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Unique Lady 2 絕世千金完結篇 Episode 16 Recap

As soon as Zhong Wumei heard Lin Luojing was back, he rushed over, thinking about it and posing in a pose that he thought was very handsome. Lin Luojing smirked and ignored him, passing by and preparing to leave. Zhong Wumei had to catch up and asked her where she went today and why she came back so late.

Zhong Wumei wanted to hold Lin Luojing’s hand. At this moment, Ye Shenxi grabbed Zhong Wumei’s hand and asked him why this thing couldn’t be opened with a box. When Lin Luojing saw that she was still in the palace, she angrily asked Zhong Wumei why she was still here. Ye Chenxi just wanted to say that this is hers…Zhong Wumei stopped her, and he replied that the visitor was a guest, and that Miss Ye had to discuss with him on important matters before staying in the palace temporarily.

Ye Chenxi said that Lin Luojing was still carrying the bracelet she had given her. Lin Luo was very prosperous and generously admitted that it was the bracelet she had given her. Zhong Wumei asked Lin Luojing if she really wore something from another man, and Liu Xiuwen was nothing more. Now there was one more flower to respond to, and she asked her where to put his face.

When Lin Luojing asked about the crystal beads, the two of them were shocked, and Zhong Wumei asked how she knew. It was true that he asked like this. Lin Luojing felt that she was not that important in his heart.

The next day, Lin Luojing went to teach Qiyu alone, and Ye Chenxi ran after him and followed the lost Lin Luojing. Someone on the street called for the beautiful paper lanterns, Ye Chenxi was attracted, and he was happy to go over and take a look. The vendor handed her a broken paper lantern. Before she could catch it, the vendor let go. The paper lantern fell to the ground and broke. The vendor wanted her to lose money, and deliberately wanted to swindle the money, but Ye Chenxi couldn’t argue, and showed his sword. Lin Luojing came over to prove her innocence.

Ye Chenxi had heard that Lin Luojing and Liu Xiuwen had a close personal relationship, and they were very scheming. After today’s events, she felt that Lin Luojing was not as bad as the rumors. Maybe she had misunderstood. Lin Luojing scolded her, which moved her very much. Lin Luojing learned from her words that Zhong Wumei is her brother. It turned out that her name was Zhong Ziyun. Because of her stubbornness since childhood, she was sent to the Tianyi School to cultivate her character by her parents. She was called Ye Chenxi in order to hide her identity.

Lin Luojing always thought that Hua Yingchi was dead, but Hua Yingchi’s spiritual lamp was always on and he was not dead. Lin Luojing remembered the person who saved her on the street before, it should be him. Zhong Ziyun asked Lin Luojing to help find flowers, and the two took out a map and discussed it.

Zhang Ji and Xi Que persuaded Zhong Wumei and Lin Luojing. They figured it out, but they didn’t know how to get down the stairs. Zhong Ziyun thought of a way to prepare a step for each of them, and the two of them are finally doing well.

Zhong Wumei and Lin Luojing went to the banquet of Shengjing Chamber of Commerce and Qiyu Chamber of Commerce in Linjiang Tower, Zhong Ziyun came to bid farewell. As Hua Yingchi’s number one fan girl, now she has finally learned the whereabouts of the male god, of course she has to rush to him the first time. Lin Luojing and Zhong Ziyun ignored Zhong Wumei and talked about Hua Yingtai. Zhong Ziyun asked Lin Luojing to wait for her in the palace, she would definitely bring him back to see Lin Luojing when she found Hua Ying.

Zhong Ziyun gave Lin Luojing the red handkerchief her mother gave her, let Lin Luojing be her sister-in-law, let Lin Luojing praise her well in front of Hua Yingchi, and Lin Luojing responded. Xiaolan said loudly what he had heard. Tang Meng added Afurong to Jiang Xuanyu’s soup. Tang Meng’s father had colluded with the former prime minister to murder Shengjing.

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