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Like A Flowing River S2 大江大河2 Episode 29 Recap

Liang Sishen thought that Yang Xun wanted to chase her, so he responsibly refused to say that he would not consider this issue at this stage. Yang Xun was rejected before he confessed. He quickly stated that he just wanted to ask her a question. Liang Sishen said that he did it himself. Passionate. There was no problem with Yang Xun, so he kept on asking if Liang Sishen was going to be based in the East China Sea. Liang Sishen thought that Yang Xun wanted to open a five-star hotel.

Yang Xun found the steps and immediately went down. Liang Sishen felt that he would open a restaurant in the East China Sea. The prospect of the hotel is good. He said that he would go back to Shanghai in a few days and find a star-rated hotel for him. Yang Xun eagerly said that he would just drive to get it.

Yang Xun had a drink and returned to the market, Xun Jianxiang kept the door for him. Yang Xun couldn’t help but vomited, and said that the wine was not for nothing. He wanted to open a four-star hotel and the Tourism Bureau also wanted to buy shares. Xun Jianxiang had no interest at all, but Yang Xun said that there was a piece of fat in front of him.

Many people wanted to open a hotel, but no one opened a four-star hotel. Xun Jianxiang asked Yang Xun where the money would come from. Yang Xun had already thought about it. He wanted to use the rent of the second and third phases as the start-up capital, and then find a state-owned enterprise for a joint venture.

Xun Jianxiang was very speechless, Yang’s mother owed him a debt and still wanted to open a hotel. Xun Jianxiang turned off the light and told Yang Xun to sleep quickly. Yang Xun still couldn’t sleep. He said that he was still single when he was 26 this year. It was really unreasonable. The hotel is closely related to his lifelong events. Yang Xun said happily that he had met a very beautiful and kind-hearted girl. She did not dislike the poor and loves the rich, but also sympathized with their self-employed people. Yang Xun was really tempted this time.

This is her in this life! Yang Xun said that she was responsible for the idea of ​​opening the hotel, and Xun Jianxiang felt that things in the hotel really didn’t work, but he must have the money to pay for the girl. Xun Jianxiang asked what the girl’s name was, and Yang Xun said that she came back from the United States with a family of high-ranking leaders, whose surname was Liang. Xun Jianxiang wondered if it was Song Yunhui’s student Liang Sishen! Yang Xun was silly and happy, Xun Jianxiang was speechless.

Hongwei said that Sibao was paving the road and cutting corners. Sibao was in a hurry, and Lei Shigen gave him 10,000 yuan. Hongwei still had trouble going to the building materials factory. Can he complete the work without cutting corners? Hong Wei told Sibao to get out. He couldn’t do it. Someone could do it. Sibao remembered to pick up the shovel on the side of the road before he could do it.

Lei Zhengming hurriedly came up and pulled it. Hongwei handed over the construction team to the old fifth, not allowing Sibao to manage. Lei Zhengming came to flatter Hongwei and obviously wanted to engage in contracting, but he didn’t understand how he used Lei Shigen. Hongwei said that Lei Dongbao would not let Lei Shigen agree. Lei Zhengming quickly said that he would go to see Lei Dongbao next week. Hongwei asked him to bring some high-end goods and he would not suffer.

Lei Shigen came to see Lei Dongbao with the sauce and fruit. Lei Zhengming gave him the new underwear he bought during a business trip in Shanghai a few days ago. Lei Shigen showed Lei Dongbao the contract signed with Hongwei. Lei Dongbao said that major events in the village should be discussed together in the future, and he cannot come to him. Lei Zhengming said that he also wanted to contract a wire factory and a copper factory.

He would give the village a contract of 1 million in a year. Lei Dongbao said he would listen to the opinions of the village chief Lei Shigen. Lei Zhengming’s family is weak and can’t come up with a million contracting funds, so he wants to borrow 500,000 from the village and return it to the village after earning it. Of course, Lei Shigen refused to agree.

Upon seeing this, Lei Dongbao reflected that the key reason why Xiao Lei’s family became like this was that he was just a junior high school student and couldn’t understand the policy at all, so Lei Shigen and Lei Zhengming were asked to recruit more college students and collectively manage individuals. This system It was formulated by the party, and no one dares to say that it is inappropriate.

Since the construction team handed over to the old fifth, Sibao has hated Hongwei and the old fifth. This time he came to trouble the old fifth. He missed Lei Dongbao’s presence one by one, and then wanted to pull him to do something. Compete for Lei Dongbao. Sibao wants to get some wires and go out to run the market, but Lei Zhengming can’t speak, where can I give him wires. Lei Zhengming, Lei Shigen and Siyan had a meeting to discuss the wire factory.

The fifth and fourth treasures also came to participate. Lei Zhengming was busy going to entertain the dealers and took out a document saying that it was a personnel transfer, and the village should stamp a stamp. Lei Shigen and Siyan disagreed, but Sibao supported Lei Zhengming. The fifth person wanted his salary. Lei Zhengming brought up Lei Shigen’s mischief on the yellow list. Lei Shigen was even more anxious. The list was right and asked for a five-point rebate. How did Lei Dongbao get in? Are they unclear?

Lei Zhengming, Sibao, and the fifth child continued to criticize Lei Shigen, saying that he wanted to bring down their factory and ruin Lei Dongbao. Lei Shigen couldn’t say anything aggrieved, and he opened his four eyes without saying a word, saying that his wire factory was not up to the bill, and the two people quarreled again. Lei Shigen hurriedly came to persuade him to fight, they were all for the good of the village, and no one wanted to bring anyone down.

Sibao and the old fifth took Lei Zhengming away, persuading him to calm down, and then hope that he will take care of the two of them. After all, he has a relationship in Golden State. Lei Zhengming became anxious when he heard this, saying that he had colluded with his eyes to slap himself.

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