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Legend of Fei 电视剧版有匪 Episode 37 Recap

Li Yan walked down the mountain for a while. Although she still couldn’t get rid of her playful and self-willed problem, she knew how to shoulder the responsibilities when she did things seriously. The two of them escorted Zhu Ming’s fire-tail grass all the way, and suddenly found that they were being watched by the evil people, but Li Yan told Yang Jin not to impulsively cause trouble.

Li Yan worried that the sound of horseshoes would attract the main force of the Earth Shaman, and after Yang Jin drove the horse away, they walked in the other direction. On the way, Yang Jin was shocked by the movement in the corner ahead. Upon closer inspection, it was actually Li Sheng and Wu Chuchu passing by. Yang Jin couldn’t wait to pull off Li Yan who was hanging on Li Sheng, as if he was the family he missed for a long time.

These days, Yang Jin really couldn’t stand Li Yan, and now she can finally return the caregiving responsibility to Li Sheng, and she is overjoyed. Yang Jin was disgusted and disgusted, but seeing Li Sheng scolding Li Yan with some concern, she couldn’t help but defend her. When Li Yan showed off that he usually handed over Zhu Ming’s fire-tail grass, Li Sheng was also a little unbelievable, but still attributed his sister’s credit to luck.

When the four people were chatting, Tong Tianyang led a group of people to chase him. Li Sheng pretended to hand over Zhu Ming’s fire tail grass, but it was actually to release the signal. Li Yan took Wu Chuchu to flee first. When Li Sheng and Yang Jin were about to fight to the death, Zhou Fei, who arrived in time when they saw the signal, blocked Tong Tianyang’s blow.

Li Sheng and Yang Jin care about Li Yan and hand over the battlefield to Zhou Fei. Di Sha wholeheartedly wanted to prevent Zhou Fei from getting the herbs, but wanted to exchange Xie Yun’s life for Shen Duyin, but now, Tong Tianyang had his subordinates to report it. Shen Duyin had already reached Mu Xiaoqiao’s hands, and he directly took the Di Sha people to retreat, no Willing to entangle with Zhou Fei too much.

The two of Li Yan who were fleeing were besieged by three Disha disciples. Her martial arts was half-hearted and she couldn’t count on it, but Wu Chuchu was anxious to become wise and replaced the poisonous powder with flour. After Disha’s heart was relaxed, she sprinkled the real Mongolian sweat medicine. A catastrophe.

At the same time, the retreating Tong Tianyang happened to meet the people of Xingnanmen and immediately ordered a siege. Are the Xingnanmen opponents of the earth evil, and the blood is bleeding all over the ground, and only Zhu Chen can save his life by defending him to the death.

Zhu Chen, who woke up from a coma, looked at the corpses on the ground and the tragic death of his sister, with hatred in his heart. Yin Pei seemed to have known the matter a long time ago, and deliberately rushed to provoke him to take the Phoenix Pill and put on the iron mask that belonged to the real person Qinghui. In order to take revenge, Zhu Chen knew that Yin Pei was using him, and willingly took the pill.

After Zhou Fei got the fire-tail grass from Zhu Ming, he could rush to Penglai Island. When he saw Xie Yun lying on the rocks and basking in the sun, he was still thinking of himself. This is the first time in a few months that the two have met in a real sense. It is a pity that no amount of reluctance and a thousand words can surpass Xie Yun’s sleepiness again.

On the day of waking up, Xie Yun could only write and paint to relieve love. Zhou Fei looked at the flowers and characters on the wall, and looked at the letter Xie Yun left her on the stone table, as if he could think of Xie Yun writing and painting. What it looks like when painting. In the letter was a picture of a girl in a red dress, which looked like the lover in Xie Yun’s heart. If Zhou Fei was wearing a red dress one day, it would be exactly like the woman in this picture.

Zhou Fei responded to Xie Yun’s message and wanted to leave him a few words. She couldn’t think about it. Goodbye Xie Yun specifically ordered the brush to be used only on white paper, and she immediately thought about it. When Zhou Fei painted Xie Yun’s face, at this moment, she revealed the liveliness and carefree of a naive girl.

Li Sheng once again embarked on the road to find allies alone. It happened to be that the owner of Liu Zhuang was also gathering heroes from all over the world to fight against the real man Qinghui. When even came to visit him, he borrowed the owner’s courtyard as a place to ensnare him. The owner of Liu Zhuang and the others obviously wanted to kill the real Qinghui and then quickly, they were willing to cooperate with Li Sheng immediately.

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