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Ultimate Note 终极笔记 Episode 30 Recap

Wu Xie painted the hexagram Gen in the gossip map. Gen is the sky and Kun is the earth. In the Taiping preview, he wrote the hexagram Gen first, because this human-faced turtle is a beast living in the deep mountains. Behind Gen is Kun and Kan. Kun represents the earth and Kan represents water, meaning that although the human-faced turtle is an earth beast, it cannot be separated from the water, so it must be near the water.

Wu Xie went on to paint and found that it was another Gu Gua. Although the fat man had seen the Taiping preview, he still didn’t quite understand it. In that case, you don’t have to bother too much. I simply came to the pillar, pressed the corresponding rivet according to the drawing, opened the door and entered the fourth floor. This floor is dedicated to the collections. Mrs. Huo has such a big battle. In order to restore the building to a high degree, one day you can go there in person. After the fat man made fun of Wu Xie, he could personally present the drawings after he went back, and it was not easy for Mrs. Huo.

Wu Xie knew that the fat man was joking, but he ignored it. He found that all the pillars were covered with oilcloth. After tearing off the oilcloth, he found that the pillars were connected together to be a keel. The appointment is incomprehensible.

Wu Xie simply pulled his companion to sit on the ground and began to analyze. This is the fourth floor. The quicksand that just came in is enough for waterproofing. A tarpaulin is added here. Where is it necessary to be so waterproof? In addition, the most common sights after the three came in were the statues of unicorns and turtles with human faces. This is a belief in totems, indicating that the family of Yizhuang is very old. In terms of building reinforcement methods, such a large structure is needed for support, which should be in seismic zones or mud-rock flow areas.

I remember Jude Kao said that the source of Lu Huangbo’s rubbings cannot be separated from Mrs. Huo. He and Mrs. Huo wanted the same thing. The first floor of this building is covered with soda powder. If it is to prevent theft, there are more things that are better than powdered powder, then there is only one thing: Miluto!

The one imitated here is the Zhangjia Ancient Building. And after entering, all the organs and rivets were empty, and it was Mrs. Huo who manipulated everything behind his back in order to put out the drawings in their hands. Now that the drawings are there, they are not afraid of being threatened by the old lady. The three arrogantly prepare to leave, and suddenly realize that they can’t get out at all.

At this moment, the fat man heard the sound of smashing the wall, and soon the house was demolished. It was Huo Xiuxiu. In order to escape the tracking of the old lady Huo, the four of them simply found a foot therapy shop to hide. Xiuxiu blamed herself very much, because she was too careless, which made Wu Xie and the others trapped. Wu Xie didn’t care, because he was more interested in the information Xiuxiu’s mouth was. It turned out that the old lady Huo received the videotape ten years ago. It was her aunt Huo Ling who was crawling on the ground.

However, through careful comparison of the size of the objects, Xiuxiu discovered that the person in the 1985 archaeological team photo might not be her aunt. My aunt has been a person who likes to take pictures since I was a child, but since 1976, there has been no photo of my aunt. She checked. In 1976, my aunt took part in a scientific expedition and returned to their home after that expedition. Yes, it’s another person. Just like there is someone in the world who looks exactly like Wu Xie, maybe there is someone who looks like an aunt?

Wu Xie was taken aback when she heard that, and he hesitated to tell Xiuxiu about the replacement of the Banao expedition team. Xiuxiu couldn’t help being very worried. Even they knew that her aunt had been transferred. Grandma must have noticed it a long time ago. Even pretending not to know how uncomfortable it is.

In 1976, the expedition team was organized by grandma. Then the expedition team was re-contracted. It must have been the work of “It”. This “It” was really powerful, and it even affected the three generations of the nine schools. Also, since the Lei style drawing is a Yizhuang, and the construction project has been determined to be the Zhang Family’s ancient building, is this ancient building the place where Zhang’s corpse is stored? No wonder the little brother said that that place is his end point.

At this moment, Huo Xiuxiu received a text message and left in a hurry, but returned after a while. He could not help but drove the three people out of the pedicure shop and drove to the Crescent Hotel. In order to be cautious on the way, they were asked to wear masks, but there was no airtight wall, and soon I received a text message from Xiaohua, which was also found here. Huo Xiuxiu simply proposed to keep the pattern mine for himself first, and then return the property to the original the Lord. Unexpectedly, the fat man became suspicious. To say that the fat man had never forgotten the figure of a woman, he was sure that the man in front of him was not Huo Xiuxiu at all.

Seeing that she was recognized, Xiao Hua lifted the disguise mask on her face and sincerely persuaded Wu Xie and Old Lady Huo to meet each other. If she wants to get the truth, she can’t get around.

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