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Across the Yalu River 跨过鸭绿江 Episode 12 Recap

MacArthur simply ignored Washington’s request. He claimed to teach the Chinese army a lesson and demanded that air force planes be deployed to bomb the Yalu River and all bridges connecting Northeast China and North Korea. Regarding MacArthur’s act of beheading first and then playing, Bradley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, was worried that it would expand the battle. Truman would not give him this opportunity and asked MacArthur to read the manuscript he gave him at the next press conference.

Ledley was worried about MacArthur’s attitude. Sure enough, MacArthur tore up the speech in front of the reporter. He told reporters the news of China’s participation in the war, and even pointed out that this was a major mistake. If the Chinese side did not retreat, he would even burn the war on the other side of the Yalu River.

Facing the predicament of lack of food, the volunteers are still struggling to resist the enemy. The transportable food team encountered the plane bombing and the injured soldiers struggled to pack the destroyed food in their pockets, but they still could not get up again. The wounded soldiers on the battlefield died in large numbers because they lacked food and medicine. Lu Chengfeng decided to intercept food from the American army for his comrades. He used the strategy of slamming and attacking to lure the U.S. troops into dispersal one by one. In order to catch the sniper, the United States even launched a cannon to bomb Lu Chengfeng who was running with food.

The soldiers on the front line defended their positions, but President Peng still had a lot of criticisms against the 38th Army. The people persuaded that the 335 regiment, as the trump card regiment, had a lot of casualties, but it was effective against the enemy and remained firmly in its own position. As the main force, the 38th Army still has absolute strength. But Peng Dehuai didn’t need their plea. He has always led the troops to reward and punish clearly. He telegraphed that the 38th Army and the 42nd Army had completed the blockade, so that they would retreat in an orderly manner and start a plan to lure the enemy deeper.

The US military’s indiscriminate bombing continued, and the 335 regiment finally received the order to retreat. For five days and five nights, they were nailed to the land of Feihu Mountain without losing a single piece of land. The 42nd Army can finally withdraw from Huangcaoling and let some troops discard their items appropriately, creating the illusion of defeat. The US First Division has already understood that its opponent has become a Chinese volunteer force, but they have no way of judging the number of enemies. The division commander Oliver resented the absurd conclusion that the US Intelligence Agency believed that China had only sent 5,000 people. He was even more indifferent to the incoming Tenth Army Commander Almond. Almond brought MacArthur’s order, he demanded three days to eat all the defenders in Huangcaoling and capture the Yalu River.

Oliver tried his best to dissuade. The fiasco of Cheoncheon and the almost wiped out South Korean army at Huangcaoling all showed the strength of the Chinese army, and they should not advance. But Almond firmly believed that China had only sent a small group of troops, and even refused to build an airport to transfer wounded soldiers. Oliver had no interest in this arrogant racism, and he pointed out that the First Division would never make unnecessary sacrifices. At this time, they received the news of the retreat of the Huangcaoling defenders. Looking at the old grenade on the ground, the U.S. military was also surprised that they had been held back by such a weapon for ten days and could not move forward.

Mao Anying carved a chess set out of wood for President Peng. Looking at the carved war chess, President Peng called out for a good soldier. Deng Hua was very emotional when he mentioned the heroic record of the 42nd Army, and the headquarters also decided to summon all commanders back to discuss the battle plan for the second round of the campaign. Song Shilun’s Ninth Army is about to cross the river. Their goal this time is Changjin Lake to fight the enemy on the Eastern Front. Mao Zedong asked Nie Rongzhen about Mr. Peng’s second round of strategic plans. Nie Rongzhen recognized him very much. As long as MacArthur is still in an arrogant mood, this is the best plan to lure the enemy deeper.

The weather in North Korea has begun to get colder, and this year will encounter extremely cold weather. The Ninth Corps is already preparing for the last crossing of the river and is about to head to Changjin Lake in the coldest Gaema Plateau. The deputy commander of the Northeast Army He loaded the prepared materials on the train, and he will do his best to continue to deliver the materials in the cold North Korea. Song Shilun thanked him for his cooperation and assistance, and the two saluted them. The train had started, but the soldiers still threw supplies on it, even took off their clothes and put them on, just for the comrades on the front line to have a little warmth.

The commanders all returned to the headquarters. Liang Daya looked at the meat in the bowl and quietly asked whether President Peng had specially prepared it for him, but the Chief Secretary only knew that it was sent by North Korean comrades. Liang Daya’s face was full of thoughts and knew that he had lost the chain this time. Deng Hua specially came to the table to offer them a glass, but Zhao reminded him that he should not drink this wine, although other army commanders persuaded Liang Daya.

Have a drink, but he also knows that he really can’t drink this wine. President Peng specially added food for Teacher Liang. At first, everyone was quite happy for the 38th Army, but when they opened the black stone, everyone understood what Peng said in his heart.

Peng Dehuai was dissatisfied with the defeat of the 38th Army, and Liang Daya had to sit in the corner of the meeting and rub his legs awkwardly. The first battle of the Volunteers into the dynasty generally achieved good results. The American ace army was defeated by the 39th Army. The first shot at Liangshuidong killed a battalion in the first battle, and it became the volunteers to go abroad. On the anniversary, Mr. Peng counted the achievements of each army one by one and thanked them.

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