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The Penalty Zone 黑白禁区 Episode 33 Recap

Tan Po was surrounded by Xiong Guoliang. Before Tan Po got off the car, she called Mr. Wu and told him not to forget their agreement. Tan Po did not get out of the car, but pressed the bomb in the car, and Xiong Guoliang and others were too late to withdraw. A Bao and Gan Tianlei fought, and finally controlled A Bao and Sister She after the police entered, and Gan Tianlei also pulled down the explosive controller. Gan Tianlei said he was going to chase Che Lizi, so Tai Yongfeng asked someone to follow him. After being repaired, they fainted after the explosion, Dao Yuhan and Yang Xiaolei hurriedly called an ambulance. Tai Yongfeng found that Gan Tianlei was going to Riyue Mountain and quickly let Yang Xiaolei and Ma Lie rush over, and be sure to bring him back safely.

Gan Tianlei went to Riyue Mountain and found that Che Lizi and Gan Xiao Nuan were both there. It turned out that they had known each other early in the morning. Gan Xiao Nuan confessed that Che Lizi is his guardian in the United States. Che Lizi and Gan Tianlei told the story. Che Lizi went to Gan Xiao Nuan after the explosion and brought her Su Ling’s notes and things for experimentation. Gan Xiaonuantian cried and said that he missed her parents, Che Lizi took her back to the country, and agreed not to contact him temporarily.

They spent five years finding the medicine to wake Gan Tianlei. Gan Tianlei was heartbroken after hearing this, and Gan Xiaonuan actually lied to herself with Cherie. Gan Xiao Nuan just wanted to know how Su Ling died. Che Lizi heard that it was a bomb pulled by one of Gan Tianlei and Su Ling. Su Ling would never blow himself up. Gan Tianlei told them that Su Ling had pulled the bomb himself because he wanted him to evacuate safely.

Che Lizi sighed and wanted to talk to Gan Tianlei about the password. Che Lizi hijacked Gan Xiao Nuan, and Yang Xiaolei and Ma Lie led people in, causing Gan Tianlei to panic. Che Lizi knew that Gan Tianlei had always remembered, and he also knew that he had been in contact with the police. He was sorry for many people throughout his life, and was only worthy of Gan Tianlei, but their friendship has now been cut off.

Che Lizi said that the codes are all in the book, and he gave it to Gan Xiao Nuan. If they can decipher it, even if he will atone for it, don’t blame him if they can’t decipher it. Che Lizi told Gan Xiao Nuan that the happiest time to spend with her, and then jumped off the cliff, Gan Xiao Nuan was emotionally broken. Xiong Guoliang is still in a deep coma. Whether he can wake up depends on his physical fitness.

Gan Tianlei returned to Gandu and told Tai Yongfeng that Che Lizi had been Gan Xiaonuan’s guardian. He did not know this, nor did Tai Yongfeng. Che Lizi gave the diary to Gan Xiaonuan before jumping off the cliff. The password may be encrypted, and the horse team needs time to decipher. Gan Tianlei told Tai Yongfeng to set the password based on the combination of the year, place, and latitude and longitude when he and Su Ling met.

He remembered the first two, but the longitude and latitude were hard to remember. He was going to the field survey, and Tai Yongfeng agreed. Li Ke and Wen Zhen asked Gan Xiao Nuan why he wanted to hide the truth. Gan Xiao Nuan only wanted to know how Su Ling died, so they agreed to his condition. Gan Xiao Nuan was depressed, and he ignored Gan Tianlei and asked Ma Lie to take her home.

Gan Xiao Nuan was stubborn about Che Lizi’s death. Che Lizi once told Gan Xiao Nuan that Su Ling was an anti-drugist. He also told her about Caesar. Gan Xiao Nuan couldn’t accept it for a while. Her grandfather unexpectedly It’s a drug dealer. The police showed Tan Xiaoshuai the video of Tan Po’s death and caught them all. Xiong Guoliang will be able to perform the operation immediately.

Wu Qingfeng is in charge of the operation. Wu Qingfeng received a call from Mr. Wu saying that the Tan family is gone and Tan Po is gone. On the surface, Wu Qingfeng said that it had nothing to do with him, but when he saw that the person who was performing the operation was Xiong Guoliang, he was still taken aback. Tai Yongfeng wants everyone to find the whereabouts of the cherries as soon as possible and decipher the three sets of codes.

Xiong Guoliang woke up after the operation, Dao Yuhan stood by his bed. Wu Qingfeng came to see Xiong Guoliang, Xiong Guoliang quickly thanked him, and Wu Qingfeng suggested that he transfer back to Gandu as soon as possible. Three months later, Gan Tianlei officially returned to the team and was promoted. He looked really handsome in the police uniform. Tai Yongfeng praised that he was wearing this uniform. Tai Yongfeng took Gan Tianlei to the Martyrs Cemetery and met with Uncle Hai and the police officers who died in the Caesar case. It’s just that Uncle Hai’s bones have not been found, and those who are alive can only inherit their last will.

Before he died, Uncle Hai sent the last piece of information about the Fuchun Meeting, but they have been unable to get close to the Fuchun Meeting. CR Group Security Director Sha Qing and Fuchun will have a connection. Tai Yongfeng wants Gan Tianlei to go undercover. Gan Tianlei couldn’t accept it for a while. He thought he could go anywhere in the uniform in this uniform. After all, he was in a dark day After more than ten years in the environment, he also wanted to live a normal life! Tai Yongfeng understood Gan Tianlei’s feelings, he didn’t say anything, just left. It’s just that Gan Tianlei looked at Uncle Hai’s grave and still couldn’t let go.

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