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The Controllers 阳光之下 Episode 15 Recap

Ke Ying came to Feng Xiaosheng’s car upon the appointment, and the other party seemed very dissatisfied, and sarcastically reminded her to be more dedicated even if she was doing a part-time job. Ke Ying knew that there was nothing to say to this lunatic, so he took off his coat indifferently, unbuttoned two shirts at will, loosened his hair and added lipstick to himself.

This time it was the nightclub again. Sitting opposite was Feng Ruichi. He told Feng Xiaosheng that he was leaving. If he didn’t leave, how could his brother feel at ease? I also wanted to exchange Yaya for Teacher Ke next to him. When Feng Xiao was silent, he knew that he had hit a nail. She pressed the conversation, and Ke Ying quickly ran into the bathroom after drinking a glass of wine. She remembered Feng Ruichi’s words just now, what exactly is Feng Ruichi going abroad for?

After she got out of the bathroom, she arranged for a waiter and asked the other person to help her arrange Feng Ruichi on the terrace. As soon as she met, Feng Ruichi couldn’t wait to post it up, and Ke Ying drew away without a trace. Looking at the other person’s eyes, he told him the truth that Feng Xiaosheng had died, and mentioned a person—Shen Shijie.

Before they could chat, Yaya chased her. In her eyes, this fox was just trying to seduce her God of Wealth. When he parted, Ke Ying gave Feng Ruichi an address and said that she had had it recently. Kong, you can find him at any time about Feng Xiaosheng.

After coming out of the nightclub, Feng Xiaosheng sent Ke Ying home. The buttons on her clothes she pulled off in the car and a bug caught Feng Xiaosheng’s attention.

He called Xiao Wu upstairs. The original spring breeze’s face suddenly seemed to have changed. He asked A-Gang to stop him, took out a gun from the drawer, and asked him if he was the undercover agent of the old man. Although Xiao Wu was scared in his heart, but on the surface he still pretended to be calm. It turned out that Feng Xiaosheng on the car picked up not only the buttons, but also a bug. Xiao Wu’s head turned quickly, and he drove in front. No matter what Feng Xiao in the back seat said, he could hear clearly. Why should he use a bug? Feng Xiaosheng slowly put down the gun in his hand after listening.

Just after coming out of the nightclub, Feng Ruichi was called home by his father for the 40 million yuan. After learning that his son was drinking with Feng Xiaosheng, Feng Meng murmured in his heart that his earphones were disconnected, could it be said? , What did the other party notice?

Old man Feng looked at the bug on the table and asked Feng Xiaosheng what he had done. He forced Feng Meng to make a bad move. Feng Xiaosheng laughed at himself after hearing this. What is the walking bug Gang, what?

Feng Meng took his son to the eldest brother’s place. As soon as he entered the door, he saw Feng Xiaosheng on the side. Of course, there was also a bug on the table. He paused, only stupidly saying that he was wrong, but he even more. Angry at the injustice of the big brother. He doesn’t care if he looks down on himself, but Rui Chi has done so much for the Feng family’s business abroad. He has dozens of scars, large and small, and has done countless dirty things over the years, but his brother and Feng Xiaosheng have earned so much. You still have to grab your own forty million of the money. Is this going to drive people out?

Hearing Feng Meng’s words, the crutches that the old man Feng had used to beat people suddenly stopped, collapsed on a chair, and sent the two juniors out, claiming that there was something to talk with Feng Meng alone.

Xiao Tongbin looked at the picture of Feng Xiaosheng on the glass window and closed his eyes and thought of Old Chen’s words: Feng Xiaosheng and Shen Shijie are probably related. As a victim, Ke Ying’s impression of the perpetrator must be compared to ordinary people. To be more profound, could it be said that Ke Ying is right?

Ke Ying received a reply from Ke Ruichi. Despite the many things on the forum, she took the time to go to the appointment and went in a hurry. Xiaowu took all this in his eyes. Feng Rui’s place was an unfinished project. Someone sent her up, saying that Mr. Feng was waiting for her on the top of the building, but she never expected that Feng Xiaosheng appeared and the other party’s face was gloomy. He obviously knew everything between himself and Feng Ruichi. He dragged Ke Ying to the top of the building, pinched the opponent’s neck and pressed it down…

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