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Legend of Fei 电视剧版有匪 Episode 40 Recap

In the originally quiet mountains and forests, there were bursts of familiar singing voices. Zhou Fei followed the voices, but saw Mu Xiaoqiao sitting in the forest singing songs in white clothes. The two hadn’t seen each other for a long time. After several battles, Zhou Fei complimented Mu Xiaoqiao. It was actually Li Zheng who was alive and afraid that it would be difficult to be a rival, because Li Zheng knife did not have Zhou Fei’s horrible killing intent.

Prior to this, Mu Xiaoqiao deliberately managed Huo Changfeng’s aftermath and successfully attracted Hu Tianying to appear. The two chased them several times, but Hu Tianying failed to poison him, but Mu Xiaoqiao took advantage of the emptiness and died of the poison he poisoned.

Mu Xiaoqiao was seriously injured, thinking that he had killed Hu Tianying and avenged Huo Changfeng. This time, she came to Zhou Fei for safekeeping. Mu Xiaoqiao once left Huojiapu because of a moment of anger, which led to Huo Changfeng’s death by Hu Tianying’s murderous hand, and now he will die soon, and he can die without regret.

However, the people Mu Xiaoqiao killed were only Hu Tianying’s dead men, and she deliberately let Shen Duyin fall into Zhou Fei’s hands. As long as Zhou Fei collects all the water ripples, Hu Tianying can lead the Earth Shaman to rush into the Forty-Eight Village to snatch the token in one fell swoop, which is a once-and-for-all method.

Since having Jiankang and his party, Zhou Fei and Xie Yun would no longer hide his thoughts every time he was separated from Xie Yun. He always took the initiative to hug the other person to feel at ease. Zhou Fei’s “broken cover” broke again, and Xie Yun’s “Xiwei” came into use, and the past promises were also fulfilled at this moment.

Shanchuan Sword was only passed down to descendants of the Yin family, and now it fell into the hands of Wu Chuchu, who actually burned it ceremoniously so as not to fall into the hands of evil spirits. As soon as the mountain and river sword score was burned, it was snatched back by Yin Pei, who was hiding by the side. However, the sword score was already incomplete, and he wanted to regain it. Only Wu Chuchu, who had never forgotten, wrote another copy.

Yin Pei forcibly brought Wu Chuchu to the former site of the Yin family, but she didn’t notice for a while, and she sent a whistle arrow that not only waited for Li Sheng’s rescue, but also attracted Tong Tianyang’s pursuit. Li Sheng arrived at the former site of the Yin family first and successfully rescued Wu Chuchu in the dark room. However, he was not a rival of Yin Pei at all.

Yin Pei wanted to threaten Wu Chuchu to leave the mountain and rivers swordsmanship with the lives of the two men. Who knew they wanted to reverse the order of the moves in the swordsmanship to induce Yin Pei to dig his own grave. Yin Pei was suspicious by nature, and saw that Jianpu was slightly different from the original. When he was suspicious, Tong Tianyang suddenly appeared here.

Li Sheng’s martial arts failed, and Yin Pei was seriously injured, so he had to watch Tong Tianyang take the sword. The sword spectrum is different, Tong Tianyang now learns several tricks, and feels more and more unstable. Yin Pei falsely surrendered and gave Tong Tianyang the last phoenix pill, so that he could take advantage of his precautions and tie him up.

The enemy is close in front of him, and the blood feud will eventually be repaid, but Tong Tianyang suddenly burst out an amazing secret. It turned out that there was a brother named Letang in Tong Tianyang, who refused to join the evil spirit because of his freedom and sloppyness. He only wanted to do the work of robbing the house until the head of the Central Plains, Chang Huan, met him.

Chang Huan had a son who was frail and sickly. He relied on the precious medicine of ginseng to hang his life. It is rumored that eating his flesh can cure all diseases. Letang wanted to intercept Chang Huan’s son, but was rescued by Li Zheng and Mrs. Nishang, who removed Letang and quickly. After that, the two gave Chang Huan’s son to Yin Wenlan for support, and they named Yin Pei because they carried a jade pendant with the word “Pei” with them.

As the son of Yin Wenlan, it is Yin Pei’s lifelong glory and faith. With this news, he no longer cares about Tong Tianyang’s life and death, and only concentrates on going to Mrs. Nishang to find the truth. Madam Nishang threw the jade pendant out of the window, deploring Yin Pei’s failure to meet the expectations of the three of them, and the only beauty in Yin Pei’s heart was destroyed.

Yin Pei chased out the window in despair, trying to get his jade pendant back, but Tong Tianyang who was rushed to step on her feet. It turned out that Tong Tianyang had been following the two of them because of the increased internal strength of the Phoenix Pill. Zhou Fei arrived in time when he was about to kill everyone present.

At this time, Tong Tianyang is no longer comparable. Zhou Fei is not his opponent for a while. At the moment of life and death, Yin Pei actually restrained Tong Tianyang with his own death, which gave Li Sheng and Zhou Fei the opportunity to kill him. Unfortunately, Zhou Fei had just heard from Mu Xiaoqiao that the Phoenix Pill might save Xie Yun’s life, but this last pill had already entered Tong Tianyang’s belly.

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