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Here Comes Fortune Star 廢財闖天關 Episode 55 Recap

Zhang Liqian was driven out of the house by Zhang Qihong and moved into Shao’s house. Zhang Liqian worried about Zhang Qihong’s body and lamented the alienation between father and son. Shao Zi comforted Zhang Liqian. Shao’s father and Shao’s mother helped Zhang Liqian deal with the villagers’ joint signature. Zhang Liqian was very moved and promised to protect Lingxiao Village. After experiencing so many things together, Shao Qian’s feelings have become even warmer. The food poisoning incident in the Lingxiao Restaurant has caused a stir and aroused concern from all walks of life.

The lawyer took the indictment and sued Lingxiao Hotel, claiming 100 million yuan on behalf of the villagers. Sophia also chose to leave Lingxiao Village at this time. Zhao Zi defaulted to being Zhang Zhenyu as the messenger behind all this. Zhao Zimo began crisis management, and he invited Pan Dongkai back to the hotel to serve as a consultant. Pan Dongkai was ashamed and blamed himself, and told Xia Qin the whole story of the salt tank incident. Tian Qin has since recognized Zhang Zhenyu’s true face.

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