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The Penalty Zone 黑白禁区 Episode 35 Recap

Lu Mingsong hopes that Gan Xiao Nuan can come to him whenever he encounters any difficulties. Gan Xiao Nuan does not understand why she can join the C4 program as an intern. After all, she is not strong enough. Lu Mingsong said that she believed in Gan Xiaonuan’s ability, and also said that she could move into the company’s newly built single room. As the project progressed, Gan Xiaonuan would find that this project had a great connection with Su Ling’s research back then, and gave her back Copies of information.

Dao Yuhan came from the South China Sea to take care of Xiong Guoliang. Gan Tianlei and Yang Xiaolei found suspicious Tan Xiaosi when they came to see Xiong Guoliang. Tan Xiaosi hurriedly broke into another ward and hid. Tan Xiaosi and Wu Qingfeng met and asked him to avenge the Tan family, but Wu Qingfeng said that his surname was Wu and that he had nothing to do with the Tan family.

Gan Tianlei met Gan Xiaonuan’s nurse Xiaofu when he was in the hospital while monitoring Sha Qing in the boxing gym. Xiaofu said that Sha Qing famously likes to save money with his card, so that he can feel satisfied. Xiaofu and Gan Tianlei stepped forward. Helped. Wu Qingfeng and Tan Xiaosi went to see Tan Laosan and Chen Sidong. Tan Xiaosi insisted on Wu Qingfeng to bow three times.

After that, he listened to him whatever he wanted to do, but Tan Xiaosi ran into the driver’s seat while he bowed. He drove away, clamoring to avenge Xiong Guoliang to death. Sha Qing and Gan Tianlei made a friend. Gan Tianlei found some time to call Tai Yongfeng to ask for a credit card, saying that it was a task. Tai Yongfeng was puzzled.

Tan Xiaosi looked at their photo with sadness. At that time, Tan Xiaoshuai was going to Gandu, and they saw him off together. Although Tan Xiaosi was not big or small to Tan Laosan, he respected Tan Xiaoshuai very much. Tan Xiaoshuai asked Tan Xiaosi to listen to Chen. For Sidong and Tan Laosan, this is the only group photo left by their family of four. Tan Xiaosi pretended to be a doctor and broke into the hospital. Ma Lie found his whereabouts weird and hurried in. Tan Xiaosi fired a few shots and jumped out of the window. Dao Yuhan was injured to protect Xiong Guoliang, and Ma Lie did not chase him. At Tan Xiaosi, Dao Yuhan was sent to the rescue room.

Tan Xiaosi went to Wu Qingfeng’s house and said that the police were chasing him. Wu Qingfeng quickly hid him in. Gan Xiaonuan returned home and quietly packed up her things and prepared to move to an apartment. Gan Tianlei was puzzled when she found out. Gan Xiaonuan said that she couldn’t stand staying with him. Although he was kind to herself, she would think of Su Ling every time Press the bomb screen. Gan Tianlei refused to send Gan Xiao Nuan to her, so Gan Tianlei sighed helplessly. The anti-drug detachment came to Wu Qingfeng’s house to look for Tan Xiaosi. Wu Qingfeng said he had never seen this person.

Lu Mingsong took Gan Xiao Nuan to eat, and happened to meet Yang Xiaolei who came to see her. Yang Xiaolei said that there was an accident at home and she could not eat with him. Yang Xiaolei felt that Lu Mingsong asked Gan Xiao Nuan to eat something wrong, and knew that she was hiding from Gan Tian Lei, so she asked her to go back to see Gan Tian Lei, Gan Xiao Nuan reluctantly agreed.

Lu Mingsong killed someone who had followed him for many years. Before he died, he persuaded Lu Mingsong to stop dreaming. What they were trying to do was impossible to succeed, but he hoped that if this thing succeeds, this honor There must be his name in it. After his death, Lu Mingsong collected his fingerprints. If they succeed in the future, this is the fingerprint on his equity appraisal.

At a bar, the monkey gave Brother Tong a copy of Moonlight One, saying it was a new medicine. Brother Tong took it and took it. Li Ke quickly took pictures in the dark. The monkey said he wanted to sell real detoxification drugs, and hoped that he would help lead. Lu Mingsong and Langnev spoke again. He said that Moonlight One had not achieved the effect he wanted, but he would give them a satisfactory answer. The monkey was caught by Li Ke, and Yang Xiaolei was in charge of interrogating him. This is a psychotropic drug. Where did he come from?

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