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Cinderella wa Online Chu! (2021) シンデレラはオンライン中!

Cinderella wa Online Chu!
Other Title: シンデレラはオンライン中!, Cinderella wa Online Chu!, Cinderella is Online

Genres: drama, Romance, School
Miura Kisa, Hagiwara Erei (萩原恵礼)
Sato Sayaka (佐藤さやか), Honma Toshiyuki (本間利幸)
FOD / Fuji TV
Release Date: 
Jan, 2021
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  • Nakamura Riho as Arisawa Ichika (Game ID: Vivi)
  • Seto Toshiki as Onoda Asahi (Game ID: Leon)
  • Tsuihiji Anna as Ikemoto Umi (Game ID: Summer)
  • Yamashita Kouhei (山下航平) as Naoi Shunsuke (Game ID: Lancelot)
  • Miura Ryota (三浦獠太) as Hiroki Ryo (Game ID: Woz)
  • Kawamura Umino (川村海乃) as Shibuya Satomi
  • Inoue Sora (井上想良) as Sasahara Kengo (Game ID: Sage)
  • Kawase Riko as Sekura Mahiro

Arisawa Ichika, is a second-year college student at a prestigious private university. She is not interested in romance and enjoys playing online game “Tenkyo” which she ranks 6th under the username “Vivi”. On the other hand, Onoda Asahi, is also a student at the same university. He is known for his good looks and ability in excelling everything. He also plays the same online game and ranks 1st under the username “Leon”.

Ichika and Asahi met each other in the game and began to get attracted to each other online. They decided to meet in reality and were surprised at the difference in their lives. Despite this, they are still attracted to each other and start dating. However, Ichika continues her “Cinderella life” as she gets attacked by various people around her for dating “Prince” Asahi.

Will the two be able to find a happy ending with their first love?

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