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Here Comes Fortune Star 廢財闖天關 Episode 56 Recap

After Zhao Zimo returned from the tragedy, he began to experience the five declines of heaven and man, and his body became weaker and weaker. Zhao Zimo chose to conceal Xiaqin, which made Shancai and Bluffing God very worried. In order to win the Lingxiao Hotel, Zhang Zhenyu teamed up with Sophia, who had been greatly influenced by Plague God, to return to the hotel and proposed a multinational holding group to invest in cooperation.

Xia Qin has no doubt about the connections of her good sister Sophia. The day before Zhang’s extraordinary shareholders meeting, the Shao family was thief. The book from Lingxiao Old Street villagers’ joint signature was stolen, and the three of the Shao family were angry, and Zhang Liqian’s heart was cold.

Zhang Liqian told Zhao Zimo about the stolen co-signed book. The two had the same mind, and the hero cherished the hero. Zhao Zimo wants Zhang Liqian to be careful, because the real messenger behind Zhang Zhenyu is Zhang Qizheng, who has been missing for many years. Zhang Liqian thanked the Shao family for making him feel full of warmth, and thanked Shao Zi for letting him know what love is.

Zhang Liqian takes Shao Zi to the secret base of “A Niu Proposal” to confess. Zhang Liqian took the nut of the hydropower plant as a ring, knelt down on one knee, and asked Shao Yufang to marry him with his eyes. Shao Zi was so touched that he could hardly speak, Zhang Liqian also cried with emotion. Zhang Liqian’s “I will be responsible to you” this time received a sweet response. Zhang Liqian made a successful proposal, and Shao Mom Shao Dad was also very happy, and the whole Shao family was full of happiness.

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