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Ultimate Note 终极笔记 Episode 31 Recap

Old lady Huo knew that from the human face, Wu Xie realized that he was manipulating it behind his back, and began to deliberately send wrong information to her. The other party also readily confessed everything, because Wu Xie didn’t press the right rivets because of the wrong drawing, but the channel opened smoothly, which meant that someone must be controlling everything.

In the Taiping preview that follows, the five elements and gossip are also blindfolds. And the gossip picture drawn on the ground is actually a Morse code, in order to tell the companion everything he has noticed. It was precisely because of Mrs. Huo’s meticulous arrangement that Wu Xie discovered that the pattern of thunder drawings was the secret of Zhang’s ancient building.

Mrs. Huo offered to cooperate, and Wu Xie was suspicious. He knew that the Huo family had never planned to join hands with him, and all he wanted was the pattern of mine. In the eyes of everyone’s surprise, Wu Xie took out the drawing and ate it one bite at a time. Granny Huo glanced at her eyes and uttered a few words lightly in her mouth: Cut him off.

The bodyguards moved when they heard the sound, but they were stopped by the younger brother before they even touched a finger of Wu Xie. Under the fight, Old Lady Huo suddenly noticed the two long fingers that were stretched, and she immediately shouted and stopped. Could this be the person with unicorn tattoo mentioned by Xiaohua?

After getting an affirmative answer, the old lady Huo, who had always been arrogant and proud of the nine elders, actually knelt down to her little brother. How could Wu Xie and the others dare to let the old lady give this gift and immediately helped her up. After Mrs. Huo stood up, she looked at the little brother in front of her, and carefully asked if the other person remembered herself, and she was full of confidence. If he also went, he would be successful this time.

In this case, Mrs. Huo didn’t have to hide anything. She called someone and took out the seven patterns of mine drawings she had collected over the years. These drawings were found in the interlayer of the video tape. She naturally saw the content of the video tape. Since the person behind the scenes used her daughter’s life to force herself into the ancient building of the Zhang family, she must rush to the person to figure out everything.

Later, Mrs. Huo mentioned the ghost seal of the Crescent Hotel, and lamented that the ghost seal, the style thunder, and the unicorn were returned to the original owner. It turned out that Wu Xie was already in the bureau, and the cooperation between the two parties was a matter of time. Then respectfully said to Zhang Qiling: You, the truth is only one step away. But for some reason, the younger brother didn’t trust Mrs. Huo, rejected her proposal, and pulled Wu Xie around to leave.

The bill on the auction day was sent over, and the zero on it almost blinded the fat man’s eyes, two hundred and sixty million! Fortunately, Xiaohua stepped forward to make a guarantee, but how can he pay back so much money? The only way out now is to cooperate with Mrs. Huo.

This operation was organized and directed by Huo Dangjia and was divided into two teams, one to Panai, Guangxi and the other to Siguniang Mountain in Sichuan. All expenses were borne by Huo’s family. Hearing this, the three people were a little relieved. Now that they decided to go, Wu Xie took the fat man to Jin Wantang, and wanted to get a knife from him to make up for the buffalo head of the little brother in Guangxi. The black gold ancient sword that Gou lost, but Jin Wantang’s ability is limited, Wu Xie simply cheeked and found an orphan from Xiaohua, and finally he was not in vain.

According to Mrs. Huo’s arrangement, Wu Xie and Jie Yuchen went to Siguniang Mountain, while Zhang Qiling took Fatty Wang to Banao. The two teams needed to act at the same time and cooperate with each other. They had to be tightly connected and flawlessly connected. They wanted to live in Zhang’s house. Gulou, it must be done.

Wu Xie handed the black gold ancient knife to the younger brother. Although the younger brother didn’t speak, he could see that he liked it very much. This knife was not much worse than the previous black gold ancient sword. At this time, Wu Xie suddenly remembered what Papa Panma said, and couldn’t help but start to worry, will one day come true, and one of the two will not die? The little brother saw Wu Xie’s thoughts, and comforted him in a low voice, don’t think too much, there will be no surprises with him.

Both sides embarked on their journey. After a few days of turbulence, Wu Xie finally came to Siguniang Mountain. The guide took them to the person arranged by Mrs. Huo. As soon as they arrived, they heard someone outside. He was bluffing, it turned out that the black glasses were scammed and stopped by someone. After seeing Xiaohua, the other party seemed to see a savior, and called Xiaohua rich and finally got away.

The little brother, Fatty, and the others returned to Uncle Banai Agui’s house, accompanied by Mrs. Huo’s grandparents and grandchildren. Jude Kao soon came to visit after hearing the news. Mrs. Huo was dissatisfied and sold her own. The news still wants to cooperate, how can there be such a thing? But Jude Kao knew her psychology well, and sent someone to send a picture of Zhao Mengfu’s character as a post. Old lady Huo thought about it, but she couldn’t believe it, and returned the calligraphy and painting intact. Jude Kao had no choice but to arrange for her subordinates to send it the second time. Things.

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