on the beautiful pictures, causing the beautiful pictures to show a few lines.

The words show that Lin Shuhua and the Nangong family, the Scimitar League, etc. have concluded an agreement, and take the jade seal as a token. Chu Yunxiao can’t help guessing that the jade seal is the real secret of the beauty picture. The people of Ghost Master heard their conversation and immediately returned to the organization to convey the news.

Shangguan Rufeng is a rare right-handed man, and Leng Xingchen said that it is precisely because of this that he survived. Shangguan Rufeng didn’t know why the assassin wanted to assassinate himself. They reasoned that Shangguan Rufeng’s assassination might be related to the treasure in Huihungu. After Chu Yunxiao told Shangguan Rufeng to be more careful, he followed Leng Xingchen and left.

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