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Across the Yalu River 跨过鸭绿江 Episode 13 Recap

Listening to Peng Dehuai’s praise for the bravery of the various troops, Commander Liang’s heart was even more mixed. He knew everything about the 38th Army’s defeat, but Peng Dehuai did not show mercy at all, and berated him. Too high, and the arrogant soldier will be defeated, the commander Liang is naturally not convinced, which angered Peng Dehuai, waved his hand to revoke his 38th army designation. The people sitting hurriedly persuaded that Master Liang finally understood the root of this defeat, and he declared that he would regain the morale of the 38th Army.

Han Xianchu announced that the strategic plan for the second battle was to lure the enemy into deep, close the door and beat the dog, and completely maimed the enemy in the first battle. Deng Hua asked all commanders to go back and convey the strategic spirit of this meeting. The more the commanders and fighters are distracted, the soldiers will shed a drop of blood. President Peng once again stated that there were people who flinched and delayed the fighter planes in this battle.

The commander was removed from his post to investigate and deal with the revocation of the troops. Whoever dared to intercede with the commander’s position would be given to him. Han Xianchu looked at Liang Xingchu still standing in the same place and stepped forward to persuade him, but the army commander, who had a background in ironwork, had a hard feeling in his bones.

The commanders and fighters of the 38th Army were full of anger. The whole army wiped out more than 4,600 people. Feihu Mountain was carried down by their soldiers biting stones. Liang Xingchu asked all the division commanders to speak with their strength and use one shot and one shot to return to the face of their 38th Army. The political commissar pointed out that the reason for the 38th Army’s defeat was that they themselves wanted to fight the first battle too much, and overemphasized the need to attack cautiously. Liang Xingchu took the stone on Feihu Mountain that Mr. Peng gave him a meal, and he wanted to take this stone as a dish for every meal until the 38th Army fought the turnaround.

The U.S. military is still dispersing its forces and advancing in parallel. Hong Xuezhi laughed at the U.S. military’s direct bite. This time they can pack a big meatball. President Peng said with a smile that MacArthur still has not learned a lesson. If the volunteers can swallow two or three entire divisions of the enemy in this battle, the situation of the Korean war will be basically changed. Mao Zedong pointed out that in order to tear open the battle, it is necessary to send strong troops to attack Tokugawa.

President Peng rejected the 42nd Army proposed by everyone, but dispatched the 38th Army that was just criticized today to fight. Everyone understands that President Peng’s lesson is also a kind of care, and Liang Xingchu’s bloody nature of daring to talk back to him also made President Peng quite appreciated. He decided to give the 38th Army another opportunity to prove their strength.

In a telegram replying to the Central Military Commission, Hong Xuezhi asked about cars purchased from the Soviet Union. Mao Zedong emphasized that he must do everything he can to guarantee the supply of food and quilts for the North Korean troops and repair the roads as soon as possible. Zhou Enlai took the telegram sent by Stalin and the Soviet Union also agreed that Peng Dehuai would unify the command of the North Korean battle. Mao Zedong and Zhu De also laughed and said that Peng Dehuai let them do logistical support.

President Peng, who was pacing back and forth in the headquarters, had new worries. He was very cold in the room with the torch. How can the soldiers of the more than one hundred and ninety corps marching in the ice and snow resist. After the 200,000 pieces of cotton clothing sent by the commander of the Northeast Army Gaogang were bombarded by the US army, less than 50,000 pieces were delivered. Cotton clothing and food are a big problem. The Ninth Corps was on a secret march. service. President Peng ordered Hong Xuezhi to contact Gao Gang and let him come to North Korea to see the situation of the volunteer army.

The US military’s fighter planes are investigating in the sky every day. Song Shilun asked the entire army to go out at night and day. The seven-day rations originally brought by the soldiers should also be saved repeatedly. But the weather was getting colder and food was lacking. Some soldiers fainted and passed away because of hunger. The soldiers could only bury their comrades in the snow, tearfully continuing to carry his gun and move forward.

The U.S. military has received intelligence from the four troops sent by China to conduct operations. MacArthur believes that the intelligence obtained by relying on reconnaissance aircraft is still unreliable. He concluded that the Chinese army is a bluff, and now there is a situation of defeat. They want to take the opportunity to defeat the CCP in one fell swoop. North Korean army.

Zheng Rui did not help everywhere in the cooking class, and steamed rice can batter. Company Commander Qian came to Zheng Rui. Zheng Rui was happy that he could finally return to the company, but the 38th Army’s failure was not over yet. He could not go back to the investigation company and had to go to the field hospital. Zheng Rui was angry that this was an overkill. The company commander told him that he could carry a gun at the guard platoon and he might go back to the front line at any time. This was an opportunity he won for Zheng Rui, and the North Korean comrade Park Rongen he rescued last time was also in the hospital.

Zheng Rui came to see Park Rongen. This Park Rongen always wanted to return to the army, but the county secretary asked him to stay as a stretcher for the hospital, which made him dissatisfied when he wanted to go to battle and kill the enemy. Zheng Rui was about to enlighten him, but saw Lu Chengfeng who came to the hospital with an arm injury. Lu Chengfeng took him to see the female military doctor Jin who was eating dumplings at home. Lu Chengfeng wanted to return to the team as soon as possible, but Dr. Jin didn’t listen to the kind words of the two opposing people at all, and had to wait for the injury to heal before he was discharged from the hospital.

Lao Ma also stayed in the hospital due to his injuries. He lost his temper because of the rude way the nurse Wang Zhenzhu applied the medicine. The head nurse came in and told Lao Ma that he had to drive all the wounded to the First Hospital tonight. For treatment, and because of the limited manpower, Wang Zhenzhu could only follow them and take care of the wounded.

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