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The Message 风声 Episode 20 Recap

Gu Xiaomeng said that Jin Shenghuo hoped that Bai Xiaonian was an old ghost more than anyone else, so he was one step closer to the deputy commander. Jin Shenghuo said that since the first day he came to Qiuzhuang, he found that Bai Xiaonian knew Qi Xiaonian well but pretended to be. From the future, Gu Xiaomeng didn’t know about such clues. Li Ningyu should always know. Li Ningyu thought that this alone could not explain much, but Jin Shenghuo believed that at least it showed that Bai Xiaonian and Qiuzhuang had an inseparable relationship.

In the torture room of the West Building, Bai Xiaonian admitted that his resume was false. He was not a high-educated student, but a poor student from Shanghai. He was inadvertently caught by Commander Zhang’s common sense in bluffing and deceiving, but he was definitely not an old spy. Long Chuan pointed out that the Communist Party My favorite editor is the poor student, but Bai Xiaonian’s tricks are so clumsy that he deceived a fake uncle, and this fake uncle is actually the biological father of the Chinese Communist spy He Jianzhu. He is also the steward Zhao of Qiuzhuang.

Jin Shenghuo tells everyone: the rumored Qiuzhuang treasure was originally Japanese. He found a mark on his abdomen on Qiuzhuangzu’s body. Li Ningyu recognized the mark from the pattern drawn by Jin Shenghuo. The Black Dragon Society of Japan, the Black Dragon Society is a radical group of the Japanese people.

The goal is to seize the Heilongjiang River Basin as Japanese territory. The general members of the Society are tattooed on the left abdomen, and the veteran members of the Tongmeng Society are tattooed on the wrists. The main responsibility of the Black Dragon Association was to raise funds for the uprising, but on the eve of the Huanggang Uprising, there was an internal conflict among them, and the owner of Qiu Zhuang fled with the money. They had been working together for 20 years, but he did not expect him to hide in Qiu Zhuang. Jin Shenghuo heard that Qiu Zhuangzhu had a son.

After he was killed by a killer, his son joined the Communist Party. But on the eve before the Japanese occupied Hangzhou, he suddenly disappeared, so Jin Shenghuo suspected that Bai Xiaonian was the one who voted for the Communist Party. The owner’s son. Bai Xiaonian made two conditions to Longchuan: First, he could not kill the fake uncle, he had nothing to do with the Communist Party, and second, Commander Zhang was asked to confess him.

Wang Tianxiang told Commander Zhang: Wu Zhiguo has confessed that he is an old ghost. The second wife of the former Commander Qian is an old man, and his confidant Wu Zhiguo is an old ghost. Fortunately, it is all about Commander Qian. Commander Zhang is not involved. Commander Zhang takes the initiative when he listens. Asked to see Qiuzhuang.

After arriving at the West Building, Commander Zhang saw Bai Xiaonian tied up with a towel in his mouth. Long Chuan told him: Bai Xiaonian had confessed that he was an old ghost, and Commander Zhang was his superior old gun, Commander Zhang. Angrily grabbed the gun on the table and Bai Xiaonian was about to collapse. Fortunately, there was no bullet in the gun. After Long Chuan took off the towel, Bai Xiaonian said angrily that Commander Zhang was about to kill. Longchuan asked the two to use one gun and one bullet to bet their lives.

Commander Zhang and Bai Xiaonian were panicked and rushed to confess: Bai Xiaonian was a private detective invited by Commander Zhang from Shanghai, and that fake uncle was the steward of Qiuzhuang. , Is to help Commander Zhang find Qiuzhuang treasure. Long Chuan was dissatisfied, so he joined the gambling game. He fired a shot and there were no bullets in it. Bai Xiaonian finally said: Wu Zhiguo also knows the secret of Qiuzhuang. That telegram was sent by Wu Zhiguo to Commander Zhang. He came to save everyone.

Bai Xiaonian was released back to the East Building to continue imprisonment. When Commander Zhang was leaving, Wang Tianxiang came, and Commander Zhang slapped him severely. Wang Tianxiang passed on: Wu Zhiguo wanted to see him. Wu Zhiguo told Wang Tianxiang: Longchuan not only needs to investigate the old ghost of the headquarters, but also the ghost of Qiuzhuang. He knows where the treasure is hidden, and also knows that Commander Zhang has been asking Bai Xiaonian to investigate this matter.

There is a wolf park on the back mountain of Qiuzhuang, where not only wolves are raised, but also the killer of Qiu Zhuangzhu. No one dared to enter the wolf park until one night, someone broke in. He knew the whereabouts of the treasure and the murderer who killed Qian Huyi, but if Li Ningyu could not leave here alive, he would not tell Commander Zhang the information. These words of Wu Zhiguo were overheard by Longchuan and Wang Tianxiang in the west building.

Pan Hanqing pretended to rent a house and took a look at the house where the second wife of Commander Qian lived. He judged from the obvious imprints of the house that the swill worker who pretended to be disabled that day was the CCP underground party. He was either mutinous or was used by traitors, and the second wife was arrested. He was betrayed by a traitor, but he appeared in his and Bai Xiaonian’s homes one after another, indicating that he did not know the true identity of the old ghost. This shows that Li Ningyu is still safe, but this kind of security will not last long. Pan Hanqing must know him. The next step.

Commander Zhang visited Gu Minzhang’s house in the evening. Gu Minzhang asked Ms. Zhao to avoid being home. Zhang asked Ms. Zhao to pass a message: Longchuan has sent two military doctors from the Third Field Hospital to Qiuzhuang. Anxious. After Commander Zhang left, Gu Minzhang arranged for Miss Zhao to check whether the fruit and vegetable meat and daily necessities sent to Qiuzhuang every day were the same as the previous days?

He then entered Wang Jingwei’s No. 1 line and told Minister Zhou about the tax reform bill drafted by the Economic Committee. He read two poems in the middle, and asked Minister Zhou to go to Shanghai with him and listen to the play of Boss Yuan: Water Man Jinshan. This call was monitored by the underground CCP and the Japanese at the same time.

Wang Tianxiang had a nightmare at night, in which he collapsed Chen Sanpi and was shocked in a cold sweat. Wang Tianxiang remembered listening to Wu Zhiguo in the Longchuan room during the day, and he ran to the cell and asked for Wu Zhiguo to be interrogated. The guard refused. The guard told him: Da Zuo just confessed in the afternoon and no one is allowed to interrogate Wu Zhiguo again. When Longchuan’s room heard the monitor, Longchuan’s vigilant eyes were lingering.

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