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Like A Flowing River S2 大江大河2 Episode 28 Recap

Liang Sishen had a plan. He decided to talk to Gene after the inspection, and get a long-term inspection opportunity for the East China Sea. Song Yunhui felt that such an inspection time was too long, and the East China Sea could not wait. The two almost quarreled when someone came in to deliver coffee and interrupted them. Liang Sishen did not accept persuasion, and felt that he had the ability to persuade Jean the first time to persuade him a second time. Liang Sishen rejected Song Yunhui’s offer to send her back, and drove away his car, saying that he was in a bad mood and wanted to go for a drive.

When Liang Sishen returned to the hotel, he called Jean to negotiate. In the end, Jean was successfully persuaded. The ministry quickly approved the cooperation process between Donghai and Luoda. Ma Baoping couldn’t sit still, and quickly called with the leader. The ministry was very optimistic about the cooperation with Luoda. The approval was so fast that the green light was given all the way.

After the approval was completed, the leadership also asked Ma Baoping to focus on the development of the East China Sea. Don’t be like some people and don’t need the investment that is not their own. Ma Baoping asked whether the negotiations with Rhoda need to suspend the negotiations with the Japanese side, expressing his intention to advance at the same time.

After get off work, Gao Xiangrong and Ma Baoping said that during the audit, the administrative staff met Song Yunhui and Liang Sishen and talked alone for a long time, and Ma Baoping asked them not to talk about the chaotic things. Gao Xiangrong said that Liang Sishen told Song Yunhui that Luoda gave her too much time and had to wait for her to come back to China. But now that she entered the negotiation stage as soon as the inspection was over, so much rumors were gone. Ma Baoping didn’t say anything. The negotiations were about to officially start. Director Zhou’s attitude is that everything is based on the interests of the East China Sea. Gao Xiangrong nodded, saying that Song Yunhui completed the inspection in such a short time, even if he did something extraordinary, Ma Baoping nodded. Tao, no one is allowed to threaten the interests of Donghai.

Hongwei went to visit Lei Dongbao again, saying that he was overwhelmed by the things he shouldn’t have said that day and felt sorry for him. Lei Dongbao said that he was the first person from Xiaolei’s family to visit him, and he would remember this love. Hongwei brought food to Lei Dongbao. Lei Dongbao was still very concerned about the attitude of Xiaolei’s family to him. Hongwei said that when an accident happened, it was indeed the voice of swearing Lei Dongbao.

Later, he did not have any money. Think of Lei Dongbao’s good. Hongwei opened up the relationship and said that he could visit Lei Dongbao once a week. With such diligence, Lei Dongbao knew that he still wanted to engage in contracting, so he asked Lei Shigen to come over for Hongwei’s next visit, he said personally.

Lei Shigen went to see Lei Dongbao. As soon as he saw him, he cried and said that he was useless and what he had done wrong. The people in the village who have no money now wanted to rebel. The mayor of Chu also asked the village to pay every month. Tens of thousands of dollars. Lei Shigen consulted him and asked Xiao Lei’s family what to do in the future. Lei Dongbao asked him to contract out the factory, and Hong Wei first contracted the building materials factory.

Lei Dongbao has been wondering where he is wrong, and finally he wants to understand that he shouldn’t let others learn from himself and work hard for Xiaolei’s family. After so many years, he has taken all the honors, but others have nothing but more money. I feel comfortable. Lei Shigen sighed, if he had wanted to understand Lei Zhongfu earlier, he would not leave.

Lei Dongbao worked hard to transform it, Lei Shigen contracted out the factory of Xiao Lei’s family under his arrangement, and the situation in the village gradually improved. One month after the negotiation, Luoda suddenly made a request for Donghai to provide two thousand acres of land for construction, and his attitude was very firm. Maybe Luoda felt that the negotiation with Donghai went too smoothly before suddenly increasing the weight, so Song Yunhui personally went to observe the negotiation. Liang Sishen proposed that the two thousand acres of land is to take into account the long-term development of the two parties in the future, which is also the basis for their cooperation.

Representative Lu believes that this is not necessary. The two were in a dispute. Song Yunhui opened the mouth and said that he applied for it overnight. Donghai made a concession. It should be stated in the agreement that the two thousand acres of land can only be used for research and development, and they also have the conditions to send Luoda every year The staff will provide training for Donghai and jointly build a research and development center. Liang Sishen said that he should contact the headquarters first, and their new requirements are not simple.

Liang Sishen did not call Jean, but first called Liang’s mother, saying that she was going to have the Christmas holiday tomorrow, and she could go shopping in Shanghai. Liang Sishen returned to the negotiating table and said that he had worked hard to convince Gene that as long as the land is in place, the joint construction of the R&D center can also agree.

Yang Xun specially came to see Liang Sishen and brought a gift. It was an antique makeup box, said to be an old object from the third Qing Dynasty. Liang Sishen didn’t understand what he intended to give her a gift. Yang Xun said that he just wanted to give her a gift. Liang Sishen refused to accept such an expensive gift on the grounds of ineffectiveness. He also thought of Yang Xun’s other intentions. Isn’t he trying to chase her?

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