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The Message 风声 Episode 21 Recap

Wang Tianxiang kindly persuaded him, and the guard was willing to go in and take Wu Zhiguo, but he did not expect to choke him to death as soon as he approached Wu Zhiguo. Wang Tianxiang went to the backyard to report this incident to Longchuan, but Longchuan said that Wang Tianxiang was getting more and more unable to figure it out. He looked like a character in the book. He was obviously a wise man, but disguised himself as an inferior servant. Maybe It is for revenge or to find treasure.

Although Qiuzhuang’s treasure may be unreal, Gu Minzhang’s huge wealth is real. If anyone can marry Gu Xiaomeng, he can inherit this wealth. When Wang Tianxiang was startled, he was in a cold sweat, and immediately took out his gun watch and faithfully said that if Gu Xiaomeng was an old ghost, he would never show mercy. Long Chuan told Wang Tianxiang that Gu Xiaomeng looked down on him from a condescending position.

He needed to be indifferent to her, beat her, humiliate her, and be kind to her when she was dying, instead of dismissing Gu Xiaomeng from suspicion that Wu Zhiguo is an old ghost like now. Xiao En Xiaohui is too clumsy for Gu Minzhang’s father and daughter. Wang Tianxiang can only squeeze their wealth and power, and his affection and kindness will be valuable and powerful. Wang Tianxiang thanks Longchuan for the point.

Long Chuan then told him that the grave behind him belonged to his wife Long Chuan Yoshiko. Now she went home. Wang Tianxiang thought Long Chuan Yoshiko was a Chinese. He didn’t expect Long Chuan to be furious and called her of course Japanese. Born in a rich family, she married him when she was at the worst. She was a Japanese nobleman, but she gave up her heir status in order to marry herself. Long Chuan told Wang Tianxiang that he would surely let his son escape from the humble background and become a real The nobility.

Pan Hanqing followed the swill worker and found that he had made a call at a public phone booth. He immediately connected a wiretap line to the public phone. This was a monitoring line that Pan Hanqing privately established after escaping from Xu Enzeng. Unexpectedly, he was tracking down the traitors of the Communist Party.

It worked. After a while, Pan Hanqing listened to a phone call from the superior of the swill worker: let him go to Qiuzhuang to contact the old ghost directly, and the connection must be completed by tomorrow night, when the old ghost will come to him. Shui Gong was worried that Li Ningyu’s husband was a spy and he would be exposed. The superior said that the old ghost was on the line and he was pursuing him with all his strength.

The Marquis of Japan sent someone to send a saber to Longchuan, saying that the secretary of the Marquis, Takeda, revealed that a few hours ago, Wang Jingwei personally called Commander Matsui and requested that Japanese intelligence personnel be dispatched from the dispatch headquarters to support. The military took military action.

In the past two days, Shanghai No. 76 and the East China Suppression Headquarters and other intelligence agencies intercepted a large number of KMT-CPC secret telegrams. They were worried that Chongqing and Yan’an would once again conspirate a new military operation under the pressure of the Soviet Union. And on that cipher ship, several cipher masters under Wang Kemin had Longchuan imprisoned.

The Marquis had enemies in the cabinet and military headquarters. If the operation failed to shame the Marquis, that saber would be Longchuan’s home. Longchuan asked the visitors to tell the Marquis: He will not fail in this operation. Now he is sure that the old ghost is among the five. The current situation is that the Communist Party puts pressure on Commander Matsui, forcing him to release him quickly.

This just shows The old ghost is under his control, and the person who comes to tell Longchuan: The deadline given by the Marquis is three days. Wang Tianxiang heard these words at the door. After the guest left, Longchuan told Wang Tianxiang that the Communist Party could no longer sit still, so he used some false information to deceive the idiot at Jiming Temple and forced him to release him. He ordered Wang Tianxiang to arrange the kitchen to prepare a sumptuous banquet for Qiuzhuang tonight.

Wang Tianxiang went to the east building and announced: Wu Zhiguo has already confessed. He distributed new clothes to the four of them, saying that they can go home early tomorrow morning after having a feast tonight. Jin Shenghuo laughed and didn’t believe it. Wang Tianxiang graciously gave Gu Xiaomeng what she wanted, but Gu Xiaomeng didn’t care at all, only pestering Li Ningyu to help herself change the cheongsam.

In the room on the second floor, Gu Xiaomeng bluntly said that Wu Zhiguo could not be an old ghost. The Communist Party would not want someone like him. Li Ningyu reminded her that sympathy for the Communist Party should not be said to anyone. She knew Wu Zhiguo was wronged, but she would not do it for him. Intercede, because life is just a digital model for her, and emotions are only interference items that it must eliminate, and Gu Xiaomeng has always tried to interfere with herself with emotions.

At the dinner, Li Ningyu saw a man wearing a worn straw hat by the pond on the second floor. This was their emergency connector signal. She didn’t know whether this was Longchuan’s trick, but she was determined to send the information as soon as possible. As soon as Jin Shenghuo saw the good wine on the table, he believed that Wu Zhiguo must have not confessed, otherwise the four of them would not be worthy to drink such good wine.

Long Chuan said he was very mindful. If the old ghost is among the four, he Extorting a confession by torture will be simpler and more efficient. While talking, Li Ningyu slowly walked down from the second floor in a black evening dress, her beauty amazed Longchuan. After everyone was seated, Long Chuan persuaded Li Ningyu to drink. Li Ningyu said that drinking would numb her brain, which is her professional life.

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