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Like A Flowing River S2 大江大河2 Episode 27 Recap

Wei Chunhong and Hongwei came to see Lei Dongbao. Lei Dongbao knew that he had something to do when he saw Hongwei’s arrival. Hongwei refused to admit it and said that all the people in the village wanted to see him, but Lei Shigen did not come. Lei Dongbao. Lei Dongbao felt that although he had made a mistake, he was thinking about the affairs of Xiaolei’s family in his heart, so he did not lose his conscience. Hongwei followed him and said how much people in the village expected him to come back, and brought the topic to contracting. However, Lei Dongbao’s attitude was very resolute, and contracting was absolutely impossible, because in the end only the Xiaolei family would suffer and the villagers would suffer.

Even if the contract was contracted to him, it would only fatten Hongwei alone. Hongwei is in a hurry. Lei Dongbao used to make him suffer, but now he won’t let him make a small amount of money! Lei Dongbao scolded Hongwei for digging the corner of Xiaolei’s house. Hongwei was anxious and told the truth, who else had come to see Lei Dongbao after the accident for so long! Wei Chunhong hurriedly pulled Hongwei to leave, but Hongwei said that he couldn’t hide this matter.

Xiao Lei’s family relationship was thinner than paper. How the village treated Lei Dongbao, the old secretary, was also in sight. Knowing that Xiao Lei’s family had driven Lei’s mother out of the village, Lei Dongbao was unacceptable for a while, Wei Chunhong drove Hongwei away and quickly explained to him that Lei’s mother was all well and that their family was living well. Lei Dongbao was silent for a long while. Some things might really be wrong for him. He had to think about it.

Liang Sishen and his parents came to the western restaurant for dinner. The family was happy. Liang’s father hoped that Liang Sishen would go to Grandpa Liang’s house for a meal tomorrow, saying that Liang Fan and Xiao Ran had something to ask her. However, Liang Sishen said that he was going to the East China Sea ahead of time and was caught off guard by killing Song Yunhui. The inspection team went there only afterwards. Liang’s mother was worried that it would be unsafe for Liang Sishen to go alone, but Liang Sishen made up his mind and told them not to tell Song Yunhui.

The next day, Liang Sishen went to the East China Sea alone and saw Song Yunhui, who had not seen him in twelve years. Song Yunhui was also very surprised to see her and took her to visit the East China Sea factory. Liang Sishen borrowed Song Yunhui’s work clothes and went to the work area. Song Yunhui was still a little worried, but Liang Sishen was very bold. She drove a rented car in the United States and could still cross the desert. Song Yunhui and Liang Sishen stood on the highest point. Here you can see the full view of the East China Sea.

When the lights were all on, Liang Sishen couldn’t help but admire. She met many acquaintances when she returned to China this time. Only Song Yunhui saved her love to the youth of the motherland. Good memory. Song Yunhui asked Liang Sishen why he had come to the East China Sea a day earlier. Liang Sishen told him hesitatingly that the inspection team had been working in China for more than a month, but the results of the inspection were not satisfactory. They were already bored. Song Yunhui must be psychologically prepared.

After setting up Liang Sishen, Song Yunhui returned to the office. Liang’s father called to ask about the situation. They also said that they would remember Song Yunhui’s friendship with Liang Sishen. They also hope that Song Yunhui can give Liang Sishen more education and help this time. Gene and Liang Sishen talked on the phone. He was very dissatisfied with Liang Sishen’s behavior to go to the East China Sea alone. Liang Sishen said that he did this not for Song Yunhui, but for Luoda. Gene was not very interested in the Donghai Factory, and Liang Sishen won a few days to compile the information. The next day, the delegation arrived in the East China Sea, and Liang Sishen’s inspection work officially began.

In the past few days, Liang Sishen led a delegation to visit the Donghai factory and inspected various data reports. A few days later, Ma Baoping came to Song Yunhui. In the past few days, Luoda was engaged in such a big battle, and the report was very detailed, which was really overwhelming. Director Zhou meant that the Japanese side and Luoda were advancing at the same time, and Song Yunhui also meant that, whoever made good progress would cooperate with him.

Liang Sishen was still working in the middle of the night, because today’s plan has not yet been completed, Song Yunhui decided to talk to her. Song Yunhui told the story that Secretary Shui told her, and hoped that she would reduce her strength and not necessarily demand her colleagues by her own standards. However, Liang Sishen felt that it was useless to talk about principles. It is better to establish a strict system. Song Yunhui expressed affirmation, but the system should also be based on communication.

Liang Sishen admitted that there is a major gap in communication between herself and the Yankees. She must find an investment target to establish her dignity. Although Donghai is a very qualified investment target, Gene only gave her one week. Her colleagues will not be able to complete the investment statement without helping her alone. But this does not mean that their joint venture has failed.

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