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Ultimate Note 终极笔记 Episode 32 Recap

It turned out that the person who asked Wu Xie to reconcile Yuchen to Siguniang Mountain was black glasses. The three of them set off immediately and came to the cliff mentioned by Huo Dang’s house. They took a cold breath when they arrived. Qi, the cliff here is steep, which is dangerous at first glance.

Fortunately, Xiaohua had a light body in her practice since she was a child, and even the climbing equipment was useless. She easily climbed to the top of the cliff, and then fixed one end of the rope on it, and the other end was continued so that Wu Xie could climb up along. However, the question soon came, where are so many caves marked on the map? Do you want to touch them one by one?

Jude Kao’s second gift was quickly delivered to Mrs. Huo. She just lifted the lid and took a look. Yun Danfengqing’s face instantly became a bit cold. After a while, she finally spoke: I will stay along the way. Make a mark and let your people in.

It turns out that this second gift is the story of twenty-four filial piety-Wo Bingqiu. Jude Kao knows that Mrs. Huo loves a girl, but he has to pierce her heart. Not only that, he also sent a tool map and other things. It seems that he had expected Mrs. Huo to come.

Now that they are all spread out, you don’t have to worry about Jude Kao. Huo Dang’s family and a group of people waited into the mountain. With the help of the younger brother, they successfully found the entrance. Mrs. Huo stayed outside and waited for the news of Siguniang Mountain. Xiuxiu was left in the team by the fat chicken thief.

On the side of Mount Siguniang, Wu Xie and the others made a few camping devices on the cliff, and decided to stay here for a few days.

Jude, the old fox, gave the map to the old lady Huo, and he didn’t care about anything. He knew that for the rest of the matter, the former Ninemen had his own arrangements, and he only needed to wait for the good news.

The little brother Fatty took the Huo family into the cave. In order to prevent Mirotuo, he also put on clothes covered with strong alkali. After walking far, everyone found the body of Jude Kao’s man, no wonder he was so happy. Turning over the map, it turned out that the action was frustrated. Going further, there is the trail of Mirotto. They sprayed a large amount of strong alkali on the cave wall according to the original plan.

What was unexpected is that someone moved their hands and feet and added a large amount of sulfuric acid to it. Two people who sprayed alkali also died accidentally. To make matters worse, Mirotto also noticed the expedition team, and then attacked. Fatty couldn’t control so much. He picked up the caustic tank and sprayed. When Mirotto was beaten back, Fatty’s arm was also affected by the corrosion of sulfuric acid. He grinned because of the injury.

Wu Xie and the others stayed in the nest on the cliff for a few days. Xie Yuchen confidently said that this device is very sturdy and can bear more than ten times the weight of the human body. As long as the force point of the nest is strong, there will be no accident… At this point, the sharp-eyed flower suddenly noticed that one of the ropes in Wu Xie’s nest was loose. Before he could react, Wu Xie almost fell off. Fortunately, the black glasses had quick eyes and fast hands, and she caught him the moment Wu Xie fell. his hand.

After getting out of danger, Jie Yuchen was so angry that he bit his posterior molars. If this happened again, he would chop off the hands of the buddies who built the nest. On the other hand, the three of them came into a cave by mistake and came to a cave with a battle suit inside. The cave wall is made of rock and cement, which can be dug out. Because they owe a lot of money to Xiaohua, it has been similar. The physical work is done by half-forced black glasses.

But accidents always happen, and this time is no exception. Black glasses dug and found that the cement turned red. No, this is not cement at all. It is mixed with blood. What’s more weird is that there is The blood has been oozing out, and then digging in, there are piles of corpses. The three of them were surprised. Seeing the posture of these corpses, were they crawling out before dying?

The fat man slept for a while. When he woke up, Xiuxiu told him that Mirotuo was really afraid of strong alkalis and had already been wiped out a lot. The place where they stayed was just opened on the wall by strong alkalis. The sew in, just came in, the mountain gap was closed. In order not to be discovered by Mirotuo, the fat man dragged his exhausted body and led the crowd to move on, but he didn’t go too far, and there was no way. It was like a big maze.

The little brother inspected the nearby mountain wall and determined a point. Huo guys took out the caustic tank and sprayed. After a while, two roads appeared in front of him. To be safe, the fat man and the little brother decided to explore the road first, Huo Xiuxiu Worried about the Fatty’s injury, they followed along. The three of them moved forward slowly. Unexpectedly, they encountered Jude Kao’s team members. It turned out that the foreigner was attacked while doing mountain exploration and had to go back the same way. He happened to ran into the Fatty and them, according to the foreigner. According to the description, the fat man locked a person-“shattered shoulders”.

In the hands of this foreigner, the younger brother and the others got the latest exploration map and decided to try to find a way according to the map.

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