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The Message 风声 Episode 22 Recap

Li Ningyu does not drink Long Chuanjing’s wine. Long Chuan tells everyone that many female spies have been trained in various countries today, which is too cruel in his opinion. Li Ningyu replied that if Da Zuo appreciates himself, he will challenge himself with the manners of a warrior instead of Treat her as a beautiful skin. Long Chuan was unhappy.

Gu Xiaomeng stood up and drank for Li Ningyu. The banquet hall sounded music. After a while, someone came to report Wu Zhiguo’s new confession. After Wang Tianxiang and Long Chuan whispered, Long Chuan said he wanted to go with Director Wang. Listening to Wu Zhiguo’s confession, leaving the table let them continue to enjoy themselves.

After Long Chuan and Wang Tianxiang left, Bai Xiaonian said that Chief Wang’s methods were too clever and asked Wu Zhiguo to hire a clean. Gu Xiaomeng scolded him for being a villain. She drank cup by cup, and suddenly broke a wine glass. The guard let him The cleaner came in, and the man in the old straw hat came with a broom to clean. Long Chuan and Wang Tianxiang took binoculars to observe the actions of the people in the West Building: After the cleaner swept in front of Li Ningyu, she asked her for the garbage in the tray. Li Ningyu threw the toothpick in his hand and rushed to leave. Longchuan saw Send Wang Tianxiang there quickly, and they can’t just let them go.

Wang Tianxiang rushed over to persuade Li Ningyu not to be angry, and to rush the cleaner out. Bai Xiaonian asked the cleaner to take the grapes from the plate. Gu Xiaomeng called Wang Tianxiang a traitor and sold everything. Wang Tian was very fragrant, saying that one day one day. He sold his Wanguan family wealth and settled accounts with her. Gu Xiaomeng fell the wine glass and called him a dog beside Longchuan. Wang Tianxiang was inexhaustible. Li Ningyu helped Gu Xiaomeng upstairs. Jin Shenghuo and Bai Xiaonian persuaded Wang Tianxiang. A banquet broke up unhappy.

Wang Tianxiang went to the West Building and slapped Longchuan to apologize. Longchuan told him that Lao Turtle’s probing operation had completely failed today. The four of them did not act abnormally at night. Wang Tianxiang felt that there was a problem with Jin Shenghuo, because he scolded that person when the swill collector approached him. Long Chuan told Wang Tianxiang: Jin Shenghuo was scolding him. Jin Shenghuo never believed that Wu Zhiguo really confessed from beginning to end. He had already seen through tonight’s arrangements, so even if he was an old ghost, he would not connect with the swill. He scolded the man to warn Wang Tianxiang not to play tricks in front of him.

Wang Tianxiang also felt that Bai Xiaonian’s two words on behalf of the swill collector were suspicious. Long Chuan explained that Bai Xiaonian’s actions were bargaining for Jin Shenghuo. Qiu Zhuang’s secret was in his stomach. He wanted to use Jin Shenghuo. The experience of life and death and his ally again. Long Chuan pointed out that Wang Tianxiang was unfaithful to the emperor. He should be very clear in his heart that the person who was most suspicious tonight was Gu Xiaomeng.

Gu Xiaomeng mentioned the old ghost several times, and he might have been warning the old turtle and asking the organization to rescue him. Wang Tianxiang explained that he saw Gu Xiaomeng drinking several glasses of wine with his own eyes. She was really drunk. If she was an old ghost, she knew that Wu Zhiguo would not recruit. The dinner party was a temptation and would not get herself drunk. Li Ningyu is not like her usual, but Longchuan said that he really didn’t want Li Ningyu to be an old ghost.

Li Ningyu went back to the room and thought: The connection was not successful, because he took the initiative to stop the connection. She saw a drop of ink on the swill worker’s old straw hat. She recognized that it was a special ink for a German pen, which was only in the hands of her brother in Hangzhou. Obviously, this was a warning signal from her brother to tell her to come to the joint. Rebelling, Li Ningyu believes that it is impossible to understand her existence at the level of the old turtle, so she is still safe at this moment, but time is running out, she must take effective actions to warn the organization.

The next day, Wang Tianxiang went to the East Building to announce: Although Wu Zhiguo has confessed, he is still unconscious and has a confession but not detained. Therefore, according to the procedures of the secret service, they cannot be released, but they can be allowed to go out for one day. Li Ningyu first stated that as long as the old ghost did not find out, she would not go anywhere, because of her fake husband, and because Wu Zhiguo’s confession would have to go to jail if she had obtained intelligence through herself, so she must consciously avoid her.

If you cannot restore your reputation, you will not go out. Gu Xiaomeng asked Wang Tianxiang to call his father and let him pick him up in person. Wang Tianxiang was embarrassed and said that only one person could go out a day. Bai Xiaonian and Jin Shenghuo agreed to give it to Gu Xiaomeng today.

Wang Tianxiang called Gu’s family. Miss Zhao said that the president would not be able to come back from Shanghai tomorrow, so he told her to wait one more day or pick her up by herself. Wang Tianxiang judged that Gu Minzhang must not be at home. In fact, Gu Minzhang was at home. He guessed that Longchuan was going to let the tiger go.

Wang Tianxiang reported to Longchuan: The most positive thing is Jin Shenghuo. He wants to go out early to take care of his daughter. Li Ningyu does not want to go out and let Longchuan restore her reputation. Gu Xiaomeng still wants to go out. Wang Tianxiang didn’t understand why Bai Xiaonian wanted to go out earlier. He betrayed Zhang Commander and should stay in Qiuzhuang to be safe. Long Chuan then ordered Wang Tianxiang: the four of them would go out if they wanted to go out, and stay in Qiuzhuang if they didn’t want to go out. When Gu Xiaomeng heard Wang Tianxiang said that his father was not in Shanghai, he decided not to leave, so that day was given to Bai Xiaonian.

Li Ningyu saw Bai Xiaonian going out on the second floor and realized that taking turns out was another dangerous temptation for Longchuan. If the old ghost walks out of Qiuzhuang, even if he does not pass on information, there will be comrades who will connect with her, so in order to guarantee the old gun For her safety, she can only give up this opportunity for possible intelligence.

Bai Xiaonian didn’t return to his home, so he parked the car downstairs to Li Ningyu. After that, he bought two packs of dim sum and went upstairs. Wang Tianxiang’s people hurried upstairs, only to find that Bai Xiaonian was gone.

Pan Hanqing listened for a whole day before hearing the monitored sound again. The man asked someone to meet at Desire Cafe. Pan Hanqing arrived at the appointed place in advance. After a while, he saw a thin man with glasses coming to the coffee shop. Pavilion.

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