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Dear Missy 了不起的女孩 Episode 28 Recap

Knowing that Shen Siyi had gone to Japan, Lu Ke went to Kamakura Enoshima, Japan to look for her. She waited for a long time at the inn, but when she got up to leave, she saw Si Yi pushing the door in. Si Yi was surprised to see Lu. After the two went to eat together, Lu Ke felt that Siyi was too selfish to hide if something happened. Siyi said that she was the target of their attack if she stayed in Shanghai, and the living family would not be able to turn over.

Siyi went to the beach early the next morning. Lu Ke went to look for her. Siyi told Lu Ke that she was lucky to see Mount Fuji. Lu Ke asked her where there is Mount Fuji. Siyi smiled and said she might Your luck is not so good. Lu Ke told her to go back to the hotel and she didn’t leave. She saw that her nose was cold and red. Lu Ke took off her scarf to wrap her around, but was pushed away by Siyi. Siyi said angrily that she wanted to stay here. Don’t bother her. Seeing her like this, Lu Ke was sad to cry, she accompany her to blow the cold wind, and freeze to death together. She knew that if she didn’t care about Siyi, no one would care about her, so she wanted to care about Siyi and never stop anyone. Now, seeing Lu Ke caring about her like this, Siyi felt very warm.

Then they saw Guan Yue. Guan Yue saw Siyi’s surprise. She was still a little bit worried about Siyi’s past practices. Lu Ke acted as a peacemaker and took her to dinner with Siyi. Guan Yue told Siyi not to buy her with a meal. Siyi came to reconcile with Guan Yue. Guan Yue thought she came to her because Song Yan was making trouble on the Internet. Many people left messages on her Weibo. She had just come out to live, she declared that she would not help anyone, Siyi said that she had resigned, and this has nothing to do with her.

Guan Yue said she came because of conscience discovery? Siyi said that the conscience discovery was because of Lu Ke, and she didn’t want Lu Ke to be uncomfortable. She removed Guan Yue from the shelves to prevent Guan Yue and Jia Xiaoning from going to court. Now she thinks it is good for Guan Yue, and it is better to create well instead of wasting time. However, she ignores Guan Yue’s feelings and self-esteem, Guan Yue is correct. The biggest victim. She apologized to Guan Yue and Guan Yue accepted it. Lu Ke was also very happy to see that things were finally clear.

The three happily played in the local area, and then Guan Yue went back to study. Lu Ke asked Siyi to go home with her for the New Year, and Siyi readily agreed. When Siyi and Lu Ke returned home, Lu Ke’s parents were very happy to see her. In Lu Ke’s room, Siyi found the album and looked at the previous photos while chatting with Lu Ke.

Lu Ke didn’t know what they would be like when they got married in the future, but Siyi felt that Lu Ke would definitely be a soft-eared mother. Talking about her mother, Lu Ke said she didn’t like her mother’s nagging. Siyi said that her mother either drinks or quarrels with her dad and doesn’t care about her. She let Lu Ke be her mother in the next life. Lu Ke said her daughter is too difficult. After raising them, the two fell on the bed and laughed together.

Cheng Nan came to the bar and brought him the mouse pad that Huang had left in the company. Huang wanted to have a drink with him but he said he wanted to catch the train and left. Looking at Cheng Nan’s back, Lao Huang couldn’t help feeling very sad. The group of friends stayed together every New Year’s Day and could say anything. After all this year’s holidays, he was left in Shanghai. Yuzi comforted him that he would always return when he left. He asked if Yuzi would be by his side. Yuzi said that they are good friends for life.

Siyi and Lu Ke came to their former school. She asked how Yao Yuan was doing. Lu Ke said he broke up with Wen Ruxin and they are now in Anji. Siyi felt that Wen Ruxin was right or she had messed up. Lu Ke felt that it had nothing to do with Siyi, but Siyi thought she was a person who made everyone around her unhappy. When she was a child, her mother cried and said that it was because she was disobedient and her father left. Lu Ke comforted her and their misfortune was their own reason. The reason why they blamed her on her was because they didn’t dare. Faced with herself, she felt that when she met Siyi, she would be better and better without misfortune.

This day, Guan Yue was eating instant noodles at home alone. The courier sent her a large box. Guan Yue was wondering who sent it, but found clothes exposed under the box. Listening carefully, it seemed that there was movement inside. She pretended to leave. But I heard Ye Zhou’s voice inside. It turned out that Ye Zhou used himself as a New Year’s gift and wanted to give Guan Yue a surprise. He couldn’t bear to spend the New Year alone. She ate hot and sour noodles in Japan and came to accompany her. Guan Yue was very moved. People embrace sweetly.

Lu Ke’s parents prepared a large table of hearty meals. Zhang Mang made a video call to Lu Ke. Lu Ke got up to answer the call but was stopped by Siyi. She told Lu Ke’s parents that the other party was a man. child. Zhang Mang paid New Year’s greetings to Lu Ke’s parents, and Lu Ke’s mother invited him to play at home free. After eating, Lu Ke and Siyi looked at the gorgeous fireworks in the night sky outside the window, and couldn’t help but smile and say Happy New Year to each other.

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