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Unique Lady 2 絕世千金完結篇 Episode 17 Recap

Xiao Lan and Xiao Huang deliberately said loudly about Tang Meng’s news, and Tang Meng used to theory with Xiao Lan. Xiao Lan said that she was right, and persuaded the princess to avoid dealing with people like Tang Meng, and took Xiao Huang away.

Lin Luojing was shocked when she heard this. She asked Tang Meng if it was true. Tang Meng denied it and asked her not to believe them. Lin Luojing believed that Tang Meng’s feelings for Jiang Xuanyu would never do anything to hurt him. These rumors and gossip will never be rumored until they are proved by facts. Tang Meng said that she would find out and tell Lin Luojing not to tell Jiang Xuanyu.

King Jingyuan came to Liu Xiuwen, and the two exchanged greetings. Liu Xiuwen asked him what was wrong. King Jingyuan said that a few days will be the ceremony. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Something big will happen soon. Let Liu Xiuwen watch it and walk away. Zhong Wumei ran into them when they met and talked, and he was a little wondering when they were so familiar.

Magpie surreptitiously held a letter and looked around, Xiaoyu found out and asked her what’s wrong. Magpie handed her the letter in her hand and asked her to help. She took the letter and was about to leave. Lin Luojing stopped her. The letter in her hand fell to the ground, and she picked it up in a panic. Lin Luojing came over and asked her to get the letter, and Xiaoyu gave her the letter. Lin Luojing opened the letter and suspected that the previous Afurong incident was related to magpies. He remembered that Zhang Ji had seen a vague shoe print in the restaurant kitchen, presumably a petite woman.

Lin Luojing had previously suspected the actions of acquaintances in the Afurong incident. Yesterday, the banquet yacht Xiaolan said those things. Tang Meng also admitted that she did it. How could a lady of Tang Sect understand this? She must be experienced. Instructed by the people of society. And Xiaoyu, an orphan, grew up in Nanyan, came to Fuzhong to learn the rules very quickly, and has never done anything unusual, Lin Luojing is a little suspicious of Xiaoyu.

Lin Luojing asked her what it was, Xiaoyu faltered, and Lin Luojing continued to ask her. Xiaoyu had no choice but to say that Magpie asked her to send it out. The letter was indeed written by Magpie, but the content of the letter was Qiyu’s text. Xiaoyu said that she was eager to use silver at Magpie’s house, but she didn’t want her to worry, so she advanced the monthly payment for half a year and asked Xiaoyu to send it out.

The clue Zhang Ji found was related to a magpie. He was very heavy, and he took a picture of his footprints to report to Zhong Wumei. That night, the intruder only left a very shallow footprint in a very hidden corner, and the pair of shoes with a happy pattern was given to the magpie by Zhang Ji. All the evidence now points to the magpie, but several people believe that it was not the magpie.

Sage is critically ill, but he doesn’t want to see the bell without sleep. Grandpa Su said that he didn’t want to see Zhong Wushou, so he asked him to go back. The last time the saint had troubled him, first it was the matter of Princess Bei Yu, which made him worry more. After the princess left, Zhong Wumei did not care about the feelings of the sage, causing him to become sick from overwork, and the dragon body was unsafe. Grandpa Su said that even if Zhong Wumei gave him more gold, he wouldn’t let him in. Zhong Wumei never gave Gold to Grandpa Su, and when he said this, Zhong Wumei doubted what was wrong with Sage.

The magpie called Lin Luojing to comfort Zhong Wumei, so that he would not be sad because of the rumors. Zhong Wumei didn’t feel sad because of this incident. If he was in disorder, wouldn’t he be caught in the trap of detractors. Being able to spread such rumors, and to spread these people who are well known throughout the city, the strength behind it must not be underestimated.

Zhong Wumei lay on the bed, thinking about what Su Gonggong said that day, and it was Jingyuan Wang Jinchen who solved it. I rushed to see the master overnight and saw King Jingyuan leave from the dormitory of the master. Grandpa Su told Zhong Wumei that King Jingyuan would hold Shengshang under house arrest in the secret road, and seemed to be asking for something from Shengshang. For the time being, he would not act recklessly.

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