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The Penalty Zone 黑白禁区 Episode 36 Recap

Yang Xiaolei said that monkeys are drug dealers. The monkey confessed that he was only selling laughing gas in the market before. Later, the lady of the cake shop asked him to sell the capsules. Although he didn’t want to do it, he couldn’t hold back the high profits. This is very popular, and the supply exceeds demand in the drug control group. , It is said that this medicine was passed from the Drug Dependence Research Institute. Soon the police went to the office to ask.

Lu Mingsong was very angry when he learned that someone was selling defective products and the police touched the tail. He asked Anquan to deal with the defective products. He guessed that there was nothing wrong with Anquan, but he did not. There is something to do with his mistress.

When Xiong Guoliang returned to the team, Yang Xiaolei discussed this new type of drug case with everyone. The research institute has a connection with CR Group. Xiong Guoliang felt a little troublesome. After all, he was a big taxpayer in the city. Yang Xiaolei asked Xiong Guo to take good care of Dao Yuhan, clarify the feelings between them, and told him to visit others. Anquan asked Wang Yike to destroy all the defective products. Gan Xiao Nuan was going home today.

Gan Tianlei was busy rehearsing how to talk to Gan Xiao Nuan, but when Gan Xiao Nuan came back, he stammered and couldn’t say anything. Gan Xiao Nuan brought the cake back, because today was Che Lizi’s birthday, he spent many difficult times with him and helped Gan Tianlei do a lot of things his father should do. Che Lizi behind the camera in the dark was very moved when she saw Gan Xiao Nuan’s words.

Gan Xiao Nuan didn’t understand why both Che Lizi and Gan Tianlei were so interested in that set of codes. Che Lizi still said on the edge of the cliff that Gan Tianlei would tell her the code if she really loved her, Gan Tianlei. I hurriedly interrupted, this matter was not as simple as she thought. He really didn’t remember the password, only that it was the latitude and longitude where he and Su Ling met. Gan Xiao Nuan scolded Gan Tianlei as an incompetent lover, and asked him to take him to the place where they met and tell himself about their affairs, Gan Tianlei agreed. Cherries breathed a sigh of relief and finally waited!

Gan Xiaonuan fell asleep. After Yang Xiaolei came back, Gan Tianlei said that he was going to Mianchuan. It was Tai Yongfeng’s intention. Thank you Yang Xiaolei for taking care of them over the years. Li Ke and others squatted in the bakery for a long time and did not open the door. They finally couldn’t help but took the initiative to attack.

As a result, the body of the proprietress was found in the freezer. During the investigation, the police learned that the proprietress had a friend, who was said to be the director of a pharmaceutical company. An Quan also received a courier with a finger inside. Yang Xiaolei inferred that Anquan had a distribution gang, but there was no evidence. Xiong Guoliang believed that we should put a long line and catch big fish, and we should not be horrified.

Gan Tianlei and Gan Xiaonuan were going to Mianchuan. Gan Tianlei wanted to care about Gan Xiaonuan, but Gan Xiaonuan was busy playing games. At the same time, Che Lizi arrived at the airport. Mianchuan. Gan Xiaonuan opened his diary when he got out of the car. This was the position stated in Su Ling’s diary. Gan Tianlei did not forget to report the position to Tai Yongfeng. Che Lizi had been following them, Gan Tianlei took Gan Xiao Nuan to see all the places with Su Ling, telling the story between them, and the relationship between the two finally eased.

Gan Tianlei also took Gan Xiao Nuan to the place where Su Ling used to support education. Caesar is not something to show off to her. She is a good person in her bones, so even growing up in a poison den cannot change her. Gan Xiao Nuan was playing with the children, in a daze, Gan Tianlei seemed to see Su Ling back then, he remembered, this is the place where he and Su Ling met!

Gan Tianlei called Tai Yongfeng and said that he had found it, and locate his mobile phone number, which is the current latitude and longitude. Gan Xiao Nuan is homesick, so he booked a ticket tonight. The cheery in the dark took pictures of all the places Gan Tianlei had been to, but I don’t know which one of these many places is. Xiong Guoliang came to visit Dao Yuhan with flowers in his arms.

There was something in Dao Yuhan’s bureau and was going to be discharged from the hospital today. But Xiong Guoliang took her and said that he wanted to change the car and asked her what kind of car she liked. . Gan Tianlei and Gan Xiao Nuan returned home, and Tai Yongfeng did not forget to ask Gan Tianlei to take care of Gan Xiao Nuan. She suffered a lot.

Sha Qing told Lu Mingsong that they had hired another doctor from Japan. Lu Mingsong has no time, and the C4 plan belongs to the Fuchun Conference. Sha Qing is willing to help Lu Mingsong, but he must be loyal to the boss, so I hope Lu Mingsong will not embarrass him. Sha Qing and Gan Tianlei punch together, and the relationship between the two is obviously good.

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