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Unique Lady 2 絕世千金完結篇 Episode 18 Recap

When Zhong Wumei learned about this, he decided to fight back. He had to go to the sacrifice ceremony. He told Lin Luojing not to go out that day. If he didn’t return on time, she would immediately follow Zhang Ji to leave Shengjing. Zhong Wumei had said before that she would never leave Lin Luojing again, and she made Zhong Wumei return safely.

Xiaoyu came out to see King Jingyuan and reported that the report of the sacrificial ceremony had been prepared. Xiaoyu was loyal and would not betray King Jingyuan.

The saint of the sacrificial ceremony did not appear, and Su Gonggong took the lead. The minister said that for today’s ceremonial ceremony, he still needs to discuss the establishment of a reserve with the sage, but the sage… Before the minister has finished speaking, King Jingyuan interrupted him and said that the sage asked Su Gonggong to come to preside over it. They should do what they want.

King Jingyuan publicly talked about the mystery of Zhong Wumei’s life experience. King Jingyuan asked Zhong Wumei to take out the crystal beads to see if it could be opened, so that he could naturally prove his identity. Zhong Wumei said that he should be allowed to confess his relatives with the saint, which is more proof. King Jingyuan asked where Su Gonggong was, but Su Gonggong was speechless.

King Jingyuan forced Zhong Wumei to surrender the saint, and everyone agreed. Lin Luojing took Zhong Ziyun to the ceremony and confessed to Zhong Wumei with blood. Alum was added to the water, and the blood of the three of them dissolved together. It was Xiaoyu’s suggestion to drop blood to recognize relatives, and it was Xiaoyu who suggested that the Magpie House seek to get far away to fetch water. Is this a coincidence. Xiaoyu explained that the prince and the princess had suspected that Magpie was colluding with foreign enemies, and how they suspected her now. Lin Luojing asked how she knew, but Xiaoyu couldn’t answer. Lin Luojing answered for her. It was Xiaoyu who deliberately led them to think that the magpie was a traitor.

Xiaoyu made Magpie mistakenly think that her father was seriously ill. She was instructing Magpie to write and send money, then took the envelope and replaced it with Qi Yu’s text. Magpie received the silver slip from the account, which was not a silver slip at all, but Xiaoyu said that Magpie asked her to send the silver slip out. Magpie couldn’t change the silver ticket. She didn’t like the silver ticket because she didn’t feel safe.

Lin Luojing only saw Lin Luojing and Liu Xiuwen having a meal after the princess said that she followed Xiaoyu wearing a cloak that day. Originally it was just two people having a casual meal, which was originally magnanimous, but Xiaoyu was dressed like that. Isn’t this the place where there is no silver three hundred taels. The footprints of a magpie were found in the corner of Jiang’s private kitchen, and Xiaoyu deliberately did it. Zhang Ji kept following Xiaoyu secretly according to Lin Luojing’s instructions. That day, he saw Xiaoyu jump out of the mansion with light effort, and cast a lot of things into the well near Taimiao.

Xiaoyu was exposed in public by Lin Luojing. In front of all the facts, Xiaoyu could not argue, Zhong Wumei had already determined that her master was Jingyuan King. In order not to expose King Jingyuan, Xiaoyu fabricated that when he grew up in Qiyu, his parents were killed by Shengjing Jin and wanted to avenge his parents. When Nan Yan met the prince and princess, they knew that they were Shengjing’s distinguished guests. They took her in. She saw hope, but now she still has no enemies. Lin Luojing was kind to her, and she hit a crucial benefactor, but it was too late now, Xiaoyu committed suicide.

Hua Ying-chi rushed to the sage, Jin Chen’s people had been taken by Zhong Wumei’s guards, and King Jingyuan was captured. Liu Xiuwen and Yiyi came to rescue King Jingyuan and took away the crystal beads. Liu Xiuwen was also scratched by Zhong Wumei.

Lin Luojing and Hua Yingchai recognize each other. In order to wake him up, the headmaster gave him Huishen Pill. Although this pill has great magical powers, it will change the appearance of people, but it also makes it convenient for him to do things. A lot.

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