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Across the Yalu River 跨过鸭绿江 Episode 11 Recap

Feihu Mountain is an important traffic route. The US military will never give up easily. The enemy troops stopped at the mountainside and waited for the artillery to cover it again. Fan Tianen, head of the 335th Regiment of the 112th Division, asked the soldiers to wait for the enemy to approach and then take the director from the opponent. He also ordered the Xiucai to hide in the trench hole and write down the heroic behavior of the soldiers. After the battle, he would personally check it. The fortifications have not yet been fully built, and the Korean army wants to take advantage of the US artillery fire to launch an offensive quickly.

The scholar was dissatisfied with being underestimated. He picked up a grenade to prepare for battle but pulled it by mistake because of his unskilled use. The soldiers rushed out as soon as the grenade sounded. The two sides fought for a while, and the large troops still needed to hold their positions before reaching the 335th Regiment. Fan Tianen had to order platoons to defend the positions in turn and use wheel warfare to defend against the enemy.

The Xiucai understood that this meant rows of soldiers to sacrifice in turn. The 38th Army will arrive at Junyu Lane in the early morning. Liang Daya’s reply to the military headquarters will definitely complete this mission. But when he turned his head, he received a telegram and the number of casualties that the 112th Division would be engaged in a wheel war. He endured the pain in his heart and asked whether the political commissar was really too back this time. They had never encountered such a difficult march.

Mao Anying was reading a reply from the 38th Army. The ultra-low-altitude bombing by the US military caused the loss of more than 230 soldiers and even more than a dozen regiment-level cadres. The headquarters took off their hats and mourned in silence. These burly warriors are worth remembering. Chief Peng ordered the 112th Division to quickly re-select middle-level cadres, and to choose more brave and judgmental people to stop the phenomenon of looking forward and looking forward to the future.

The 38th Army requested to attack Junyuli, but it was too late, and the enemy army had already withdrawn to the south of the Qingchuan River. Although the enemy’s main force retreated, but fortunately, the main force of the volunteers has not been exposed. In the next step, they will use the plan to lure the enemy into deep and eat the dumplings that were not made this time.

The enemy forces will surely attack Feihu Mountain after the assembly of the Qingchuan River. The 335 regiment faces enemy bombings and tens of thousands of enemy attacks every day. However, it is their task that the battle situation cannot expand to cover the main force. This is also 30 The last chance of the Eighth Army. In less than half a day, Wulian had already suffered more than half of the casualties, and the fighting became more and more fierce. Fan Tianen asked Xiucai to quickly return to the division, but Xiucai insisted on his mission to record these blood-stained heroes.

The main force of the 38th Army could not reach Feihu Mountain at 5 or 6 in the morning, but Liang Daya received an urgent call from the headquarters to quickly retreat. They had already lost their fighters and demanded that the 335 regiment defended Feihu Mountain for cover. Such a lightly outfitted team will fight alone until the last person until the order to withdraw is issued.

The 335 regiment has no food, and the soldiers can only endure hunger by chewing stones. Fan Tianen thanked the soldiers for gnawing on the stones to live and die with him. They vowed to defend Feihu Mountain. Maybe they don’t know if they hold it for a few days, the food is the biggest problem. Xiucai offered to look for food by himself. He understood Korean and asked him to go to the village to look for food.

In the US military headquarters in Feihushan, the Korean army is complaining of heavy casualties, but the US army has already withdrawn. The U.S. Army found that the defenders at Feihu Mountain had not had any supplies for two days, and they planned to increase their artillery bombardment.

Xiucai and Xiao Mao finally came to the village, but they were misunderstood and arrested by the local villagers. The villagers heard that the two were from the Chinese army and quickly let them go. Grandpa Park, who was in charge of the county, could speak Chinese very well because he had taken the imperial examination. The soldiers of the 335 regiment were already very hungry. The villagers set up cooking stoves and even killed the cattle to cook meals for the volunteers. The people even volunteered to sign up as frontline soldiers to deliver meals.

The enemy attacked again, and the 335 regiment fought hard and even died together. The North Korean people braved the artillery fire to bring food, and the soldiers could only meet the enemy’s artillery fire while eating rice balls sent by the North Korean people. In order for the soldiers to eat, the wounded North Korean girl insisted on delivering the food to the battlefield even before her death.

The Thirty-Eighth and Thirty-Nine Armies have arrived at the designated locations, but the enemy has built a new line of defense. President Peng asked everyone whether they should continue to advance south. If the volunteers have to cross the Chingchuan River to pursue them, they must engage in positional warfare with the enemy, which is really detrimental to the exhausted volunteers with heavy casualties. President Peng agreed with them and ordered the entire army to rest in place.

From October 25 to November 5, 1950, the Volunteer Army’s counterattack against the “United Nations Army” wiped out more than 15,000 enemies, completely shattering the US military’s plan to occupy all of Korea before Thanksgiving.

Mao Zedong didn’t care about the gains and losses of a city or a place. What he fancyed was to attack the enemy’s main force. The second round of operations must be planned immediately. Song Shilun’s 9th Corps had just arrived in the northeast but had no training time, and had to enter the DPRK within ten days. Nie Rongzhen suggested that now that the US Air Force has taken control of the air over North Korea, the Ninth Corps should change from Linjiang to Korea. Tokugawa is the focus of the scene. Mao Zedong instructed that the report can be published in the name of the People’s Army Headquarters, but it is only called a volunteer. The difference of a word or two is enough to confuse the enemy for a while.

Willoughby reported to MacArthur that the enemies he faced on the battlefield were all Chinese and there was no sign of interspersing with the North Korean army. For the name of the volunteer force, he analyzed that this was because China did not want to expand the war and wanted to provide support to North Korea. However, the U.S. military is still unable to predict the strength of China’s forces. They were unable to capture China’s telegraph signal reconnaissance aircraft and did not find a large-scale operation. Washington has sent a telegram to MacArthur asking about China’s participation in the war.

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