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Legend of Fei 电视剧版有匪 Episode 38 Recap

Zhu Ming’s third medicine of firetail can be forced out of his last bit of vitality when he is taken by Xie Yun, and naturally there will be a false impression of energy. These three flavors of medicine can only make Xie Yun die silently, but it treats the symptoms rather than the root causes, and will overdraw the vitality of the human body.

If you can’t find the antidote again, the consequences can be imagined. Xie Yun looked at Zhou Fei, who was sleeping peacefully, and his thoughts flew to the past. The world was in turmoil, and the people suffered unspeakably. Xie Yun did not intend to gain the world and neglected life. Later, he learned that Wang Lin was trapped, so he stepped on the Anping military camp again.

Xie Yun wanted to take Wang Lin to run for his life, but looked at the tombstones all over the mountain, which included Wang Lin’s tomb. This time Xie Yun came, and someone could bring it to Zhou Yitang. Wang Lin had no worries about the future, and he could die generously. Just like this, Xie Yun and Zhou Fei’s fate are closely linked. Although there is no vow to join, it can live up to life and death.

Xie Yun admitted that he had not long ordered himself, and only thought that he could create a world-saving knife for Zhou Fei. Before that, Xie Yun also cast a knife, but was melted in the stove by his uncle, because it was really difficult to see people. Xie Yun asked the teacher’s uncle to cast the knife again. The knife had not yet begun to be cast, but he came up with a name first.

Born at the right time, it is born in war and low life. After all, it is not as good as the peaceful and prosperous times. Even the rural people have their own wild interests. Unfortunately, life is not optional. If you are born at dawn, you can welcome the warmth and hope of the birth of the morning sun. Xie Yun named the knife “Xi Wei”. Although he hated the dawn, he was about to break dawn. Even if the sky was dark, he should be satisfied.

The matter of seducing Qinghui’s real people is approaching. The owner of Liuzhuang invited the world’s heroes in the name of his mother’s birthday. In fact, he was all interested in killing the heroic children of Qinghui’s real people. Li Yan happened to meet Li Yu sorting out the invitation, and thought it was a delicious and fun thing, and complained that Li Yu did not take her with her.

Since returning to the 48th village, Wu Chuchu has been sorting out martial arts classics. Even Li Jirong intends to give Li Jianan’s knife to her to sort it out, so that it can be passed on to future generations. Li Yan was originally here to tell her birthday banquet. Coincidentally, Wu Chuchu was also going down the mountain to find the owner of Liuzhuang to teach martial arts, which strengthened the hearts of the two who secretly went.

Xie Yun drank Sanwei medicine. Although he saved his life for a while, he only had one year left. His last wish was to take Zhou Fei to Jiankang and fulfill his promise to take her to taste delicious food. Xie Yun didn’t want to confess his situation, but Zhou Fei overheard his dialogue with the master Tongming. Zhou Feixin thanked him and pretended not to know the truth.

The two came to health, the streets and lanes were bustling, and juggling busking was endless, which was a real paradise scene that was not suffering from war. Xie Yun took Zhou Fei to a shop. Because there was a lover who bought tens of thousands of lanterns for seven days and seven nights to win the heart of the people he admired. Finally, a lover finally became a family. Since then, in order to commemorate such beautiful things, the shop has only sold lanterns.

When the two entered the store, the store did not know the situation, thinking that the two were coming to prepare for the wedding ceremony. Unexpectedly, this time, Xie Yun repeatedly denied it, and Zhou Fei frankly recognized the name of the fiancee. When Zhou Fei took out the token in the village, it turned out that this was also one of the 48 hidden piles in the village. The store praised Zhou Fei’s legend, which aroused Xie Yun’s laughter.

Zhou Fei casually took out a lantern and gave it to Xie Yun. It was not that she didn’t care, but as long as Xie Yun wanted it, she could send the whole store to him. Xie Yun, who has always been unruly, suddenly felt like being flirted by a girl for the first time. Although the two have never been announced, they have long understood their love for each other.

Xie Yun took Zhou Fei to the roof of a restaurant and looked at the bright lights and bustle at his feet. If he got his beloved, he never left him or gave up. Even if he had only one year left in his life, Xie Yun was willing to do so. The two of them drank wine freely. Tonight, there was no sadness, no killing, only the love and peace revealed between their eyes.

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