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My Best Friend’s Story 流金岁月 Episode 16 Recap

Zhu Suosuo and Jiang Nansun have known each other for several years, and have thought about the banquet will disperse, when people will leave, but never expected it to be so fast. Even though Zhu Suosuo was reluctant to give up, he still pretended to be strong and gave examples of the various benefits of going abroad. Until he heard Jiang Nansun’s announcement to stay in Shanghai, he immediately put down his strength and hugged her tightly and wept.

After Zhu Suosuo’s mood calmed down, Jiang Nansun took the initiative to talk about Ye Jinyan’s invitation to everyone to have lunch tomorrow. Zhu Suosuo learned that Ye Jinyan was only allowed to participate at Dai Qian’s request, and became annoyed. , Only the fat head fish Fan Jingang in his eyes.

Thinking about the relationship between Ye Jinyan and Dai Qian, Zhu Suosuo was curious about the relationship between the two gossips. However, in Jiang Nansun’s view, it was her aunt who admired Ye Jinyan more. I am afraid that the main reason for the divorce was that she couldn’t let her go.

The reason why Dai Qian organized a dinner to pull Zhu Suosuo and Jiang Nansun was to arrange for them to seek a future in Jingyan Group. Zhu Suosuo hopes to be able to participate in more front-line work, and Jiang Nansun’s unique view of modern architecture has made Ye Jinyan admired. Afterwards, Zhu Suosuo thanked Dai Qian for speaking for herself in front of Ye Jinyan, and Dai Qian thanked her for everything she had done to the Jiang family.

Now that the Jiang family is in this situation, there is no need to make any more condemnations. The departure of Jiang’s father means that Jiang’s mother does not have to continue to wrong herself, so the aunt Dai Qian suggested that Jiang Nansun go to Italy to relax, one is to look at the learning environment, and the other is to accompany him. Mother, the third is to let the old grandmother stay alone for a while, understand that others have given it well, and should know how to be grateful.

Xie Zuhong asked Zhu Suosuo to go out for dinner, and chatted about work during the meal, so he invited her to come from her company. However, Zhu Suosuo wanted to make a living on his own, and did not want to rely on others to eat for nothing. Xiaohe received a call from Xie Jiayin to remind Xie Hongzu and his blind date to go to the Grand Theatre to watch the ballet, but Xie Hongzu asked Xiaohe to solve it for him.

Xiaohe managed to deal with the Xie family’s affairs, and originally planned to play games together after dinner, but Zhu Suosuo only wanted to read a book to learn knowledge, so that Xie Hongzu almost thought she was brainwashed by Ye Jinyan. It happened that Xiaohe was the best at showing off knowledge, so he recited Zhuangzi’s “Xiaoyaoyou” to Zhu Suosuo at the dinner table. As expected, Zhu Suosuo was lethargic.

After repeated consideration, Jiang Nansun decided to take a few days to accompany Jiang’s mother abroad to relax. Parting was imminent, Zhu Suosuo tried his best not to cry in front of others, immediately raised a smile, and showed great love to Jiang Nansun with his hands.

Fan Jingang was jealous and Ye wanted to take Zhu Suosuo to dinner. He mistakenly thought that Zhu Suosuo would be taken seriously again, so he was dissatisfied and deliberately stumbled her and lied to see customers. As a result, Zhu Suosuo dressed up carefully, but found that the place she was going was actually the construction site of a new building, and the rubble and potholes all over made her almost impossible to move.

Just as Zhu Suosuo stepped on high heels towards the suspended stairs, Ye Jinyan left early due to a temporary incident, and then ordered Fan Jingang to take her home. Unexpectedly, Fan Jingang drove away directly, leaving Zhu Suosuo alone on the construction site, and finally walked home barefoot.

It was late at night when Zhu Suosuo returned home. The old grandmother had eaten the dinner delivered by Fan Jingang, but the dinner was only for one person. Zhu Suosuo could only reorder the takeaway. At this time, Fan Jingang called. Zhu Suosuo blamed him for being unkind. Who knew that Fan Jingang shifted the blame to Ye Jinyan and put aside his little belly.

On the first day Jiang Nansun and his mother arrived in Italy, Dai Qian took the initiative to introduce her new boyfriend Edward to them, and asked Edward to take Jiang Nansun to see the band performance. Jiang Nansun heard that Edward and Wang Yong were friends, so he found excuses to decline, while Dai Qian believed that Jiang Nansun should face the society alone, whether in Italy or back to Shanghai, and hoped that she would learn to be brave.

After Dai Qian’s persuasion, Jiang Nansun agreed to go to the appointment, but Wang Yongzheng appeared with a mask and even pulled her to the center of the stage. Jiang Nansun can’t sing, so he performed a violin solo for everyone. With the melodious music, even his thoughts gradually fell into the past.

At the same time, in addition to being busy with work, Zhu Suosuo is also responsible for taking care of the daily life of the old grandmother. He is often in a mess, causing a mess of life. Under Ye Jinyan’s instructions, Fan Jingang could only reluctantly give up her love to her own babysitter, and asked her to spare two hours a day to come home to cook and clean, reducing Zhu Suosuo’s pressure. Zhu Suosuo thanked Fan Jingang for the arrangement, and learned that Ye Jinyan had taken care of the babysitter’s expenses.

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