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The Penalty Zone 黑白禁区 Episode 34 Recap

When Gan Tianlei lost the goods at Caesar, Caesar wanted to deal with him. Gan Tianlei said that there was a ghost inside Caesars. Someone knew their shipping route. At the critical moment, Uncle Hai protected Gan Tianlei. Passed. Uncle Hai thinks Gan Tianlei has good abilities, and he will be a tiger in time. Uncle Hai and Tai Yongfeng met to exchange information, and asked Tai Yongfeng to go back to check Gan Tianlei’s information, which would be of great use if they were reliable.

Later, Uncle Hai went to see Gan Tianlei and said he was not suitable for this job. His ventricle was bright, and a light would be lit after all. Later, Uncle Hai found clues about the Fuchun Club and wanted to follow up. He also knew that Gan Tianlei was a good seed. He said that if he had an accident, he would leave things with him. How Gan Tianlei chooses depends on Tai Yongfeng.

Uncle Hai went to see Gan Tianlei before the exposure, asked him to send a box of CD-ROMs, and asked him to find his way home. After that, Uncle Hai was discovered by Caesar as an undercover agent. Uncle Hai said that he was a policeman, they were drug dealers, and they never walked the same way. The definition of a good person or a bad person is not only based on actions, but also on the inside. Before he died, Uncle Hai said that light will come and pierce the new life. Gan Tianlei saw that Uncle Hai was killed, and those words became the flame that ignited him to find his way home.

The task force was disbanded, but the horse team was still sad. It turned out that Uncle Hai who died in the Caesar case was her father. Before taking over this case, the horse team didn’t know that he died for the Caesars case. She joined the police academy and worked as a police officer just to get closer to her father, but Tai Yongfeng always opposed it and refused to take her into the anti-drug team because she was afraid that she would go to Shanghai Uncle old road.

Uncle Hai is a hero, but as a father and husband, he is negligent. The horse team was still sad when recalling what happened when she was a child. She hated Uncle Hai very much, and didn’t understand how difficult Hai Uncle’s choice was until she grew up. So since she put on this police uniform, she has not considered marriage. She does not want to be a dereliction of duty mother, a dereliction of duty wife.

Tai Yongfeng recalled what happened to the horse team after the college entrance examination. The horse team only reported to the police academy. At that time, she didn’t understand why Hai Shu went home less and less, and the text messages sent to herself after April were strange. She knew that those text messages were sent by Tai Yongfeng, and Tai Yongfeng also had to confess that Uncle Hai died during the mission. Gan Tianlei’s words made Tai Yongfeng think deeply, is it wrong for him to think about living a normal life?

Lu Mingsong received a call from Longnev, a core member of the international criminal organization, reminding him to do what he should do. Lu Mingsong said that he has found someone who can solve the formula. Sooner or later, this door will be opened, and Sha Qing will also Staring at Lu Mingsong. Lu Mingsong was struggling in his heart. He hated them for talking to him with this attitude, and wanted them to surrender to his work. Komatsu will not die in vain. The world owes them what they will get back sooner or later!

Yang Xiaolei was pleasantly surprised to see Gan Tianlei put on the police uniform again. She saw him wearing this suit for the first time, and Lu Mingsong asked Gan Xiaonuan to officially join the C4 project. Gan Tianlei bought Gan Xiao Nuan buns early in the morning, but Gan Xiao Nuan’s attitude was not lukewarm. Yang Xiaolei wanted to take them out for a walk. Gan Xiao Nuan was still too lazy to pay attention to it, and went there after a few bites of breakfast. Go to work. Yang Xiaolei persuaded Gan Tianlei not to go to her heart, Gan Tianlei understood that he was sorry for Gan Xiao Nuan, and that he did not do enough.

After Yang Xiaolei went to work, Shang Er told her about one of her cases, saying that it was a soft drug in a weight-loss pill. Yang Xiaolei planned to go to the hospital and talk to Xiong Guoliang about this. The horse team came to Yang Xiaolei, and there was a notification from Nanhai that cherries’ hair had been found in the crocodile dung.

Maybe he had been eaten by the crocodile. Sha Qing had worked as a mercenary abroad and killed many people. Tai Yongfeng asked Gan Tianlei to stabilize Sha Qing first, put a long line, and catch a big fish. Yang Xiaolei asked Gan Tianlei to see Xiong Guoliang together, and Lu Mingsong talked to Gan Xiaonuan.

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